[3.11] Dominating Blow Summoner ~ 20-30mill DPS, 7-8k Life, 80% Phys dmg Reduc and MORE!

Honorable mention to https://www.twitch.tv/MissDeviluke for the idea behind the build. She sent me a POB and I put my own spin on it. :)

Myself and Miss Deviluke will be league starting this build, so feel free to ask questions to either of us. My Twitch is https://www.twitch.tv/BeardBroTTV. I will be live for the entirety of my league start, and I have 4-5 different league start builds up so I will be happy to answer questions for any of them!

This is a summoner build. We use Dominating blow to bring out minions as well as herald of purity and the majority of our buffs will be pumping minions. Dominating blow still holds its own at 1.5M DPS (can scale higher), but the main dps comes from the 16 minions! Take into account that in POB we do not have an updated warcry or scourge yet, scourge got a 50% buff and it will push our DPS up a LOT.
Auls Uprising will probably be expensive this league. Alternative method for pride is to get a warlords necklace and craft 25% pride mana reservation reduction onto it and catalyst it with life and mana catalysts to make it 30% reduction, then grab Sovereignty wheel and craft a -9 mana cost to non-channeled skills to your rings/neck to try and sort out mana.

Path of Building

Path of Building with no Cluster Jewels and some spicy changes

Necromancer Alternative Build Pastebin

With this build you can dual wield scourges and do just fine, but I decided to throw an essence crafted claw in the mix to help sustain mana and give you access to a trigger socketed spells crafted mod, which frees up a lot of button space. In order to craft the claw you would need an Essence of Fear (Shrieking or Deafening is best). Ideally you want to spam essences til you hit 2 desirable mods and potentially some open slots for a multimod or a trigger craft. Be prepared to spend quite a few essences and annulments to clean up the claw and enable the crafting you need.

Leveling suggestions

I would advise starting off with a melee setup until around level 40-50, then start transitioning into a summoner. Use your dominating blow or any other melee skill, throw some points into melee modifiers along your tree, but try not to stray too far from the path we take, so that you can respec later for fewer regrets. The main turning point where you can transition over to summoner full time is when you can safely hit all the minion nodes (not counting clusters) and still feel relatively tanky, and potentially slap some low tier essence of fears into some weapons for some minion damage

Other Builds
3.11 Debeon's Dirge Ice Crash: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2874381
3.11 Self Cast Purifying Flame: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2874466
3.11 Mana Guardian Icestorm: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2748434
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tree updated so that you can play without cluster jewels! will be live tomorrow around 2PM est (2 hours before league start) to get the party started!!
Getting errors when loading the PoB. Are you using a fork?
SWVoodoo wrote:
Getting errors when loading the PoB. Are you using a fork?

yup. using fork and works fine for me.
Fork is built into the newest releases of POB, so if youre having issues just download the latest version on github :)
You use the ascendancy for Fortify but I don't see any fortify on the setup? Am I missing somtehing?
Kewrdy wrote:
You use the ascendancy for Fortify but I don't see any fortify on the setup? Am I missing somtehing?

Animate Guardian gives perma fortify (Kingmaker)
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NOTE: updated POB for the NON CLUSTER JEWEL SETUP. Made some small changes and updated Astral Plate with DPS Buffs from our Animate Guardian to better reflect overall DPS MAKE SURE TO SWAP TO NEW POB <3
Ah, thanks :) Should I use fortify on Dominating Blow then until I can afford an animate guardian which does not die?
nice build.... will try it. but pls, try to somehow explain details, i am not very familiar with all features of PoE and techniques :) thanks
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