[3.11] Agnostic RF - Bane Occultist | All Content Viable | League Start | Now SSF Viable!

Hello Exiles. The blessed mother, Bex, has seen to it we not exploit brands another league. For that reason, we will be returning to the old reliable triple exploding bane build for league start. This time around we will make use of the [relatively] new spellslinger support to level easier. This build is designed to be cost effective, fast and all content viable to farm currency for the second build of the league. Dive in with me, let's get it poppin'. I'm so sorry, i literally couldn't help myself.

As is tradition, feel free to leave any questions and comments here, Youtube or join me as I no-life the league launch: Twitch!

Pros and Cons

Top tier mapping speed
Very Tanky
High Regen
Aesthetically pleasing RF
Pops are basically ASMR
Proximity Shields are a thing of the past

Cons: Picking up loot seems like its slowing you down
Becoming lazy with mechanics due to ease of the build
Damage has a ceiling of diminishing returns

**Note** Download PoB Community fork

Where the f*** is the pastebin?
Thanks for your patience Mirror: https://pastebin.com/kAitRNvT

**Note** Download PoB Community fork

Game Play Demos (coming soon)
Videos are coming soon... Lets get the league started so we can film! Follow the YouTube

Q&A on obscure mechanics
Why MOM versus low life?
Low life has three advantages over most spell builds: EHP, aura reservation, and pain Attunement. This build scales up to 40% MOM (50% once we have the watcher's eye) giving it comparable EHP to an energy shield build. Only malevolence and zealotry get us anywhere on offensive auras, we are offsetting them with gem level and clear speed. Lastly, Righteous fire gives 33% more spell damage than pain attunement.

What is Agnostic?
Agnostic is a keystone, formerly only found on timeless jewels, that allows us to constantly sacrifice 20% of our mana to heal that much life. The trade off is it removes our energy shield completely. This is advantageous as mana regen is much easier to come by than life regen. Coupled with zeroing our energy shield, this also allows us to run a permanent righteous fire once our regen is high enough.

How do you maintain RF?
Righteous fire burns us for a percentage of our maximum life and a percentage of our maximum energy shield in order to do a portion of this damage as an aura. Agnostic removes our energy shield, reducing the degen substantially. After that, Agnostic uses our much larger mana pool to heal our life pool and relies on regeneration to refill mana. TL;DR: the more mana you have the easier this becomes.
What passives do I need?:Small passives and notables focused on %mana and %mana regen are key here. Keystones to use are Agnostic and Supreme Ego (using clarity).
What Item stats should I look for?Flat Mana on all non-unique gear. Mana regeneration anywhere you can spare.
Are there any required uniques?No. I have managed to maintain RF with and without Cloak of defiance and Atziri's Foible. However, they help tremendously.

Is the wither totem set up that important? It's in the Ascendancy, can't I use xxxx?
At max stacks, wither increases chaos damage taken by 90%. This works out to a 50-80% increase in net damage (varies based on enemy chaos resistance). That's an enormous increase that pushes us from: I can't boss to, I can do all the things in no time flat.

What do you mean triple pop?
A cursed enemy dies, exploding due to profane bloom or obliteration. These hits trigger explosions from herald of ash based on overkill damage. These can chain on each other, allowing you a propagation of clearing damage. This is known as "autobombing"

Skill Set Ups

We will be using various chaos skills from 12 through end game to maximize our efficiency at each part of the game.

early leveling
At 12 we receive Essence drain. Mixed with the contagion we pick up at level 4, this will put our clear speed into over-drive through the story.
Gem Links
Required:Essence drain->Void Manipulation->Contagion
Required: Flame Dash->Arcane Surge
Luxury: Smoke Mine
Luxury: Blight->Infused Channeling

leveling continued | early mapping
At (or around) 30 we will switch to spellslinger set ups. Using frenzy as an auto attack, each active gem linked to a spellslinger set up will cast at, or towards the cursor location. We will continue to use this while we currency farm on day 1 and 2, then through clearing yellow maps.
Gem Links

Required: Frenzy->Faster Attacks
Required: Spellslinger->Bane->Concentrated Effect->[4L]Controlled Destruction
Required: Spellslinger->Contagion
Required: Spellslinger->Essence Drain->Controlled Destruction->[4L]Concentrated Effect->[5L]Void Manipulation->
Required: Flame Dash->Arcane Surge
Luxury: [Vaal]Righteous Fire->Increased Duration
Luxury: [Vaal Blight]->Infused Channeling->Faster Casting

end game
Finally we will switch to a MOM, Agnostic, Bane build. This build uses a 6 link bane in chest and a 6L essence drain in our Cane of Unraveling to produce a very impressive combination of DoT damage. When not bossing, we will use obliteration wands and a herald of ash gem to create the "triple pop" effect.
Gem Links
Chest: Bane->Despair->Efficacy->Controlled Destruction->Swift Affliction->Temporal Chains | Empower (level 4)
Staff: Essence Drain->Efficacy->Controlled Destruction->Swift Affliction->Void Manipulation->Empower
Essence Wurm: Herald of Ash
Helmet: Steel Skin->Arcane Surge->Second Wind->|Clarity
Boots:Flame Dash | Vaal Righteous Fire->Vaal Blight->Infused Channeling
Gloves: Spell Totem->Multiple Totem->Wither->Faster Cast
Wands: Level Gems or use a CWDT->Withering Step->Cold Snap set up for more movement speed.

Ascendancy, Bandits & Map Mods

1. Void Beacon. Largely a travel node to Withering Presence, it will give us some extra damage against bosses as well.
2. Withering Presence. More damage, quite a bit of Chaos resistance. It also helps with wither generation, but we will max that out with a totem. Note: Do not annoint cleansed thoughts before taking this.
3. Profane Bloom. We take this late as blooms will affect the propagation of contagion during the leveling process. I learned this the hard way.
4. Malediction. Giving us an extra curse (temp chains or enfeeble), increases bane and despair effects for damage, reduces damage taken from and damage taken by to cursed enemies.

Kill Them All. We need their points!

Map Mods to Avoid:
Hah...avoiding maps in 3.11. No regen and reduced max resist will keep you from maintaining righteous fire and your life at the same time. Make sure not to turn it on for these.[/span]

Major: Soul of the Brine King. Being stunned multiple times if you like spamming KEKW in chat like a degenerate. This keeps us from dying as stun immunity is hard to come by early.

Minor: Soul of Abberath. Remember when Shakari made us poison immune? Stop living in the past, take this to manage one less ground effect.

My Current Gear

Change log
6/18/20 - Fine Bex, I won't play brand again. For now.
6/22/20 - Added 72 hour item show case. Overhauled end game links. Replaced Glancing Blows with Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics. Updated POB. Began work on RF inclusion.
6/24/20 - RF inclusion finalized with input from Mathorg. Time for min-maxing.
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Interesting Build!
The PoB does not have MoM allocated btw ;-)
Last edited by a1mlezz on Jun 19, 2020, 10:25:26 AM
a1mlezz wrote:
Interesting Build!
The PoB does not have MoM allocated btw ;-)

he has Cloak of Defiance Lacquered Garb as Armor and that gives u MOM
loOlBlizZ wrote:
he has Cloak of Defiance Lacquered Garb as Armor and that gives u MOM

Ah, I didn't see the Item sets, thanks!
I cant have access to the PoB it doesnt work for me :(
Stupid question here... How can i activate spellslinger set ups, with frenzy auto attack?
Jivko82 wrote:
Stupid question here... How can i activate spellslinger set ups, with frenzy auto attack?

The spellslingers appear as auras on your skill bar that will cast automatically when you auto-attack.
f1rstborn wrote:
Jivko82 wrote:
Stupid question here... How can i activate spellslinger set ups, with frenzy auto attack?

The spellslingers appear as auras on your skill bar that will cast automatically when you auto-attack.

So i need frenzy in my wand..right?
Can't import pastebin, it gives me error that it uses different version of PoB and trying to check for update, it says it is the most current version.
Same for me :D

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