[3.11] Thunder Storm - Hierophant

Reserved for a 3.11 build idea.

Not 100% sure if its going to work, but it involves Herald of Thunder and Cast when damage taken.
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sound interesting. will check after patch notes.
I've checked quickly with PoB and the damage output is reasonable.

The problem I face is the tankiness, only 4600 life and 1449 unreserved mana.
Feels low for a Hierophant with MoM passive.
hmm. mb reserve less mana and try arcane cloak?
GGG needs better QC - yes you do!
I have forgotten arcane cloak, but the Reserved mana won't be much lower then 68% without removing lots of damage support.

But It feel arcane cloak will be very usefull and fix the tankiness of the build. Very eager to try it out.
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Bumping with a question

Archamge support claims
Supported Skills have base Mana Cost equal to 6% of Unreserved Maximum Mana, if that value is higher
Supported Skills gain Added Lightning Damage equal to (70-127)% of Mana Cost, if Mana Cost is not higher than the maximum you could spend

With the Apep's Rage change "No longer increases the mana cost of skills by 40%. Instead, it now grants +40 to the mana cost of skills"

Wouldn't that make it able to trigger Archmage support?
Since it will add a mana cost and it doesn't have a duration. You have it in the weapon swap, Cast Herald and switch to the main weapon?
I would boost the damage until you recast it.

If I'm wrong, could someone link the reason why it wouldn't work.
Auras in your off-hand cannot be enabled, and disable themselves on weapon swap.
Pallakonto wrote:
Auras in your off-hand cannot be enabled, and disable themselves on weapon swap.

Unless its socketed in a armour slot (which I will do, reduce reserved mana)
Nowhere on Apep's does it say its only affecting socketed skills. Worst case, I equipe the Voidbringer since it will have the same effect/wording.
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Bump and update

Good news, Herald of thunder with Storm secret is working with CastwdTaken.
Problem is, My current defense is horrible. Mapping with under 4k EHP is awful.

Other good news, we have endless flask with Flagellant which allow us to have constant recovery of Mana and Life.

Bad news the damage is currently very low because of how pricy the Cluster jewels are. Lone messanger is only with Calamitous Vision and last time I checked, it was over 80 chaos Orb.

If anyone can help fixing the tankiness, that would be great (Keep in mind All passive skill from now one are focused on Life, Respec is very costly unfortunately)

P.S.: I'm not sure if I'm having trouble noticing, but having 2 Strom secret doesn't seem to stack. It feels like only the highest is affecting the speed.
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