[3.10 DHC] Int Stacking Wander - Showcase, no guide

Managed to hit lvl 100 solo with this build, first time ever reaching 98+ thats why i'm showcasing it.
I'm pretty sure this build will work in many coming leagues, as it will probably receive no real nerfs.
You can start this build with no currency and can dump infinte amounts of currency into it.
I copied most of the build and adjusted it to be played solo on hc (a lot of adjustments lul)

pob : https://pastebin.com/f3KPFRTB
made lvling trees, make sure to look at lvl100 tree if you want an overview - this is my char with clearing setup, single target dmg is a lot higher - thread of hope is not shown in pob


ascendancy order : mistwalker -unstable infusion - deadly infusion - opportunistic
pantheon : Soul of the Brine King (important AF!), minor is wayne
special things are : i dont travel to duelist area for point blank,im using cluster jewels and im using thread of hope


Auxium for singletarget, switch hypothermia for barrage for single target, lvl precision so you always have at least 160ish mana
make sure to annoint battle cry!!
transcendent flesh in templar area jewel socket

Currently no videos, but i think everyone already knows how playing a wander looks like : big herald of ice explosions, everything dies (with hh & explodey chest a lot more fun)
discord : nexx#9045
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