Anointing Enchantments Table in Path of Exile: Harvest

In Path of Exile: Harvest, we've added a new Indigo Oil, allowing you to anoint amulets with any of the notable passives on the passive tree and introducing new anointments for rings and Blighted Maps. We've also updated the costs for some existing Blight anointments. We've prepared a full table of the current costs, including new anointments, so that you know what to expect ahead of Harvest's launch.

Enchantments available by Anointing Amulets and Blight Uniques
Clear OilClear OilClear OilAlacrity
Clear OilClear OilSepia OilBeef
Clear OilSepia OilSepia OilAgility
Clear OilClear OilAmber OilWisdom of the Glade
Sepia OilSepia OilSepia OilExpertise
Clear OilSepia OilAmber OilThief's Craft
Clear OilClear OilVerdant OilProwess
Sepia OilSepia OilAmber OilProficiency
Clear OilSepia OilVerdant OilAncestral Knowledge
Clear OilAmber OilAmber OilMight
Sepia OilSepia OilVerdant OilFending
Sepia OilAmber OilAmber OilHard Knocks
Clear OilClear OilTeal OilPhysique
Clear OilAmber OilVerdant OilArcane Vision
Clear OilSepia OilTeal OilDiamond Skin
Sepia OilAmber OilVerdant OilPath of the Savant
Amber OilAmber OilAmber OilPath of the Warrior
Clear OilVerdant OilVerdant OilPath of the Hunter
Sepia OilSepia OilTeal OilRighteous Decree
Clear OilAmber OilTeal OilIronwood
Sepia OilVerdant OilVerdant OilFusillade
Amber OilAmber OilVerdant OilQuickstep
Sepia OilAmber OilTeal OilWeathered Hunter
Clear OilClear OilAzure OilCloth and Chain
Clear OilVerdant OilTeal OilSolidity
Amber OilVerdant OilVerdant OilAspect of the Eagle
Clear OilSepia OilAzure OilDynamo
Sepia OilVerdant OilTeal OilDecay Ward
Amber OilAmber OilTeal OilThrill Seeker
Sepia OilSepia OilAzure OilAspect of the Panther
Verdant OilVerdant OilVerdant OilSpirit Void
Clear OilAmber OilAzure OilPoisonous Fangs
Clear OilTeal OilTeal OilSaboteur
Amber OilVerdant OilTeal OilDepth Perception
Sepia OilAmber OilAzure OilElemental Focus
Sepia OilTeal OilTeal OilDeep Wisdom
Clear OilVerdant OilAzure OilMartial Experience
Verdant OilVerdant OilTeal OilFury Bolts
Sepia OilVerdant OilAzure OilBattle Rouse
Amber OilAmber OilAzure OilHasty Reconstruction
Amber OilTeal OilTeal OilSanctuary
Clear OilClear OilViolet OilPractical Application
Clear OilTeal OilAzure OilFangs of the Viper
Amber OilVerdant OilAzure OilExecutioner
Verdant OilTeal OilTeal OilMind Drinker
Sepia OilAmber OilIndigo OilExposure Tolerance
Clear OilSepia OilViolet OilFreedom of Movement
Sepia OilTeal OilAzure OilDreamer
Clear OilVerdant OilIndigo OilRisk Awareness
Sepia OilSepia OilViolet OilAligned Spirits
Verdant OilVerdant OilAzure OilArsonist
Clear OilAmber OilViolet OilWeapon Artistry
Amber OilTeal OilAzure OilUnpredictable Offensive
Teal OilTeal OilTeal OilMystic Bulwark
Sepia OilAmber OilViolet OilShamanistic Fury
Clear OilVerdant OilViolet OilDeep Thoughts
Clear OilAzure OilAzure OilProdigal Perfection
Verdant OilTeal OilAzure OilSentinel
Sepia OilVerdant OilViolet OilHeavy Draw
Sepia OilAzure OilAzure OilClaws of the Magpie
Amber OilAmber OilViolet OilHarvester of Foes
Clear OilTeal OilViolet OilSplitting Strikes
Amber OilVerdant OilViolet OilSilent Steps
Amber OilAzure OilAzure OilExplosive Runes
Teal OilTeal OilAzure OilSteelwood Stance
Sepia OilTeal OilViolet OilEfficient Explosives
Verdant OilVerdant OilViolet OilTotemic Zeal
Verdant OilAzure OilAzure OilBone Breaker
Amber OilTeal OilViolet OilGemini
Clear OilAzure OilViolet OilExpeditious Munitions
Verdant OilTeal OilViolet OilRazor's Edge
Teal OilAzure OilAzure OilRed Storm
Sepia OilAzure OilViolet OilHoned Edge
Amber OilAzure OilViolet OilKinetic Impacts
Teal OilTeal OilViolet OilElder Power
Clear OilClear OilCrimson OilSuccessive Detonations
Verdant OilAzure OilViolet OilForceful Skewering
Azure OilAzure OilAzure OilSlaughter
Clear OilSepia OilCrimson OilGalvanic Hammer
Sepia OilSepia OilCrimson OilMagmatic Strikes
Clear OilAmber OilCrimson OilToxic Strikes
Clear OilViolet OilViolet OilPain Forger
Teal OilAzure OilViolet OilSacrifice
Sepia OilAmber OilCrimson OilEntropy
Sepia OilViolet OilViolet OilGrave Intentions
Clear OilVerdant OilCrimson OilBlast Waves
Sepia OilVerdant OilCrimson OilMaster Fletcher
Amber OilAmber OilCrimson OilBladedancer
Amber OilViolet OilViolet OilClaws of the Pride
Teal OilIndigo OilViolet OilBurning Brutality
Clear OilTeal OilCrimson OilOphidian Aim
Amber OilVerdant OilCrimson OilPrimal Manifestation
Verdant OilViolet OilViolet OilSpinecruncher
Azure OilAzure OilViolet OilSmashing Strikes
Sepia OilTeal OilCrimson OilUtmost Swiftness
Verdant OilVerdant OilCrimson OilFarsight
Amber OilTeal OilCrimson OilWhirling Barrier
Teal OilViolet OilViolet OilUnstable Munitions
Indigo OilIndigo OilIndigo OilShocking Strikes
Clear OilAzure OilCrimson OilFrom the Shadows
Verdant OilTeal OilCrimson OilHatchet Master
Sepia OilAzure OilCrimson OilClever Construction
Amber OilAzure OilCrimson OilUtmost Might
Teal OilTeal OilCrimson OilWandslinger
Azure OilViolet OilViolet OilBludgeon Blitz
Verdant OilAzure OilCrimson OilFlash Freeze
Clear OilViolet OilCrimson OilFlaying
Teal OilAzure OilCrimson OilFearsome Force
Sepia OilViolet OilCrimson OilRedemption
Amber OilViolet OilCrimson OilUtmost Intellect
Violet OilViolet OilViolet OilEnigmatic Defence
Teal OilIndigo OilCrimson OilHarpooner
Verdant OilViolet OilCrimson OilButchery
Azure OilAzure OilCrimson OilHoly Dominion
Teal OilViolet OilCrimson OilStatic Blows
Indigo OilIndigo OilCrimson OilEscalation
Azure OilViolet OilCrimson OilLight Eater
Indigo OilViolet OilCrimson OilBannerman
Clear OilCrimson OilCrimson OilShaper
Clear OilClear OilBlack OilAnnihilation
Sepia OilCrimson OilCrimson OilAsh, Frost and Storm
Clear OilSepia OilBlack OilTestudo
Sepia OilSepia OilBlack OilLightning Walker
Amber OilCrimson OilCrimson OilNimbleness
Violet OilViolet OilCrimson OilAspect of the Lynx
Clear OilAmber OilBlack OilExceptional Performance
Sepia OilAmber OilBlack OilCleaving
Verdant OilCrimson OilCrimson OilArcane Focus
Clear OilVerdant OilBlack OilCombat Stamina
Sepia OilVerdant OilBlack OilWill of Blades
Amber OilAmber OilBlack OilDivine Fury
Teal OilCrimson OilCrimson OilHeartseeker
Clear OilTeal OilBlack OilArcane Guarding
Amber OilVerdant OilBlack OilReflexes
Sepia OilTeal OilBlack OilDivine Judgement
Verdant OilVerdant OilBlack OilTrickery
Amber OilTeal OilBlack OilDefiance
Azure OilCrimson OilCrimson OilHarrier
Clear OilAzure OilBlack OilTwin Terrors
Verdant OilTeal OilBlack OilEnigmatic Reach
Sepia OilAzure OilBlack OilSnowforged
Clear OilIndigo OilBlack OilVersatile Stance
Amber OilAzure OilBlack OilAmbidexterity
Teal OilTeal OilBlack OilWarrior's Blood
Verdant OilAzure OilBlack OilCommand of the Elements
Amber OilIndigo OilBlack OilIntensity
Violet OilCrimson OilCrimson OilLight of Divinity
Clear OilViolet OilBlack OilAcuity
Teal OilAzure OilBlack OilFinesse
Sepia OilViolet OilBlack OilMental Rapidity
Teal OilIndigo OilBlack OilForethought
Amber OilViolet OilBlack OilRevelry
Verdant OilViolet OilBlack OilAggressive Bastion
Azure OilAzure OilBlack OilSanctity
Teal OilViolet OilBlack OilEssence Sap
Indigo OilIndigo OilBlack OilUndertaker
Azure OilViolet OilBlack OilAdamant
Indigo OilViolet OilBlack OilBrand Equity
Crimson OilCrimson OilCrimson OilColdhearted Calculation
Clear OilCrimson OilBlack OilArcanist's Dominion
Clear OilClear OilOpalescent OilEagle Eye
Sepia OilCrimson OilBlack OilStorm Weaver
Clear OilSepia OilOpalescent OilBerserking
Sepia OilSepia OilOpalescent OilPotency of Will
Amber OilCrimson OilBlack OilCoordination
Violet OilViolet OilBlack OilGraceful Assault
Clear OilAmber OilOpalescent OilBrinkmanship
Sepia OilAmber OilOpalescent OilFleetfoot
Verdant OilCrimson OilBlack OilPrecise Interception
Clear OilVerdant OilOpalescent OilBlast Radius
Sepia OilVerdant OilOpalescent OilDestroyer
Amber OilAmber OilOpalescent OilDivine Wrath
Teal OilCrimson OilBlack OilTrue Strike
Clear OilTeal OilOpalescent OilWrecking Ball
Amber OilVerdant OilOpalescent OilTitanic Impacts
Sepia OilTeal OilOpalescent OilDeflection
Verdant OilVerdant OilOpalescent OilVersatility
Amber OilTeal OilOpalescent OilJuggernaut
Azure OilCrimson OilBlack OilDervish
Clear OilAzure OilOpalescent OilStrong Arm
Verdant OilTeal OilOpalescent OilSleight of Hand
Indigo OilCrimson OilBlack OilRicochet
Sepia OilAzure OilOpalescent OilAdmonisher
Clear OilIndigo OilOpalescent OilSplit Shot
Sepia OilIndigo OilOpalescent OilSurveillance
Amber OilAzure OilOpalescent OilAmplify
Teal OilTeal OilOpalescent OilDazzling Strikes
Verdant OilAzure OilOpalescent OilExplosive Impact
Verdant OilIndigo OilOpalescent OilPanopticon
Violet OilCrimson OilBlack OilFire Walker
Clear OilViolet OilOpalescent OilBlade Barrier
Teal OilAzure OilOpalescent OilDark Arts
Sepia OilViolet OilOpalescent OilMelding
Teal OilIndigo OilOpalescent OilDeep Breaths
Amber OilViolet OilOpalescent OilThroatseeker
Verdant OilViolet OilOpalescent OilFrost Walker
Azure OilAzure OilOpalescent OilSteadfast
Teal OilViolet OilOpalescent OilMysticism
Azure OilViolet OilOpalescent OilBallistic Mastery
Indigo OilViolet OilOpalescent OilSerpentine Spellslinger
Crimson OilCrimson OilBlack OilEssence Extraction
Clear OilCrimson OilOpalescent OilRetribution
Clear OilBlack OilBlack OilLethal Assault
Sepia OilCrimson OilOpalescent OilSoul Thief
Sepia OilBlack OilBlack OilSanctum of Thought
Amber OilCrimson OilOpalescent OilCommand of Steel
Amber OilBlack OilBlack OilPrecision
Violet OilViolet OilOpalescent OilHired Killer
Verdant OilCrimson OilOpalescent OilRetaliation
Verdant OilBlack OilBlack OilRighteous Army
Teal OilCrimson OilOpalescent OilLongshot
Teal OilBlack OilBlack OilRibcage Crusher
Azure OilCrimson OilOpalescent OilDire Torment
Azure OilBlack OilBlack OilGravepact
Indigo OilCrimson OilOpalescent OilAdjacent Animosity
Clear OilClear OilSilver OilArcing Blows
Violet OilCrimson OilOpalescent OilDisciple of the Unyielding
Violet OilBlack OilBlack OilDisintegration
Clear OilSepia OilSilver OilBlade Master
Sepia OilSepia OilSilver OilFangs of Frost
Clear OilAmber OilSilver OilCounterweight
Sepia OilAmber OilSilver OilDestructive Apparatus
Clear OilVerdant OilSilver OilHunter's Gambit
Sepia OilVerdant OilSilver OilSoul Raker
Amber OilAmber OilSilver OilDirty Techniques
Clear OilTeal OilSilver OilBackstabbing
Amber OilVerdant OilSilver OilTempest Blast
Sepia OilTeal OilSilver OilWinter Spirit
Verdant OilVerdant OilSilver OilHigh Explosives
Amber OilTeal OilSilver OilHoly Fire
Clear OilIndigo OilSilver OilForce Shaper
Clear OilAzure OilSilver OilShaman's Dominion
Verdant OilTeal OilSilver OilMethod to the Madness
Sepia OilAzure OilSilver OilBlade of Cunning
Amber OilIndigo OilSilver OilGladiatoral Combat
Amber OilAzure OilSilver OilSearing Heat
Teal OilTeal OilSilver OilDevastating Devices
Verdant OilAzure OilSilver OilForces of Nature
Crimson OilCrimson OilOpalescent OilSingular Focus
Crimson OilBlack OilBlack OilCorruption
Clear OilBlack OilOpalescent OilSkull Cracking
Sepia OilBlack OilOpalescent OilAdder's Touch
Clear OilViolet OilSilver OilFatal Toxins
Teal OilAzure OilSilver OilGladiator's Perseverance
Sepia OilViolet OilSilver OilLethality
Amber OilBlack OilOpalescent OilFeller of Foes
Amber OilViolet OilSilver OilLucidity
Verdant OilBlack OilOpalescent OilBlacksmith's Clout
Verdant OilViolet OilSilver OilKing of the Hill
Azure OilAzure OilSilver OilBloodletting
Teal OilBlack OilOpalescent OilMaster Sapper
Teal OilViolet OilSilver OilCharging Offensive
Azure OilBlack OilOpalescent OilSerpent Stance
Azure OilViolet OilSilver OilPrimeval Force
Clear OilCrimson OilSilver OilDeath Attunement
Sepia OilCrimson OilSilver OilDeadly Draw
Violet OilBlack OilOpalescent OilClaws of the Hawk
Amber OilCrimson OilSilver OilBlast Cascade
Violet OilViolet OilSilver OilSwift Skewering
Verdant OilCrimson OilSilver OilLord of the Dead
Teal OilCrimson OilSilver OilBlunt Trauma
Azure OilCrimson OilSilver OilRunesmith
Crimson OilBlack OilOpalescent OilHex Master
Black OilBlack OilBlack OilDisciple of the Forbidden
Clear OilOpalescent OilOpalescent OilAvatar of the Hunt
Sepia OilOpalescent OilOpalescent OilPrism Weave
Violet OilCrimson OilSilver OilIndomitable Army
Amber OilOpalescent OilOpalescent OilFatal Blade
Clear OilClear OilGolden OilLava Lash
Clear OilSepia OilGolden OilAtrophy
Verdant OilOpalescent OilOpalescent OilRavenous Horde
Sepia OilSepia OilGolden OilSpiritual Command
Clear OilAmber OilGolden OilSwift Venoms
Sepia OilAmber OilGolden OilStun Mastery
Teal OilOpalescent OilOpalescent OilOne with the River
Clear OilVerdant OilGolden OilEnduring Bond
Sepia OilVerdant OilGolden OilBrutal Blade
Amber OilAmber OilGolden OilClaws of the Falcon
Indigo OilOpalescent OilOpalescent OilWindow of Opportunity
Clear OilTeal OilGolden OilGrowth and Decay
Amber OilVerdant OilGolden OilDisciple of the Slaughter
Sepia OilTeal OilGolden OilNightstalker
Azure OilOpalescent OilOpalescent OilVolatile Mines
Verdant OilVerdant OilGolden OilInsightfulness
Amber OilTeal OilGolden OilArcane Chemistry
Clear OilAzure OilGolden OilCleansed Thoughts
Verdant OilTeal OilGolden OilInfluence
Amber OilIndigo OilGolden OilNo Witnesses
Sepia OilAzure OilGolden OilHeart of Thunder
Crimson OilCrimson OilSilver OilDevotion
Clear OilBlack OilSilver OilPurity of Flesh
Amber OilAzure OilGolden OilDoom Cast
Teal OilTeal OilGolden OilQuick Recovery
Sepia OilBlack OilSilver OilCrystal Skin
Violet OilOpalescent OilOpalescent OilBravery
Verdant OilAzure OilGolden OilBreath of Flames
Amber OilBlack OilSilver OilFervour
Clear OilViolet OilGolden OilPersistence
Verdant OilBlack OilSilver OilProfane Chemistry
Teal OilAzure OilGolden OilHeart of Flame
Sepia OilViolet OilGolden OilWritten in Blood
Amber OilViolet OilGolden OilAqueous Accelerant
Teal OilBlack OilSilver OilCruel Preparation
Verdant OilViolet OilGolden OilDisemboweling
Azure OilAzure OilGolden OilCursed Concoction
Teal OilViolet OilGolden OilSoul Siphon
Azure OilBlack OilSilver OilArcane Potency
Azure OilViolet OilGolden OilBreath of Lightning
Crimson OilOpalescent OilOpalescent OilVigour
Black OilBlack OilOpalescent OilWay of the Warrior
Violet OilBlack OilSilver OilHematophagy
Clear OilCrimson OilGolden OilDruidic Rite
Sepia OilCrimson OilGolden OilHeart and Soul
Amber OilCrimson OilGolden OilBloodless
Violet OilViolet OilGolden OilBorn to Fight
Verdant OilCrimson OilGolden OilHeart of Oak
Teal OilCrimson OilGolden OilChampion of the Cause
Azure OilCrimson OilGolden OilSurvivalist
Crimson OilBlack OilSilver OilOvercharge
Clear OilOpalescent OilSilver OilOvercharged
Sepia OilOpalescent OilSilver OilMaster of the Arena
Amber OilOpalescent OilSilver OilMystic Talents
Violet OilCrimson OilGolden OilFingers of Frost
Verdant OilOpalescent OilSilver OilDivine Fervour
Teal OilOpalescent OilSilver OilHerbalism
Azure OilOpalescent OilSilver OilBlood Siphon
Black OilOpalescent OilOpalescent OilCrackling Speed
Violet OilOpalescent OilSilver OilLeadership
Crimson OilCrimson OilGolden OilArcane Expanse
Clear OilBlack OilGolden OilEndurance
Sepia OilBlack OilGolden OilFaith and Steel
Amber OilBlack OilGolden OilMeasured Fury
Verdant OilBlack OilGolden OilDeadly Inclinations
Teal OilBlack OilGolden OilHardened Scars
Indigo OilBlack OilGolden OilDiscord Artisan
Azure OilBlack OilGolden OilRampart
Crimson OilOpalescent OilSilver OilInexorable
Black OilBlack OilSilver OilStamina
Violet OilBlack OilGolden OilArcane Capacitor
Opalescent OilOpalescent OilOpalescent OilTireless
Clear OilSilver OilSilver OilArcane Swiftness
Sepia OilSilver OilSilver OilStabbing Thirst
Crimson OilBlack OilGolden OilSavagery
Clear OilOpalescent OilGolden OilMana Flows
Amber OilSilver OilSilver OilPrimal Spirit
Sepia OilOpalescent OilGolden OilArt of the Gladiator
Verdant OilSilver OilSilver OilInstability
Amber OilOpalescent OilGolden OilArcane Will
Indigo OilSilver OilSilver OilWatchtowers
Verdant OilOpalescent OilGolden OilForesight
Teal OilSilver OilSilver OilBreath of Rime
Teal OilOpalescent OilGolden OilLust for Carnage
Azure OilSilver OilSilver OilFrenetic
Azure OilOpalescent OilGolden OilMaster of Force
Black OilOpalescent OilSilver OilPiercing Shots
Violet OilSilver OilSilver OilThick Skin
Violet OilOpalescent OilGolden OilDismembering
Crimson OilSilver OilSilver OilInfused
Crimson OilOpalescent OilGolden OilHeart of Ice
Black OilBlack OilGolden OilSwagger
Opalescent OilOpalescent OilSilver OilBlood Drinker
Clear OilSilver OilGolden OilVitality Void
Sepia OilSilver OilGolden OilNatural Authority
Amber OilSilver OilGolden OilEthereal Feast
Verdant OilSilver OilGolden OilResourcefulness
Teal OilSilver OilGolden OilEssence Surge
Azure OilSilver OilGolden OilGolem Commander
Black OilSilver OilSilver OilDiscipline and Training
Black OilOpalescent OilGolden OilAssassination
Violet OilSilver OilGolden OilHeart of the Warrior
Crimson OilSilver OilGolden OilVoid Barrier
Opalescent OilSilver OilSilver OilSkittering Runes
Opalescent OilOpalescent OilGolden OilBarbarism
Clear OilGolden OilGolden OilSoul of Steel
Sepia OilGolden OilGolden OilThunderous Salvos
Amber OilGolden OilGolden OilVengeant Cascade
Indigo OilGolden OilGolden OilAnointed Flesh
Verdant OilGolden OilGolden OilUnnatural Calm
Teal OilGolden OilGolden OilGolem's Blood
Azure OilGolden OilGolden OilTranquility
Black OilSilver OilGolden OilRevenge of the Hunted
Violet OilGolden OilGolden OilAspect of Stone
Crimson OilGolden OilGolden OilTenacity
Silver OilSilver OilSilver OilSovereignty
Opalescent OilSilver OilGolden OilTribal Fury
Black OilGolden OilGolden OilCrusader
Silver OilSilver OilGolden OilSpiritual Aid
Opalescent OilGolden OilGolden OilCharisma
Silver OilGolden OilGolden OilConstitution
Golden OilGolden OilGolden OilWhispers of Doom

New Tower Enchantments available by Anointing Rings
Indigo OilClear OilSmothering Tower Ailment Chance
Indigo OilSepia OilFlamethrower Tower Scorch Chance
Indigo OilAmber OilArc Tower Sap Chance
Indigo OilVerdant OilFreezebolt Tower Brittle Chance
Indigo OilTeal OilTemporal Tower Stun Immunity
Indigo OilAzure OilImbuing Tower Onslaught
Indigo OilIndigo OilSentinel Tower Life Leech
Indigo OilViolet OilMeteor Tower Burning Ground
Indigo OilCrimson OilStone Gaze Tower Fragility
Indigo OilBlack OilScout Tower Malediction
Indigo OilOpalescent OilGlacial Cage Tower Area of Effect
Indigo OilSilver OilLightning Storm Tower Targeting
Indigo OilGolden OilTower Synergy

Map Modifiers available by Anointing Blighted Maps with new Indigo Oil
  • Indigo Oil - Towers deal 40% More Damage, +5% Monster Pack size
Posted by 
Grinding Gear Games
Is this where I say 'dank'?
Blight should have some unique map where you just place towers and hope this gonna work.
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
Last edited by Piacevole on Jun 17, 2020, 8:10:41 PM
I'll check back in 6 months after I finish reading this...
Thanks for all the effort!
and indigo oil is like 3 golden oils? whats the order?

btw, u guys could a make a season of regrouping all last seasons

like talismans, breach rings etc now are mostly crap (it only worth it if u make a talisman out of a rare amulet with betrayal setup... but normal talismans are just crap cuz u cant annoint them, or maybe just let we annoint corrupted items)

a season with the focus to remake the uniques and existing things
and for a twist a way to mix existing bosses to make it more stristing

like metamorth but u can hunt down any boss in the game like kitava and it will have a chance to drop a part of him (even shaper, etc)

it will create a whole new thing but will make a lot of things come back to life
Last edited by rafaelgxs on Jun 17, 2020, 8:22:50 PM
rafaelgxs wrote:
and indigo oil is like 3 golden oils? whats the order?

they said indigo would be in the middle

hmmm looks like whispers of doom has risen to #1 in cost...
Clear Oil Golden Oil Golden Oil Soul of Steel

Am I reading that right? Kind of a screw for those of us who scraped to get three of them a league or two ag... guys butchered the notable itself didn't you?
Awakened Combustion Support when?

"Not that I was likely to [converse of gist of latest patch notes] but it was nice to have the dream." :(
Now THAT is a list.

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