[3.10] Iron Reflexes Rain of Arrows Raider (No Barrage). 32K Armor / 84% Phys Dmg Reduction

My first attempt at a build guide!

**3.11 UPDATE**

Vaal Molten Shell got wrecked, so we're now relying mainly on Molten Shell for Mitigation (which is still pretty good).

Cast time for Enduring Cry got increased, so you might want to completely drop it if it gets too annoying.

Nothing else was touched for the build so it should still be functional for 3.11.

Build Showcase: https://youtu.be/Q17BFLSCYDg
POB (LocalIdentity Fork): https://pastebin.com/V2kCNgNf
This guide is kinda made to supplement the PoB and shouldn't be taken just on it's own. Most of this is in the notes section of the PoB as well

- PoB doesn't seem to recognise the additional curse from the Level5 Awakened Curse on Hit support, so I have added in an additional Whispers of Doom anoint on the Amulet.
- This is just to make sure PoB takes both our curses into account and you don't actually need it on the amulet.

Trying one of my last builds of the league, always wanted to try and do a pure Rain of Arrows build without having to rely on Barrage for single target dps. Not using anything broken so this build SHOULD carry over into 3.11.

It's great for mapping and Sirus farming, and the single target damage turned out to be pretty decent. Life pool might seem a little low, but we are running with 32k armor, 84% Phys Dmg Reduction and 20% Attack/Spell Dodge.

Molten Shell gives us 6.5k additional mitigation, Vaal Molten Shell gives us 20k additional mitigation.

- Fun build to play
- Good clear speed
- No need to have 2 sets of 6links
- Good survivability with 32k Armor, Molten Shell, 84% Phys Dmg Reduction, Elemental Ailment Immunity and 20% Attack/Spell dodge
- Face tank most bosses with Vaal Molten Shell

- Seems exceptionally laggy for 100% Delirious maps (even after turning off MTX). Not sure if it's just my PC or the game in general
- Capping out resistances and balancing your stats might take a bit of planning, but definitely still possible
- Single Target dps is definitely not the best (but still decent)

Gameplay Tips:
- Having less than 5k HP might seem really squishy, but once you get used to managing Molten Shell and Vaal Molten Shell, you'll never die while normal mapping (Uber Elder/Sirus pretty much just depend on how well you know the fight)
- Just make sure you pop Molten Shell whenever you jump into a big group of mobs and play a little bit safer during the 3second cooldown
- As much as you can, make sure you have your Jade Flask active before popping Molten Shell
- Pop Vaal Molten Shell when you meet bosses and you'll pretty much be able to stand still and face tank everything until you kill the boss
- If you have no time, don't worry about casting the Spell Totem, just use Frostbomb and start spamming your Vaal Rain of Arrows and Rain of Arrows
- During mapping, you'll have 3 Power Charges from Assassin's mark and the added Attack Speed from the Boots Enchant. I left these unchecked in the PoB config, so your damage should actually be a lot higher while mapping.

Rain of Arrows (Vaal):
- Pretty standard Cold Projectile 6L set-up, except we are using Concentrated Effect Support to help with single target dps
- I actually opted to get 0% quality on Vaal Rain of Arrows because I wanted less AoE on it
- It's still good enough for clearing while still maintaining decent boss dps
- PoB shows the Rain of Arrows dps as 3.1mil, but it does feel a lot higher than that, so I think it's assuming only 1 arrow hits from each volley
- Multiple arrows can hit the same target, and for a smaller targets you would usually have at least 2-3 arrows hitting for each volley
- For bigger targets, you do seem to do more damage, with 3-5 arrows hitting for each volley
- Vaal Rain of Arrows is basically the same, except that it does more damage and fires additional subsequent volleys
- So can keep up to 2 stacks of this, so initiate your boss fights with Vaal Rain of Arrows and it would greatly help your burst damage for the first 2-3 seconds

Bow 5/6 Link:
- Since we are not using Barrage for single target dps, we open up another potential 5/6 link gem combination on our Bow
- In here, we put Dash, Vaal Molten Shell, Second Wind, Blood Rage, Enhance Support and Enduring Cry
- Having Enhance Support here gives a ton of benefits:
- Blood Rage gets additional attack speed
- Dash gets additional Cooldown Reduction
- Molten Shell / Vaal Molten Shell gets additional Skill Duration
- Enduring Cry (if you choose to link it) gets AoE increased to basically the full screen
- Second Wind helps lower the cooldown of Dash and Molten Shell
- Level 21 Vaal Molten Shell doesn't add much value here, just get a Level 1 / 23% Quality one and level that up as high as your stats allow

- My bow is intentionally 5-linked to leave Enduring Cry out of the links
- Since I bind enduring cry to my movement button, I didn't like how having 2 stacks of enduring cry would stutter my movement (by a very little bit).
- However, unlinking it means that Enduring Cry is no longer supported by Second Wind (shorter cooldown) and Enchance (more AoE).
- I didn't have any issues maintaining 3 endurance charges most of the time without linking Enduring Cry to anything, so i decided to intentionally 5-link my bow

- Your 6L for Rain of Arrows can either be on your chest or your bow, whichever is cheaper / easier to find.
- If you're planning on buying it, though, most good end game bows are going to be 6linked already.

- We run 2 main debuffs here, Wave of Conviction Spell Totem and Frost Bomb with Frostbite Curse on Hit
- For the Frost Bomb, do keep in mind that you need Awakened Curse on Hit at Level 5 for the additional curse
- If you are on a really low budget, you can choose to anoint your amulet with Whispers of Doom or you can just forego the Frostbite curse altogether
- For bosses like Conquerors where you have time, set up both the Spell Totem as well as the Frost Bomb
- For bosses with no time (eg map Guardians), I would just cast Frost Bomb
- For normal T14-T16 map bosses, you don't even need any of this. Just pop Vaal Rain of Arrows and spam away

Lightning Golem:
- I run a Cast When Damage Taken at Level 4 and Summon Lightning Golem at Level 6 just for the added 7% attack speed
- You can level this up higher or lower if you want, but I realised that making it higher meant that I didn't have my golem up enough (because I wasn't taking enough damage lul)
- If you want, you can replace these two gems with Vaal Haste and Vaal Grace instead

- Pretty standard set up with 2 Heralds + Hatred and Precision
- Enlightened Level 4 is highly recommended so you can squeeze in Precision for the Watcher's Eye buff
- If you don't have a Watcher's Eye that relies on Precision, you don't really need Precision at all

Skill Tree:
- There is not much special about the passive tree, except that we are using Thread of Hope to pick up FIVE different passives in a small radius. Big value there.
- We are stacking Evasion and then picking up Iron Reflexes to get a crap ton of Armor
- In my opinion, this is a more reliable defense and uses less skill points than going for attack/spell dodge
- It also allows the use of Molten Shell which is ridiculous mitigation
- If you want more survivability or you have issues capping your resists, just sacrifice 2 skill points to pick up Survivalist (just above the Thread of Hope jewel)
- This gives you +11% to all elemental resists + a bunch of Evasion which we convert into more Armor

Gear Overview:

Gear Explanation:
Bow: Rare
- You're looking for "Adds 2-4 damage to attacks with this weapon per 10 dexterity" along with "Weapon penetrates X% elemental resistances"
- On top of that, any Crit multi / Attack speed / Weapon deals double damage / % Elemental damage / Flat damage is fine
- It is possible to just run a 600+ pDPS bow for this build as well, but it's a lot more expensive and you'll need to pick up some additional Phys to Cold conversion on either your Watcher's Eye or your Gloves
- If you have a really low budget, just starting with any Bow with really high Cold damage would be passable
- Bow Crafting Advice:
- These are expensive, so you may want to try and craft it yourself (especially since you don't need to 6-link it)
- Get an iLvl 83 Shaper base, preferably Imperial or Thicket Bow
- Spam Serrated, Prismatic and Frigid fossils
- Do note that even with Fossil Crafting, the odds to get the "Cold Damage per Dex" AND "Damage penetrates elemental resistances" mod are pretty low

Helmet: Fractal Thoughts
- This gives us some Crit Multi, a lot of Dexterity and a lot of Elemental Damage
- Just make sure to keep your Strength higher than your Intelligence when running this
- If you are using my exact skill tree, you might need to grab some strength on your jewels + 1 other piece of equipment (I got it on my boots)
- Do keep in mind you need 126 Intelligence to run Awakened Curse Support so you're going to need at least 127 Strength
- Use your cluster jewels / jewels to sort out your Strength/Intelligence/Resistances as much as you can, so that you can leave suffix spaces for Dexterity on the rest of your gear
- For enchants, you have 3 options: Increased Attack Speed with Rain of Arrows, Increased Damage with Rain of Arrows or Increased Attack Speed with Blood Rage - the attack speed ones should be better

Quiver: Hyrri's Demise
- Not much to say here, gives a good bunch of flat cold damage for your dexterity
- Also gives some flat fire damage so you can ignite to proc Cinderswallow Urn's debuff
- These are cheap so try to get a good corrupt, I think Gain % Phys Damage as Extra Cold is one of the better corrupts

Body Armor: Hyrri's Ire
- Good flat damage + additional attack / spell dodge
- Also gives a HUGE amount of Evasion (more than 10k if you get a good roll) which is then converted into Armor for our build
- If you can't afford a good corrupt, just use a non-corrupted one

Amulet: Rare
- Try to get life + flat Dex + 1% increased damage per 10 Dexterity
- Other additional mods would be % elemental or cold damage / Crit Multi / Flat Phys or cold damage
- I would try to craft on reduced mana cost for non-channeling skills as well, to help with mana sustain issues
- If you feel that you aren't dying a lot, swap out the Anointment to Dealy Inclinations
- This gives a pretty nice boost to DPS and also some Evasion and Life
- Pandemonius is a really good option for those on a lower budget

Rings: Rare
- Use these two slots to get as much resists as you need to cap out your build
- Get Assassin's Mark on one of them, and try to get Dex on both of them
- Personally, i got a second "non-channeling skills have -9 mana cost" on one of the rings as well, for a total of -18 mana cost
- This allows me to spam Rain of Arrows even if we aren't doing any damage
- It's just a personal preference and is totally not required

- Boots: Life + Resists + Required Stats + Tailwind. If you can get Elusive on here it'll be great as well (but $$$)
- Gloves: Life + Attack Speed + Projectile Damage. Additional Flat Phys / Cold damage or Phys to Cold Conversion would be good as well
- Belt: Life + Resists + Elemental Damage / Damage against Chilled Enemies
- Watcher's Eye: Prioritise Cold Damage Penetration while affected by Hatred. If you have a higher budget, you can add on Attack Speed while affected by Precision or Added Flat Cold Damage while affected by Hatred
- Jewels / Cluster Jewels: Try to get as much resists and Str/Int on these as you can, so that you have more flexibility when gearing

- Being a Raider and having Phasing pretty much gives you immunity to Elemental Ailments, so you won't need freeze / burn / shock immunity on your flasks
- Bottled Faith as always is great for DPS - Swap to Atziri's Promise for a lower budget
- Jade Flask is amazing here because you get 3000 flat Evasion, which is multiplied by 200+% and then converted to Armor. Would highly suggest getting the 25% Increased Effect mod so you get even more Armor
- Cinderswallow Flask is great, and you should have some Fire Damage already due to Hyrri's Demise so you can proc the ignition buff
- Diamond Flask is pretty standard just for more crit

End-Game Upgrades:
- Triple Mod Watcher's Eye with Added Flat Cold Damage (Hatred), Cold Penetration (Hatred) and Crit Multi (Preicision)
- Well-rolled Amulet with Dex, % Increased Dex, Crit Multi etc
- Well-rolled Stygian Vise with Dex + % Increased Attritbutes + Elemental Damage (Will need to get more resists on your rings)
- Well-rolled Redeemer-influenced ring with Added Cold Damage per Frenzy Charge
- Bow with similar stats but additional Crit Multi or Flat Phys / Flat Cold damage
- Upgrade to 21/23 gems for the Rain of Arrows 6L
- 28% Quality everything

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thanx for the build. im lvling right now will see the results :)
Thanks for reading and let me know how it goes!

I haven't tested this build for leveling, but it should be fine, just with less dps
Why on the tree are some of the skills connected and other just have a red mark?
Hi There! Sorry for the slow reply, I actually didn't expect this post to get any more attention.

For the red circles, you can just ignore them! I think they are there just because I had Dexterity typed into the search field.
I'm strongly considering this build for the new league. Do you know of any reason it would not be viable?
Hey There, based on the patch notes, this build (and most other bow builds) were left generally untouched. The only major nerf to this build was with Vaal Molten Shell, which is no longer very useful. I would stick to using normal Molten Shell which should still give you quite a good amount of mitigation!

As a league starter, i never really thought about it, but based on the gear i was using, there isn't really anything build-enabling that is going to stop you at league start, so it should be fine.

Just know that you wouldn't be shredding bosses until you've got some decent investment in the build like I did. The budget for this build was around 120ex, if I'm not wrong.

League is starting real soon and I wish you all the best!
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how did vaal molten shell get nerfed for this build?

you're stacking 32k armour, which vaal molten shell grants more armor instead of flat added. vaal molten shell is nerfed for non armor builds, which this isn't touched by.
Sorry, I didn’t get notified of the reply so I didn’t get back to you.

I know it’s a bit late but if it still matters, Vaal Molten Shell got nerfed because it only provides 30% damage mitigation, instead of the 80% that it used to. Yes, you’ll get a bunch more armor because of the change, but overall it’s still a pretty decent nerf imo.

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