[3.10] LL Archmage Storm Brand Inquisitor

Hello everyone,

This is a Standard build, not all of the gear I use is something that you couldn't get in a league, however, there are still legacy items.

I decided to try a lightning spell maybe two months ago and ended up picking Storm Brand.

It was a new type of skill for me as I never tried brands before and it looked like an interesting mechanic, just cast from time to time and use Brand Recall to keep them going for a while.

I saw the Archmage support and thought that mana stacking would be fun, since auras can add a lot to a build I went LL and used The Ivory Tower. (Like many others did.)


What mods to reroll?
Ele reflect just kills you with the setup I use. This one is a no-go.

No regen is annoying at best and if you have mana leech/gain on kill it isn't a problem.

Phys reflect is annoying if you use Shield Charge like I do, hitting a large pack can take off about 30-40% of your ES.

Note: Not a map mod, still an issue. Pocrupines. The setup I use has no damage mitigation and killing a pack of Porcupines will most likely be enough to kill you.

Some questions I think people might ask
Why Inquisitor? Because I can't be bothered to minmax with ele penetration.

How do you cast Storm Brand more than once with that high of a mana cost? Take out Archmage, cast, put in, spam recall, repeat when they expire.

Why only 7k ES? Because it's enough for me and my style of play. If you feel like it's not enough, you can change things around on the tree or use different gear, one example would be switching to Presence of Chayula. (Stun immunity as well.)

Why no Skyforth? I don't like that item and I needed resistances because my gear has trash tier resistances.

What's up with your flask setup? Basically, I do not give any fucks about using my flasks properly and only use them when absolutely necessary. Like when I am in a no regen map or when I need to get rid of a curse/bleed.

Why no enchant on helm? Fuck lab. That's why. (Obviously lab enchant is good to have if you want to roll for it or can afford one.)

Why did you add 33% increased damage for shock? Well, I found this calculator online and have no fucking clue if it's correct but I ended up using it. If you know that it isn't right, let me know and I will change things. (Just search for "PoE shock calculator" and you will find it, most likely.)

If you are in Standard, why not actually use better gear? Most of the shit I use is stuff I already had or crafted myself for this or other builds in the past. I do not like investing (too much) into something that seems like it's going to be nerfed next league.

Why are you creating a guide for something that's probably(?) gonna get nerfed? Basically I'm hoping that it won't get gutted and will still work. (I'm betting it will get fucked.)

What's up with your gem setup? It's what works for me. If you want to change things, go ahead.

Content done
Sirus a8 - done deathless on 1 man and 2 man parties, have not tried larger parties.

Uber Elder - deathless.

All guardians except for Phoenix (I have done this fight maybe 20 times total and I have no fucking clue how to not die when the guardian does the fire aoe thing that fucks with your resistances. (DON'T TELL ME, I like learning mechanics on my own.)) - deathless.

Conquerors - deathless.

End note, I'm sharing my experience with a build that I enjoy and thought that someone might find the guide helpful in some way.

This build is not the optimal way to do the whole LL Archmage thing, it lacks defensive mechanics and is overall very lazily put together.

The optimization of my gear is probably not the best as I am experimenting to see what works for me. If you think that I'm doing something wrong, you can let me know.

Thank you for spending your time to read this.
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