[3.11] Emperor's Warcry Slam/Strike Chieftain (/Berserker)

Hi there! Right now this is just a short post, going to record some footage once my stupid internet lets me map again (keep losing instances and can't afford to waste my map pool), then make this a proper guide. Unless I forget about it. Here's hoping I wont.

For those who care: there's a video. Check below.

Build TL;DR:

Uses the Eternal Apple unique shield to trigger any 3 warcries of our choice, and through grabbing every single warcry node there is, maintains a permanent uptime on having exerted attacks. Can use any Slam attack with Seismic Cry, or any Strike attack with Ancestral Cry. Has been tested for yellow maps. Can do all map mods except Elemental Reflect (Sybil's Lament fixes that though).

Potential Berserker Variant:

Didn't actually test, or even properly theorycraft for Berserker, which is why so far this is only a Chieftain build. Berserker could go pure phys though, which is tempting for a *lot* of reasons.

Character Link:


Use this, and some fragility jewels, to get free warcries. Chieftain takes care of Endurance Charge generation, and later on the Cluster Jewel notable Mob Mentality can be used with Cry Wolf to further improve on things.

Concept Showcase Video:

I grabbed "Call to Arms" asap and leveled as this until level 49, using Ancestral Cry + a Strike Skill (mixed things up a lot to experiment). Couldn't tell you which Strike Skill to use, although Molten Strike fits the theme best.

Overview / Thoughts on the Build so far:

All in all, it works, but leaves some to be desired. The damage throughput is inconsistent - sometimes, when the stars align (Chieftain Extra Fire damage, last exerts on Seismic, Intimidating is active, rolled exerted attacks deal double damage from Rattling Bellow, Fists of War, etc...) even the map boss gets oneshot... at other times a white mob could take more than 2 hits (consumed all exerted attacks and didn't refresh). I have no idea if this build could/would scale into red maps.

- Unique (so far)
- Cheap (Soul Taker is nice, but not required)
- Damage is inconsistent
- hasn't been tested for high tier content yet

If you have any thoughts or suggestions on this build, let me know!
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I actually made this build off the cuff as well but I am not having a hard time maintaining my exerted attacks. I went the slower mace route so I use less charges and almost never fail to pop whats on screen. I am at t10 now and struggling to push it further. All the cluster options are lackluster and a little depressing compared to what they used to be. I am pre-six link tho so once i get fire pen i think i should be able to push into red maps.

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