[3.11] Durimon's NOOK-Explosive-Trap-Miner Sabotuer, Nothing but Melting only 10 ex

Here's video and pob link. Check it out.

Budget: 10 ex (if you are a harvest farmer, 5 ex only)


Almost all end contents MELTING:


POB : https://pastebin.com/Hq9HdDWj

------------------------early league version--------------------
This is Sabotuer's daddy's hidden card for 3.11 post-nerf BL miner league.

The build is even stronger than pre-nerf BL miner and with a little investment, defense is also crazy. All with 5L tremor and poop uniques.

Mechanics are quite complicated, but I explained all the major ones on video guide.

Unfortunately, I couldn't even start playing the new league because of the video guide.

Very sorry, but I will just attach video guide in English and go learn about the new league. I will write a thorough guide here as well soon.

Upgraded version will be even crazier if what I am thinking turns out good in this league contents. I will update this post with upgraded version later.

Tanking Minotauer..etc and Video Guide:

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thanks for the guide. transitioning at the moment. what would be your 6th gem link for 6 link tremor?

Explosive Trap
Swift Assembly
Trap and Mine damage
Added Fire Damage
Maybe Fire penetration?!
im trying this build, its fine by now, but need POB link with last tips xDDD

Looks pretty cool, but why is Maw of Conquest a core item for the build?
The interaction with the gems and items seams really fun. Will give it a try. Thank you!
Any update on this one?
also waiting for pob? cant even see your profile and view character lol!
Vol. 1 version updated. 10 ex budget.
Have you considered using another 6L tremor for clearing?
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Wish there were a updated guide in english for the new pob, but it seems like OP dont really get back to his guides :/

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