Deadeye Fireball Fast and Fun 3.10


My Hit Calculations Might be off, I am not the best with PoB but this is rather a map for your passives and items.

Short Vid of it's Capabilities:

With Awakened Spell Echo Show Case:
This is not necessary at all as you can see from the above clip:
(I just happened to have an awakened Spell Echo so why not)

Cheap! Fast and Fun Clear, Runs Juiced T16s like a breeze. Does Not depend on a Helm Enchant or much Crafted Gear. Decent Life pool, and decent evasion/dodge.

Cant Run Ele Reflect or No ES regen Maps since we are using Eldritch Battery with Discipline. It isn't the most amazing single target but if you keep your distance and blast away it takes time but gets the job done.

Personal Opinion:
After playing this for a few days I feel that fireball is a better option than most Bow Skills as a DeadEye and is cheaper to max out. The most expensive items to max the build out is an Awakened Spell Echo and Maybe the bottled faith but they are not necessary at all as seen in the video above.

Must have pieces:

Winds of Change aren't fully mandatory but highly recommended for the projectile speed:

Rambling for Knowledge:

The Limb Gives the spell damage leeched as life with a shield above 30% Block and obvious Cast Speed and huge damage. I Recommend pairing it with a light of the lunaris to keep it easy or find a rare shield with some bad ass mods.

You will need the Carcass Jack for it's AOE, life, Evasion, and Resistances. You can def sub it out if needed but if you do, keep the "Blast Radius" Skill Nodes in place, you can sub them out of my POB and reach for more damage if you prefer but one of the two is an absolute must and both together is fantastic.

My Current Gear which needs improvement:

Improvements to max this out such as:

Rare Helm with -Fire Res
A different modded Assasins Mark ring
A Rare Ring with damage
Boots with 35% Move Speed
Awakened Gems

I made this build with mostly stuff I already had so I know it's no where near complete but the blue print is here to go off of.

Lighting Golem (Provides Cast Speed)
CWD + Steel Skin
Flame Dash + Faster Casting
Phase Run + Increased Duration


Must: Zealotry & Discipline or Defensively go Grace & Discipline

Your Choice: Herald Of Ash, Aspect of the cat or spider or precision

Watchers Eye:

Crit strikes penetrate resistances is what to aim for. Otherwise defensively you can find a grace one with move speed or more dodge on it.


Bottled Faith not Required but always nice. Def Get a CinderSwallow for the Onslaught and moves speed and the Dying Sun for more projectiles. I prefer a Jade Flask of Reflexes to boost my Evasion and of course a life flask with freeze immune.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or questions!
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