[3.10] Cyclone Elementalist Golemancer - beginner friendly - clear all content(videos)

Guide is still in progress! I want to add more explanations for this build and break it down further. I have courses beginning tomorrow but I will work as fast as possible to get them up. Feel free to ask questions and I will try to answer them!

Hello! This is my first build and build guide ever. Please feel free to critique me and ask me questions! Prior to this build, I had never accomplished much in POE. I had never taken down Sirus, Shaper, Elder, or Uber Elder. I never completed the atlas, killed other major bosses or gone above 20ish challenges. I definitely was not a good player and the fact that I was able to complete everything POE had to offer with this build means that I can promise you that no matter how little you think you know about POE endgame, this build will help you clear everything. It is very straightforward, tanky, can be done on a budget and interactive (compared to other golemancers).


Pros and Cons


Cleared all content
Simulacrums is a piece of cake
Fast clear
Easy bosses
Can be done on budget
Min maxing not needed
Not a herald stacker


Cannot brainlessly face tank everything
Min maxing brings results but not drastic ones

Mapping/Bossing Videos

(All at awakener level 8)
Veritania (with delirium influence)
Drox (with half delirium influence)
Al-Hezmin (with delirium influence)
A8 Sirus
It was deathless but a very ugly one. It was my first Sirus fight in about a month (took a break) and with a new PC. I promise that its a lost easier and smoother than what I showed. My golems died (thats never happened before) and that's because I was lazy and did not use Convocation whenever I should have. Convocation will heal your golems and get them out of harms way. Even though I only had 4 stone golems at the final phase I still finished the fight so maybe that means something.

I do not have a video of simulacrums but am willing to upload a video if y'all want.

How does this build work?

If you have never used golems before, golems scale like crazy due to primordial jewels. Golems became even stronger with the introduction of cluster jewels. The pathway to the jewel sockets are no longer useless points. With cluster jewels, they can all become beneficial stats. I will have examples of what cluster jewels to use in my items section.

I wasn't planning on using cyclone from the beginning. I was using storm brand to apply my curse but I kept on dying to delirium explosions and other things. I realized I could become tankier AND still apply a curse AND automate flesh offering with cyclone linked to fortify, cast while channeling + flesh offering and curse on hit + curse. Its also a lot more fun to cyclone through mobs than just play around your minions.

Current Gear

Pretty much min maxed besides Awakened Multistrike because 55 ex is too much. ;-;
You can also get increased minion damage on rings with redeemer influence. Without them I still cleared all content. You don't need half of what I have to do everything anyways.

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