Need Help with [3.11] Gladiator Bleed Cyclone Builds

Just playing around with bleed nodes in the tree, and figured I'd try and make this work for the new 3.11 two-handed weapon stuff. Focusing on 2-handed Axe, and Cyclone for the new 2-handed weapon damage increase I've been hearing about, I think damage might be enough to survive as is, but worried about survivability? Also, haven't included any extra skills outside of cyclone since I'm not able to find enough info on the changes in the shouts/cry skills, and I'm not familiar with the Banners to really know what I'm doing with those yet.

Also, haven't decided if I want to do a Leap Slam vs Dash, so interested in hearing ideas around that.

Last bumped on Jun 16, 2020, 3:48:06 PM
I also want to play bleed cyclone. I used fast AF spin and pop build from 3.8 but add cluster jewels.

I think that You can easily change it to the axe.

My skill tree

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