[3.10] Mirror and Blink arrow + Auramancer

I play in the Taiwan Server. Yet, I got a lot of my knowledge of POE from this forum. Hence, standing the shoulder of the giant, I am contributing my results on this age-old and fun application of mirror and blink arrow as summons. Since there have been a lot of additions of items and skill gems that are profitable for MRBR summoner. I think there should be a thread for people to discuss on.

I learned to dis-regard thread without a video so

-T16 Plateau
More to come


First things first. This is not beginner-friendly. If you are a beginner, you should revisit this post probably after three months into POE. This is a post where I'd like to gather other MRBR player to share their thoughts.

There are several goals guiding through my builds
1. Auras (Reduced mana reserved is key)
2. Damages
-More minions -> skill duration, cooldown reduction, extra charge (Second Wind )
-Damage multiplication -> EE, Exposure (Elemental Army), Feeding Frenzy, Renewal (10% chance double damage)
-Minion Damage v.s. Attack speed trade-off
3. Survivability
-Get more ES

-Effectively an Auramancer
-Utilize some uniques (The build is less FUZZY and more approachable)
-Cool and Dope

-Not cheap (not super expensive either compared to some other builds)
-Damage Ceiling is not high (Maybe not? You tell me!)

Currently, I have
9 Auras for Allies
-Purity of Fire
-Purity of Ice
-Purity of Lightning
-Purity of Element
-Precision (only allies)
-Anger (only allies)
-Wrath (only allies)

3 Auras for the enemy
-Aspect of the spider
-Summon Skitterbots
-Flesh and Stone

I don't do curse, since doing so would prevent you from curse immunity map.

To achieve this, you need
1. Alpha's Howl
2. Victario's Influence
3. Skyforth
4. An Influenced amulet with 5% reduced mana reserved mod with 20% quality and anointments "Champion of the Cause"
5. A lot of jewels with reduced mana reserved


The damage type is coming from dariidar. I am happy if anyone else shares other possible damage builds.

We mainly use the added damage from

More minions

Skill duration
From the trees, there are quite a number of skill durations node, we basically take them all.

Cooldown reduction
There are three things that are essential for Necromancer MRBR.
1. Skill nodes "Dual Wield Cast Speed and Movement Skill Cooldown Recovery"
2. Watcher's eye, (30-50)% increased cooldown recovery speed of Movement Skills while affected by Haste
3. Second Wind Support skill gems

You may also get shaper boot and belt. On the other hand, A craft mod is also available for reduced cooldown recovery.

Extra charge
Second Wind Support not only give you cooldown reduction. It also gives a second charge. It is a massive boost for map clearing speed since you have in theory 4 minions to spawn instantly if you have two charges on each MR and BR.

Damage multiplication

Elemental Equilibrium
Since your minion deals Lightning and Fire damage, it makes perfect sense for you to proc EE with cold damage. Eye jewel has mod which provides added cold damage with an attack, or added cold damage with bow attack. Then, you can proc EE with, say, Rain of Arrows.

Elemental Exposure and Feeding Frenzy
You need a minion to reliably proc these two for you. I use Summon Carrion Golem + Elemental Army + Feeding Frenzy because his AI is good (Better than Bob the animated guardian). And you don't need to worry him DYING.

Cluster Jewel
Renewal and Blessed Rebirth are the best mod for BRMR build. Since your minion lasts only for 8 secs to 9 secs. It is guaranteed that the first 4 seconds the buff of Renewal is applied. Also, Blessed Rebirth guarantee your minion wouldn't get one-shot after it respawns.

Minion Damage v.s. Attack speed v.s. Accuracy

I use Quill Rain, the unique Bow. As you can see in the video, it gives a tremendous buff to minion attack speed. A perk is also that you get to use BRMR as movement skill MUCH faster.

The low attack damage from Quill Rain does not hurt elemental damage build too much. Yet, the "Less Damage" mod does hurt a little. Yet, the attack speed does compensate for it.

Accuracy is not a concern AT ALL since you have precision running.

I used lioneye's for the last few patches from dariidar recommendation. I feel like since accuracy is not a concern there may be better substitutes. Also, Quill Rain requires LESS agility than lioneye. It gives more room the the gear.

Also, try to get additional arrow corrupted mob on bow and quiver. They are a much better version of LMP without LESS damage.

Links and Gears

6 links on Bow
Blink arrow + Mirror arrow + Second wind + Pierce + Elemental Damage with Attacks Support + Minion Damage

6 links on Victario's Influence
Anger+Wrath+Precision+Summon Skitterbots+Flesh and Stone+Empower

4 links on Alpha's Howl
Purity of Fire+Purity of Ice+Purity of Lightning+Enlighten

4 links on boot or glove
Discipline+Haste+Purity of Element+Enlighten

3 links on boot or glove
Feeding Frenzy Support+ Summon Carrion Golem + Elemental Army

Offering, Rain of Arrow, Phase Run (for following others in map)

For quiver, I use soul strike for more survivability, agility and ES.

Since we have enough resistance from the aura and skill tree (30% from ascendency), you don't need to worry anything more about getting resistance from Gear. Focus on Stats (agility around 150 and Strength around 100) and ES since we are taking CI.

-I learned about this MRBR summoner from dariidar thread, which discontinue from 3.2. I hope he would comment on this post.
-I learned about Hybrid build from Mizuwari, who use SRS instead.

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