[3.10]LL Storm Brand Archmage Inquisitor - Meta but not Meta //Uber Elder DOWN - A8 Sirus DOWN//

***Guide in progress***


Hello all. A little introduction about this build. I've been playing since Abyss League and finally decided to theory craft a build for the Delirium league. Using the pre-release patch notes and references to existing (pre-Archmage support) guides, I came to the conclusion that Inquisitor and Hierophant was my best bet. After browsing various forums, it seemed everybody was going to use Hierophant for Archmage and I just decided to go against the grain just a little ;). Inquisitor remained the 2nd least used ascendancy for the Delirium league.

This became my league starter; lots of brick walls, pushing the build and amassing death counts, 200+ orbs of regrets to re-spec into Hierophant (Twice!) and back to get a good feel of the ascendancies, hit and misses with currency spent. Also converted my Ice Nova Assassin into a Storm Brand Trickster for further comparision.

But alas! For better or worse, it is ready for the world to see.

Video Showcase
Future feature

Pros and Cons

- Storm Brand is a decent league starter skill
- Elemental Ailment immune
- Required uniques are fairly cheap to obtain to get started
- Good speed for mapping
- Excellent for bossing
- 4 gem sockets that is completely optional - Build it how you want

- Dealing with Chaos damage can be iffy without a large enough mana pool
- No Elemental reflect or Atziri
- Uses mostly uniques without resistances so resistances mainly dependant on 2x Rings, Belt and Boots.

Damage Numbers/Config Explained for POB

While it may be nice to post big numbers, I'd like to make it realistic.

What does that mean?

It means that the numbers and POB config that I use to simulate the numbers will match the likely conditions for the encounter.

For example, against Sirus you would not be able to use Vaal skills so I would exclude those skills.





Summary: 4M Shaper/Sirus DPS per Brand attached, 7.2K ES, 6L Body, No Vaal skills used, All Flasks up. Approximate Value of gear at time of writing ~4EX (Probably was closer to 7-10 EX near league start; 6L Ivory Tower alone was 4.5 EX)
Explanation: This is mainly the gear that I have currently with the exception of:
- Skyforth taken off and a generic made up boot with average stats has been put in place
- All gems have been replaced with reasonably obtainable ones. 20/20 non-awakened version.
- Crit Cinderswallow Urn and Bottled Faith replaced by Atziri's Promise and Wise Oak
- Watcher's Eye replaced by Fevered Mind
- Lower number of Fevered Minds in tree (easier for recasting)

My Current Gear


Summary: 18M Shaper/Sirus DPS per Brand attached if on Full ES - 21M if leeching ES, 7k ES, 28% Shock (explanation later in guide), No Vaal skills used, All Flasks up. Approximate Value of gear at time of writing - 68 EX.
Explanation: Specced out of Inevitable Judgement. Kills Sirus last phase in approx 5 seconds. Specced into Explosive Runes for an extra Brand for mapping at cost of some DPS.

Starter Build

End Game Build


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