[3.11] Durimon Poop-Gear Starter Build 4: Glacial Hammer Raider, Awk.8 T16 with 40c Only


Beating awak.8 T16 with cheap poop-gear that you can get in early league start:


(Previous) Poop-gear Early League Starter Builds:

Volatile Dead & Detonate Dead Spellslinger Necromancer:


Flame Surge Totem Hirophant:


Ice Crash Raider:


This is just a preview of Durimon Early League Starter Build with Poop-Gear (less than 50c in early league start)

From now, I will introduce all the poop-gear cheap builds I make, which can clear awak. 8 T16 rare maps with less than 50c in early league budget.

To do so,

first, I am going to upload preview videos of all the cheap Poop-Gear early league starter builds I made.

The uploading order will be worst to best (The best one is of course miner build I've already made. This will be released the last.)

Second, when the league is just around the corner, I will write a thorough step-by-step guide including lvling.

Third, I will enjoy making something new like always after the league starts.

So, just enjoy the video please, and if you find some of the cheap poop-gear builds interesting, try to think about upgrade path and everything before I present mine. This is a great fun part of all the great things you can do in POE.

Any question, please drop a line on youtube. Thanks.

POB : https://pastebin.com/zfVjP3Km

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This looks interesting, definetly going to try this one. Thanks for the build!

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