[3.10] Hierophant Archmage Storm Brand | 20m POB DPS | Hybrid with MOM


More of a build showcase than a guide...

I see a lot of Stormbrand builds here but this is my take on hybrid mom version with similar effective hp but way more damage

How build works

Take Archmage out of the chest, cast your 6 brands while holding down brand recall, put Archmage back and run around till everything is dead.

Brand recall adds 1.2sec to the duration of brands and you cast it more frequently than 1.2sec

Apply flasks on cooldown... win.


How it actually works?
Archmage brings your base cast cost to 6% total unreserved mana, that cost is then modified by other supports + fevered minds (+ voidbringers if using them)

You want the cost of your Stormbrand to be as high as possible, for me, with chain in my stormbrand costs 8835 mana meaning archmage adds 11485 flat lightning as with stormbrand having an activation speed of 0.22 it means 52k lightning per second per brand. the all your normal multipliers of support more and spell damage, pen etc




As much mana possible, non-chaos/lightning as extra chaos, cast speed, lightning pen, spell/ele damage.
Tried a few times on incursion spell/non-chaos + mana bases to crusade slam wrath effect.


I use a Magna Eclipsis as it brings recall down to a 1.03 cooldown, without the +2 gems its 1.20 so you really want at least +1 so a rare with +1 and similar stats as weapon would be a massive damage increase.


Mindspiral gives good mana, good es and good mana recovery..


Cloak of Defiance gives a solid amount of mana and the ability to have 50% mom (or 60% with a watchers)


Life, mana and resists


Life, mana, movementspeed and resists


Life, mana and resists (cooldown recovery would be really nice too)


Atziri's Foible is a ton of mana, also the reduced requirements is really nice as you are dex starved (if you gem swap to chain)


Essence Worm allows wrath without reducing total mana

Mana, Life, resists


Life flask..
Atziri's Promise is solid damage
Wise Oak is tank and pen (if balanced)
Cinderswollow is nuts regen
Quicksilver.. (curse immune is handy)

You need some dex somewhere.. got mine from my ring.


2x Large

4x Mediums (2 of each)

Watchers with the Mana as extra es

Ton of mana above the witch start

Fill with Fevered to get mana cost as high as possible


See gear tab, i have white sockets on chest to swap chain for controlled destruction... but its not really needed)

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