[3.10] ICECREAM INQUISITOR, a 4.5M Shaper DPS Warcry Debeon's Dirge Wild Strike Build


I have been a big fan of Warcries for a long time and have been trying to make a build using Debeon's Dirge (a criminally underused/underrated weapon) for the longest time. With Cluster Jewels giving some long needed love to Warcries and announced improvements to Warcries in Harvest League, i thought it was finally time to post my stuff. I am only a casual player and so so the minmaxing part of this build was mostly done in PoB, since i don't have the time nor ressources to truly push this build to its limits. If any of you have ideas or suggestions to improve this build, please comment and let me know.


How it works

The Icecream Inquisitor is a build utilising Debeon's Dirge as its Weapon in combination with Warcries to make use of its 150% increased Elemental Damage. Cluster Jewels give us access to Rage as well as counting as having 10 more enemies nearby, allowing us to constantly fuel Immortal Call with 3 Endurance Charges (upcoming changes to warcries in Harvest League, making them scale with enemy power instead of number may drastically change how this build performs).
Immortal Call plus our other defenses (Fortify, 175% increased life, 27k armour) gives us pretty good survivability, and Inquisitor makes us immune to elemental ailments.
Since we are an Inquisitor, we also can forgo any kind of resistance penetration and instead focus on stacking increased critical chance, critical multiplier and increased damage.


Pros and Cons

+ BIG Hits
+ Good Survivability
+ Attack has AoE Component
+ Bonus Clear from Abyssal Cry
+ Super Cheap to get starting (Core Item is like 10c for a 6-link)

- Feels slow and clunky without Attack Speed
- Melee builds suck
- Big Hits can still oneshot us
- Minmaxing is expensive as fuck



High base damage
High crit and crit multi
Ignore elemental resistance
Ancestral Warchief


Consecrated Ground regenerates Life, Mana and ES
Tiny bit of ES to help with Stuns
Immune to Elemental Ailments
Moderately high life pool
Good amount of armour
Skitterboots chill all enemies
Ancestral Warchief will freeze most enemies
Fortify through Leap Slam


Path of Building


To keep estimated damage numbers conservative, DPS is calculated without:
Power Charges from Assassin's Mark
Skitterbot Shock

The build currently uses only one Warcry Cluster Jewel, but i really would like to get a second one going to get more Warcry Utility.

Unique Items

Debeon's Dirge: Core Item the whole build revolves around
Abyssus: Adds phys damage and huge crit multi boost
Gift's from Above: Massive crit boost (also a bit of IIR)
Bottled Faith: Makes sure our enemies are on consecrated ground and boosts our damage

Warcry Cluster Jewel Notables

Cry Wolf: Required to make sure we always have 3 Endurance Charges.
Mob Mentality: I prefer it, since it gives access to Rage.
Haunting Shout: Recovery speed is mostly unneeded, Intimidated/Unnerved could be useful in groups.
Lead by Example: Strong defensive option.
Provocateur: Probably stronger than Mob Mentality for pure DPS, i prefer the bonus AS from Rage.
Rattling Bellow: pretty much useless
Warning Call: Also probably stronger than Mob Mentality, though i still like the bonus AS from Rage.

Main Damage Stat

The build scales very strongly with critical strike and critical strike multi, but attack speed is imho preferable since it smoothes out the gameplay of the build.



Makes Arc a melee skill LUL

Jokes aside, it converts all phys to elemental, has a nice % of base damage (which is great for Debeon's Dirge, since it has high base damage), and it has major AoE components allowing for easy clear without Ancestral Call. We also do not care about what element we convert to, since 90% of our damage is already cold.


Thanks for reading. If you have questions or ideas, please comment.
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Nice short guide
easy to understand the main things (i guess)
good starting point for a journey into a new league, looking forward to new updates or trying this idea myself, maybe as a second character
hope for the best concerning cluster jewel balancing and potential hotfixes of warcries

Good Job Exile!

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