[3.11] ICE CRASH WarZerker Starter Build. Ready To Slam

***This's very brief summary for the build. For Fully detailed guide with pro/cons, gem leveling details, whole gear recommendation, and alternative versions with and without cluster jewels, see the full guide on Fextralife:

I've used this build as league starter in 3.10 (Delirium) and it worked very well as starter. Mainly because BiS weapon is the same cheap entry weapon "Debeon’s Dirge" , now in 3.11 with better support for slam skills and warcries, it's better than ever.

You get very nice dps early on with minimum investment, then you can build up your other gear from there. It's good for casual players, but can be scaled to a serious endgame contender.

PoB link with leveling trees:

Gem links:
6 Links Ice Crash -a (5R1G): Ice Crash-Elemental Damage with Attacks-Fortify-Multistrike-Pulverize-Hypothermia
6 Links Ice Crash-b (5R1G): Ice Crash-Elemental Damage with Attacks-Fortify-Multistrike-Fist of War(NEW)-Hypothermia

Dash 4 Links (2R2G): Dash-Second wind-Enduring cry-Seismic Cry

CWDT 4 Links (3R1B): Cast when damage taken-Steelskin-Frostbite-Increased Duration

- Hatred
- Herald of Ice
- Blood and sand
- Precision (low level)

Beside "Debeon’s Dirge", everything is optional. You can go all rares for basic stats (resistances-life-accuracy-flat added cold-elemental damage with attack skills .. etc)

However, you can use some uniques that can step up your character:
- Kaom's Heart
- Malachi Artifice (with lightening golem)
- Circle of fear
- Atziri Promise
- The Wise Oak

Quick videos to show how build looks against maps and conquerors (And sorry for quality):
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