3.10.2 Hotfix

pls change lab ladder prize! why u cant?
Ultimatum Master Craft Service in Ultimatum My IGN TreeOfDead
https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2037371 Vouch
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Ultimatum SC Master Craft Service Ultimatum SC in USC craft!
Master Crafting Service in Ultimatum USC craft PM: TreeOfDead
I get "Unknown Filter Type "From_SETTINGS" in global samplers list."
No game boot.
No options.
No update? Does that follow, I am locked out of game and I suppose any support or hotfix.
Unfortunately, it continues to be thrown after changing the engine to VULCAN and the DX11 currently can not be played FPS dips are even in the hideout after firing the bottles only ...

Hardware (latest patches and drivers installed)

Vulkan Performance is massive improvement I am no longer getting FPS bottom outs RTX2080
Keep up the good work.
System Specs:

Intel i5 4570 CPU


16GB Hyper fury ram

windows 10.

While using the new renderer frame rates are more consistent. less FPS spikes during large encounters/delirium and less slowdown in towns with loads of people (Act1/Epilogue).

One thing I have noticed is that the loading time has increased by 1-2 seconds when switching from DX ---> Vulkan.

For the improvements in FPS consistency I would say the trade off is great.

Though there are issues. after running the game for a few hours straight the chances to crash increases the more time you play. Not a massive deal as it takes a few hours to happen but could potentially be a problem for people in the middle of instances.

TLDR: The new renderer seems a lot more consistent, load times increased slightly (hardly noticeable) and after having the client open for a few hours straight there is a good chance to crash. before running boss's I would recommend to restart your game to avoid this problem!

Thanks for the update, im sure it will be great once the kinks are worked out!
my game is crashing with the new league update and i dont know what to do i format my pc 3 time i tryed diferent things to make it work again . Please help me !!!

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