[3.11] Physical Damage Weapon crafting while leveling at league start


This thread is targeted at players that want to know about how to craft their own physical damage dealing weapons at leaguestart. for skills like cyclone, sunder, lacerate, earthquake etc.
Although it is easier to start as a spellcaster due to the damage scaling coming from gems a leaguestart as a melee character can be pretty smooth aswell if you know how to craft decent weapons and how to scale your damage.

The new Harvest meachanic will further improve the possibility to craft better weapons, which will synergize with the methods discussed here.

Choose a build guide, or make one for yourself

So basically decide which character you want to play, 1h, 2h, Axe, Sword, Staff, Mace, Wand etc. Does not really matter for the crafting

Increased Physical damage vendor recipe, iron rings

The first 2-3 acts should not be too much of an issue with whatever weapon you find. Just pick up the rares which can be used with the skills you want to play and get iron rings on your rings for the extra physical damage to attacks if you struggle with damage.

Pick up every blacksmith whetstone and rare rustic sash you find. If the rustic sash has good stats you can use it for yourself, the other you can use for the following vendor recipes.

A rare (or magic) rustic sash, a normal weapon of your choice and a blacksmiths whetstone create a magic weapon with increased physical damage. The rare one gives a higher % increased physical damage.
This is useful early on, because a rustic sash and a blacksmiths whetstone is not something that holds any value later on in the game. The increased damage by itself should be enough damage by itself for the first acts.

Essence of Contempt
Another method to craft good weapons early on is if you find any Essence of contempt. They can be used to get flat physical damage on a normal weapon, gloves, rings or an amulet. The item turns rare and gets the flat physical damage plus 3-5 extra random mods. Since low tier essence of contempt have no value later on, they can also be used for crafting early on without losing any currency for later.

Act 3 onwards: Crafting bench and opportunity cost

We get the first useful crafting option beginning in A3 sewers where we get the crafting recipe for the lowest tier of increased physical damage and flat physical damage.
However, except for the lowest tier of flat physical damage which costs only 4 Transmutation Orbs all the crafting options cost at least several alteration orbs, which you need for buying gems and hold value later on. Only use them when you really feel you need it.

Choosing the right basetype

All weapon types have different basetypes. The better ones can only drop at higher levels, but have better base stats. Before crafting you should make sure that the basetype you spend your currency on is the best you can currently use as crafting base.
If you dont find one, you can normally just go to the weapon vendorer in town and buy a base.
You should also quality up your weapon to 20% using 4 blacksmiths whetstones before you craft something on it.
An overview can be found on https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Weapon.

You should also of course pick a basetype which synergizes with your build.


Use the crafting recipe for increased physical damage or essence of contempt on normal weapons of the correct basetype. Only use crafting bench if you really need, because the crafting options are mostly expensive for leaguestart.
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