League Mechanic Info needs to be added to Help panel

The information Here should be added to to the help panel at the top and changed every league. There are some who have two monitors, and there are some who alt-tab out of the game but who wants to have to keep doing that? I've read this info before but being able to reference it quicker will only make the game more enjoyable.

I hated the Synthesis league because it was difficult to figure out and I had to spend time out of the game trying to learn it. I wanted to learn it because of the crafting options just like this league, but when you have a ARPG that has a feature where the description starts out explaining the 'Infrastructure' that's a bit much. ARPGs, to me, have always been 'Here's a weapon, there's a mob. Go kill it and take it's loot'. I idle in the help channel and there's question after question being asked on how to do certain things. Make it easier for people so they don't get frustrating and leave. Some may go to standard and some may skip the league altogether as some have already said they're going to do. I'm going to keep playing because if POE had a color and you cut me that's the color I'd bleed. Gdamn game has taken over my gaming life.

Lastly, make the flashing for the help panel stand out more, I help new players and always try to refer them to it. Most don't even know there is a help panel. The flashing gets lost in all of the other effects. I think it should always flash but the 'turn off popups' option should remain.
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Last bumped on Jun 20, 2020, 9:47:31 AM

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