[3.10] Spinning Eye of Innocence CWC/CWDT Bladeblaster | SC | Video | cheap

This is a cheap spinning cast when damage taken / cast when channeling build I achieved Lvl 96 in Delirium league with. Through the unique item eye of innocence, every time we ignite an enemy we take 120 fire damage – triggering our cast when damage taken setups that leave lingering blades on the ground that are exploded for extra damage by cyclone + cast when channeling + bladeblast.

I think this build has some potential as i did not invest a lot of currency. I did not put Vaal Molten Shell in which would be much better survivability with the characters armorscaling. But also in the offence department the character is not in its final form – so I am happy about any suggestions.

DPS is aprox 4 Million DPS with everything (flasks etc.) up and aprox 2 Million+ reliably with 6.3k life.


T15 sextanted Waste Pool. Unfortunatly quite laggy with recording software. Map Mods are nothing too special (making the build seem better than it is)


PoB and Skilltree


For those without POB (without clusterjewels, Lethal Pride and Red nightmare)


Pros and Cons

- Very budget to get going (50 Chaos)
- High Leech + Regen = 3600 HP per second
- Max block + 80% phys reduction with flasks up + Fortify
- Not as much as a clusterfuck as other cwdt + bladeblast builds
- Much room to improve with better gear
- Good Clear
- Can do many mapmods
- Good quality of life


- No Billion DPS zoom-zoom build - hard to calculate but up to 4 Mill DPS with everything active
- Sometimes measly singletarget when you attack only one enemy
- Only 6k life +/-
- Kosis – Sirus etc. possible but can be risky until good gear provides the damage
- Can be challenging for your Computer (my 600 Euros Laptop can take it)



Cost and Gearing

For 50 chaos investment you get a reasonably good character to get into red maps. After that you can spend up to 6 Ex and get a build that can reliable farm Tier 16 maps (I got Lvl 96 in SC with it).


Sword - 4 Chaos
Eye of innocence - 4 Chaos
Mokou's Embrace - 1 Alch
Chernobog’s Pillar Shield - 1 Alch
The formless inferno – 2 Chaos
Random Body Armour 5/6 linked (Ideally Carcass Jack) – around 30 Chaos or less


Lethal Pride – 50 Chaos
Lycosidae Shield - 5 Chaos
Watchers Eye (any) mine is 60% increased fire dmg – 40 Chaos
The red nightmare – 120 chaos
6 linked Carcass Jack – 2 exalted
Herald of Ash Ring – 2 exalted
More DPS can achieved by better watchers eyes



With the Eye of innocence you take 100 fire damage when you ignite an enemy. With Metamorph Catalysts you can actually increase the damage taken mod to 120 damage taken per ignite you inflict. You mitigate the damage taken with Razor of the Seventh sun (you overheal even). Through the unique ring Mokou's Embrace you will always be ignited by the damage taken opening some interesting build options.


The red nightmare jewel provides us with additional block chance and endurance charge generation. With the Lethal pride jewel we can cap our chance to block attack damage with a max block roll on the lycosidae shield. Lethal pride reduces the dmg taken by blocked hits by 50% instead of completely negating it. This is very good as cast when damage taken setups can still trigger even if we block.



To achieved decent leech with 2 adrenaline small cluster jewels granting a total of 30% increased Maximum total recovery from Life Leech. Our 50% increased life recovery from the Ascendancy is always up and results in about 3.7k/per second


The PoB – Link provides 3 different Trees (select from bottom left)
Levelling is basically any Totem build that utilizes fire dmg
Respec around Lvl 75

Links and Mechanics

All triggered spell create a loop as they as well have a 100% chance to ignite and therefor damage me for 120 fire dmg per hit – again triggering the cwdt – setups.

Cwdt – Vaal Cold Snap – Bladefall – Spell Cascade (Huge Chilling Ground, Frenzy charge generation – Bladefall to generate lingering blades, creates more lingering blades with spell cascade)
Cwdt – Ethereal Knives – Blade Vortex – Culling Strike (Creates lingering blades + Cull)
Cwdt – Flammability
Cwdt – Purifying Flame – Wave of Conviction (Fire exposure + Consecrated Ground)
Cyclone – Cast when Channeling – Blade Blast – Fire Pen – Combustion – Energy Leech (explodes lingering blades – immunity to stuns – reliable source of self damage infliction)
Flame Dash
Vaal Righteous Fire – Increased Duration
Herald of Ash (Ring)
Herald of Anger and Purity

Enjoy and I am grateful for any advice - especially regarding the single damage.
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What would you say keeping RT and using The Surrender shield?
MaxHax2 wrote:
What would you say keeping RT and using The Surrender shield?

It will be much better survivability for sure - especially when using Vaal Molten Shell.

Thing is - without EO the damage is quite bad - especially for single target. Well you could fix that with getting a good watchers eye and speccing out of some life nodes maybe.

Any thoughts on how to improve the damage when using the shield?

/edit: I tested it and it at i became very tanky - also put vaal molten shell in. The shield is kind of expensive. Tested it on a guardian map - good clear - but the boss takes some time.
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Hello very good guide and character, thanks for so much information there are some things that I do not understand, the cyclone gem, I am always without mana, then what is it, then the herald of has the ring that you say is worth 2 ex, you mean this Circle of Anguish
Ruby Ring, and if it is, why did I change the build, I put the vaal cold snap, I don't know if it's a good idea or not.
what I wanted to say with the cyclone, is that when jumping the cwdt I run out of mana and it is impossible for me to use the cyclone
what I wanted to say with the cyclone, is that when jumping the cwdt I run out of mana and it is impossible for me to use the cyclone

I am very sorry that i did not respond in time.

I solved my mana issues with the amulet annoint (Mind Drinker) - giving me mana leech from my attacks with Cyclone.

The "herald of ash ring" refers to an elder ring that has the chance to roll "Grants Level 22 Herals of Ash". Getting a good one (with multicraft) will cost you around 2 ex i estimate
This build is viable to harvest league?
Love this gameplay but i can't find any guide viable...thanks.
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So to help with damage, I was thinking you could use shade of Solaris wand. However to get the sword benefit you would need to use ngamahu sign which would drop another rare for resists. Also soul tether gives overleach which is nice.

Edit: the disintegrator staff is also nuts
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