Server Maintenance

Black__Dawn wrote:
bvanharjr wrote:
TreeOfDead wrote:
lab changes when? lab ladder rework when?

lab is fine the way it is, no changes are planned.

Cancer is fine as long as you don't have cancer, right?

long as I don't have a speed build that can crush ulab (regardless of layout) in <= 1:45 I'm happy.
I don't check my posts. Once I post 'em, they're staying as-is. Best way to contact me is through the PM system.
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they should better focus on engine optimisation. that ram leak overflow is killing me. 2-3 delirium maps and 200 fps goes permanentry to 30 fps even in HO, thats uplayable, makes me restart game and break party. that made me stop playing this league, it feels like.... like shit! and still no fix, they said it fixed, but its NOT ="( so sad

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