[3.10] Purifying Flame Mine + Support Minion Saboteur Build / Funny / High DPS Defense / Easy Sirus

I've never seen a build where the Animate Guardian uses Elemental Equilibrium.
I have completed this concept build.
I found this method to be interesting.
Experimental Build.

To begin this build
This build requires some knowledge of minions.
You'll need expensive equipment to fight the endgame bosses.

Animate Guradian is very important for this build.
AG is not invincible. AG can die.
When an AG dies, it loses what it is equipped with.
* My AG has never died in ver3.10

I like it because it is a fun build.

[Key item & build concept]

Animate Guradian (AG) is equipped with Elemental Equilibrium (EE) with Skin of the lords.
There are many restrictions to make EE work. Players cannot use Anger, Wrath, Hatred. Using Anger, Wrath, Hatred will add elemental damage to the AG and EE will not work. Players do a lot of damage with Heralds.
Since it is not a summoner, the defense of AG+Spectre is low. Protect AG+Spectre using Consecrated ground(6% Life regeneration) of Purifying Flame. Mine can create a consecrated ground over a wide area.
From this, Purifying Flame + Mine + Herald of Ash(use Circle of Anguish) + Minion (AG + Spectre)

[Pros & Cons]
Funny gimmick
High firepower (Shaper DPS Max 39M+)
High defense
High map clear speed
Very few map mods
Expensive equipment
Requires minion knowledge
You may lose expensive equipment. (Animate Guradian)
*Strongbox detonated dead is the most dangerous.


https://youtu.be/VMDUFWFr-b8 [Lv8 Sirus] "Final phase 5 second kill"
https://youtu.be/z9KgyfFBhLg [Lv8 Sirus] "Defensive demonstration"

https://youtu.be/IbGOEWRJpdk [Drox,Veritania,Al-Hezmin,Baran]
https://youtu.be/QFy249zby-4 [T16 Underground River]
https://youtu.be/ld0MH8uvgvA [T14 Tropical Island]

[PoB] Fork only
https://pastebin.com/Ajz9Yf70 [My Gear + Animate Guardian Gear]

Full Buff DPS 39M = 2.3M(Avg Hit) * 5(Minefield) / 0.3(Mine Throwing Time)
This DPS only works when there are very few enemies.
Sirus, Uber Elder, Uber Atziri, Map boss, metamorphs, Influence boss.

Map Farm DPS 11M = 0.67M(Avg Hit) * 5(Minefield) / 0.3(Mine Throwing Time)


Life 6400 (Tree 142% + jewel 13%)
Block Attack Chance 58% (Glancing Blows)
Block Spell Chance 70% (Glancing Blows)
Attack Dodge Chance 5% (Soul of Lunaris 5%)
Spell Dodge Chance 43% (Phase Acrobatics 30% + Soul of Lunaris 5% + Boots enchant 8%)

[Animate Guradian] *Nearby Allies only
Fortify Effect 26% (Kingmaker 20% * (Helment mod 20% + Lethal Pride 10%))

[Spectre(They of Tul)] *Buff Area 9second ? , cooldown 10second ?
15% reduced Damage taken
20% chance to Dodge Attack Hits
20% chance to Dodge Spell Hits

[Spectre(Arena Master)] *Buff 4.5secnd ? , cooldown 12second
40% increased Movement Speed
40% increased Attack Speed
40% increased Cast Speed

My Gear

Animate Guardian Gear + Spectre

[Animate Guradian Gear]

Skin of The Lords-----Elemental Equilibrium
Rare Glove-----The "Adds x to xx Lightning(Cold) Damage to Attacks" mod is needed to trigger the "Elemental Equilibrium".The mods that should not be attached are "Adds x to xx Fire Damage to Attacks".Requires high chaos resistance and all elemental resistance.
Death's Door-----Animate Guradian will die in sirus battles if it is not bleeding disabled.


Spectre uses They of Tul and Arena Master

They of Tul-----Go to Tul's Breachstone and make They of Tul a spectre.
Arena Master-----Arena Master is in the Warlord area of Atlas.This is the area where the atlas turned yellow.
Atlas screenshot

Read only by professionals

From here on down, only advanced readers should read.
The way I gave up.
I think They of Tul and Baranite Cleric are the best.
Baranite Cleric uses an aura of Gain 20% of Physical Damage as Extra Lightning Damage.
The player is taking the Avater of FIre, which increases the fire damage.
Animate Guradian's EE also doesn't interfere.
Baranite Cleric dies due to a lack of elemental resistance.


[Weapon1]Hard Boss kill

[Weapon1]Map Farm





All kill *need passive point

-Major gods-
Soul of Lunaris *need Avoid projectile chain and movement speed

-Minor gods-
Soul of Gruthkul *need physical damage reduction and enemies reduced attack speed

Making Weapons

Craft cost about 8EX. Crafting requires a recipe.
"The Porcupine" to get a 6-link bow.
Change the color of the socket. Red 1, Green 1, Blue 4.
(The best is Red 1 and Blue 5, but the difficulty level is very high.)
Use a lot of Chromatic orb for color changes.
It's easy to make with white sockets from Vorici Craft.
"Deafening Essence of Woe" and "Orb of Annulment" It is.
Create a rare bow with 1 Mod "(123-144)% increased Spell Damage" and It is.
"Cannot roll Attack Modifiers" on the craft bench.
Add "+1 to Level of Socketed Gems".
Beastcrafting's "Add a Prefix, Remove a Random Suffix", is used.
"Cannot roll Attack Modifiers" is gone and "+1 to Level of The "Socketed Gems" are always included.
Add the "Aspect of the Spider skill" to Beastcrafting.
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nice nice nice <3
xcibi wrote:
nice nice nice <3

Thank you.
I'll upgrade the build guide a little more when I have time.
3.11 playable?
3.11 playable?

I read the 3.11 patch notes

Mine Passive + Cluster jewel (DPS about -8%)
Circle of Anguish (DPS about -8%)
Circle of Anguish (DPS about -7%)

Purifying Flame
Now has an added damage effectiveness of 180% (from 140%)

ver3.10 (DPS 39M)
ver3.11 (DPS 32M)

I think it's a build that gets stronger with Harvest Craft.
Leveling guide plz
Leveling guide plz

I write leveling tips.

The Ball Lightning Mine is powerful.
Find the saboteur ball Lightning Mine build guide.

Buy a Tremor Rod and make it 5 links.
Skills do not change.

(Switch to bow.)
Read the "Making Weapons" section of the build guide.
Once the weapon is made, switch to Purifying flame.
Kiloava variant of the lethal pride got removed in 3.11. Any thought for a replacement?
carolares wrote:
Kiloava variant of the lethal pride got removed in 3.11. Any thought for a replacement?

You can get Glancing blows using 3 passive points.
Can this build up more damage with the Headhunter? Because they nerf the unique ring too hard bro xD.

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