[3.11] Split Arrow Mines - Leaguestart Friendly - Easy - Off Meta Boss Killer - Okayish Mapper

Greetings Exile!

So this build is something for people that like a cheap league start and also those that enjoy effective off meta builds!

May I present: The Split Arrow Mines - Doomfletch Edition!

We have good clearspeed for a miner, we can kill bosses on little budget, we work in delve, we can see stuff, have no overload of spell effects and most of all, it is fun!

Current State as of 3.11
I expect to take a slight hit because of the changes to Herald of Purity!

But overall it is too early, we need patch notes.

Video Guide

Build Summary
Our damage scaling is easy. Doomfletch's Prism deals your physical damage as extra lightning, cold and fire damage. So we just have to push our physical damage as high as possible.

This means, we want:
1. Base physical damage
2. Well, that's it mostly

As you see, the list is short and we do not need to employ tricks for meeting the damage early on.

It is important to know, that we use a Blastchain Mine, so the more mines you let explode in one sequence the more damage each following mine of that sequence will do. Keep in mind that you can throw more mines, while the sequence is already exploding.
Never use the detonate mines button, while you have a sequence exploding. It will start a new sequence and you loose the damage bonus.


I like evasion builds and layered defenses:

Here we use:


Dodge and Spell Dodge from the Acrobatics node.

Cast when Damage Taken combined with Immortal Call is never a bad idea.

Immunity to Ignite and Shock because we are a Saboteur.

Wind Dancer can be taken in the skill tree. In 3.11 we can reach it without investment, as it is close by our already used passive points.

Wind Dancer let's you take less Damage if you have not been hit in the last 4 seconds and boosts your evasion if you have been hit in the last 4 seconds.

Overall that makes us not too squishy and as a Saboteur, we also gain life recovery after detonating our mines.

Because we use mines, we obviously take Saboteur. There is no other choice.

1. Pyromaniac - We gain immunity to ignite and shock. In addition to it we gain good life recovery from detonating mines and mines use a little bit less mana.
2. Bomb Specialist - This is a solid damage boost.
3. Explosives Expert - This is another damage boost that really benefits our all elements Doomfletch playstyle.
4. Born in the Shadows - The Blind contributes to our defense and the added damage against blinded enemies is a nice bonus.

Passive tree

Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/4yNDMQBr

Whenever you get a Coated Shrapnel, you should try to include it in the tree.

1. We start as a shadow and take the mine passives to Trickery, pick up Blood Siphon, Assassination and Saboteur.

2. We directly move via the life nodes towards the mine cluster outside of the tree.

3. We pick up pierce and the Acrobatics cluster.

4. We take the mine passives in the area between shadow and witch.

5. We move towards point blank and pick up the highlighted nodes. Remember: Our mines need to be close to enemies for the damage bonus.

6. We invest everything into survival.

If I saw it correcly in the patchnotes, the Wind Dancer Keynode gets close to the Thick Skin Cluster injected into the tree.
Pick it up, when you want the extra survival.

Kill them all!
We need the 2 passive points.

I recommend the Soul of the Brine King for the earlier parts to prevent stunlocks and maybe to switch later towards Soul of Lunaris for more solid defense.

For the minor pantheon, we should take Soul of Rhyslata for bossing and go with your personal prefferences for mapping.


This build is based about Doomflecht's Prism. Any basic bow will work as a starter, but I highly recommend to pick up a Doomfletch as quick as possible. In the past those were so cheap that people threw those away.
Once you have a Doomfletch and are over level 40, I recommend to pick up the Ancient Doom prophecy to upgrade it into Doomfletch's Prism.

The difference between Doomfletch and the prism is, that Doomfletch picks one random element for the extra damage and the prism uses all elements as extra damage. This is the most important upgrade that you can get.

We want to use Drillneck as it really increases the damage from shots that pierce.

Just pick up an evasion base with life and resistances.
I highly recommend to craft mine throwing speed on it, so have a free suffix for the craft.

In addition to it, you want to pick up the Split Arrow fires x additional arrows helmet enchant, if you can afford it.

Any evasion chest with life and resistance will work out fine.
If you find yourself lacking of life, you can also opt for a Kaom's Heart, which is a nice boost to your total life.

You are looking for evasion gloves, in optimal case for Gripped Gloves, and you want to get added physical damage to attacks on it.
In the beginning you want here life and resistance, but later on, you can sacrifice it for damage stats from influenced items.
For example the Warlord influence provides increased Projectile Attack Damage.

You have multiple valid options on this slot.
1. You want to get a Stygian Vise with increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills and a nice Abyssal socket.
You can also include defensive stats like life and resistances.
2. The alternative is Rhyslatas Coil, but it can be expensive, as bleed builds are competing for this item. You want to have the biggest increase to Maximum Physical Attack Damage that you can get, while having the lowest number for less Minimum Physical Attack Damage.

1. You can use either a rare evasion base with movementspeed, life and resistances. If you are rich, you can aim for Elusive and Tailwind boots with Hunter and Redeemer influence.
2. The alternative would be Atziri's Step. They provide life, spell dodge and movementspeed, but they lack resistances.

Choose one ring for defensive stats, like life and resistances. If you use Kaom's Heart, you want to look for strength. Physical damage to attacks is important.
The other ring is a Circle of Guilt with reduced Mana Reservation to Herald of Purity and increased Physical Damage during Herald of Purity.

The amulet has the same requirements as the rings, except that you should try to get mine throwing speed as a suffix craft.

Coated Shrapnel - You want it with the best available damage rolls. It will most likely be extremely cheap, but since the damage is added before all modifiers, you want the best rolls.

The flasks are extremly basic. You want a flask against bleed and one against freezing. For mapping it is a good idea to have a flask against curses.

1. Life Flask - Just use a big life flask of your preferrence.
2. Diamond Flask - It is a nice boost to your damage. Remember to put on a bleed or freeze removal.
3. Quicksilver Flask - Well, you want to be fast, there is nothing more to say.
4. Atziri's Promise - It is nice extra damage. Keep in mind that the elemental roll is more important than the physical roll.
5. Wise Oak - It is a good damage boost. In an optimal case you have all resistances balanced, but it is also okay to use it with cold resistance as your highest.
6. Jade Flask/Quartz Flask - Another defensive flask is no bad idea should you have problems with a boss or at the beginning of the league.

Blast Cascade is the way to go. It is solid damage and it requires only an Amber, Crimson and Silver Oil.

My end of league gear (less than 20 hours /played and no currency from other characters used)


You will most likely not be able to run all auras at all points of the game. The bigger detonation sequences almost always trump having an extra aura.

Bow 6-Link
Since our bow is so cheap, you can think about getting a second one for a pure single target setup.
Our main skill is:
Split Arrow - Blastchain mine - Trap and Mine Damage - Minefield - Vicious Projectiles - Elemental Damage with Attacks

For pure single target, I recommend to swap Split Arrow with Barrage.

Enlighten - Summon Skitterbots - Bonechill - Precision (as high, as you can afford)

Dash - Second Wind
Clarity (only as high as you need)
Ice Golem

Herald of Purity
Cast when Damage Taken 3 - Immortal Call 5 - Projectile Weakness 7

We start at level 1 with Split Arrow and use Onslaught and added Fire, Cold or Lightning Damage depending on your socket colour as soon as possible.

At level 12 we can switch to Rain of Arrows with Blastchain Mine and Added Fire, Cold or Lightning Damage depending on your socket colours.

Also in Act 1 you want to pick up Clarity and Precision, but be sure to not overlevel those Auras. They use an absolute mana value that increases per level and not a fixed percentage of your maximum mana.

In Act 2 we replace the added damage with Trap and Mine Damage Support.
We also pick up Skitterbots.

In Act 3 we can add Vicious Projectiles from the library or a friend can get this already in act 2. This would be in a 4-Link

After you kill Malachai, you can finally switch to Split Arrow - Blastchain Mine - Minefield - Trap and Mine Damage Support.
That is your setup until you reach maps.

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