[3.10] Templer/ Guardian Cyclone double Herald build

Templer Cyclone double Herald build 3.10

I am writing this guide because there has been no update treating 3.10 for this build yet. There is a very good guide of System Player lost https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2217712 up to 3.9.. Because of this guide I will not cover all basics and I highly recommend players who want to play this build to read it, too.
As I am lazy this is more of an Update

Op in early and Mid Game
Good delver
Easy to play
Lots of variations possible

Endgame need some investment to get Defense up
Not the best Boss Killer (melee character)
There are faster Map clearer (Medium to good Map clear speed)
Level hundred is right now not as easy to reach as with other builds ( see also investment to get Defense up)

let's start with what most players might interest most, which jewel nodes?

Highly recommended:
Pure agony
Call to the slaughter

Some of this Jewel nodes also can be stacked

Possible Jewel nodes:
Heraldry or any other Minion or Herald jewel node.

I have used Prismatic Carapace, One with the shield, Dragon Hunter and Heart of Iron. Except for prismatic carapace which I highly recommend, can this jewels be subject to discussion. Prismatic Carapace is a must-have for all armor Builds because of the +1 to max resistance and thirty percent increased armor as several experienced players have pointed out.

Path of building lv. 95:

If you don't want to reach lv 95. You can skill out leaving life nodes for last, you should still have like 6000 Life.

Gear and linking i have used:

The life leech on the Claw is optional, you can trade it for something else.
If you use blood magic on Cyclone you can drop the Twin Claw and use any Life on Hit Claw with Attack Speed, Minion Damage and Chance to Poison on Hit.


I use flasks for defensive purposes only as this is the weak point of the character. You should get at least 1 flask with Immunity to Frezze as this is next to Poison and Bleeding one of your main reasons to die. Also, it's good for Delve.

Normal Jewels I used:
Here I used Militant Faith with Avarius to get Minion accuracy up. If you find a way to socket it next to a Keystone you might also use Power of Purpose, I have however not found a way.

For Defense purposes you might take 'chance to blind' into consideration as you are making many hits. If you have enough money choose Militant Faith with Minion Accuracy and Elemental Resistance. Socket Militant Faith in mid jewel slot.

I use soul of Lunaris because the defense against projectiles is OP for melee characters. Soul of Arakaali might be better for situations with shock.

As second, I use Soul of Shakari because of the Immune to poison and the chaos mitigation. If you do not need those, you can use any (useful to melee moving character) soul.

Here I highly recommend Alira for early and Mid Game because of the fifteen percent elemental resistance and the mana restoration as Cyclone is a mana intensiv skill.
In Endgame, you can switch to any bandit your gear allows or stay with Alira.

Small variations:
Several variations are possible like Stone golem, Ice golem, Carrion golem or no golem. As curses, you can choose Enfeeble, Assassins Mark, Vulnerability or you can choose a cry like Immortal call, Molten Shell. Here a lot of variations are possible depending on your gear and play style.
You can use blood magic for Cyclone, blind and other variations.

Big variations:

In this league several players have been playing this build with variations.
Very successful has been a player swapping Herald of purity as main skill and Herald of agony second skill using double Dagger “Cold Iron Point”.

Also, I have seen several players using the ES variation of this build by Vatinas https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2554248 (This build has been updated to 3.10). However, some used Lightning Ball to prog poison instead of Cyclone. This seems to work very well and also might make bosses like Sirus much easier as you do not need to stay close to get virulence and Sentinels up. There is a guide for this, too, by Hitmanb https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2663126 (3 .10)

And last but not least this build might also be very playable with Max Block Gladiator and maybe even a little easier if you get the Max Block nodes together. Because here you can get Max Block Attack and Spell Damage and not only Max Block Attack damage 2 seconds in 5 Seconds. I have however not tried it. This has also been commented by other players.
Further if you want to drop Herald of Purity Juggernaut seems to be the go to guy this league. However, solo Herald of Agony is a very different build. But here you can use the Unique Jewel node 'Lone Messenger'. I tried 'Lone Messenger' on the Guardian, the Dmg is OP but you lose even more survivability and kill speed in my opinion.
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