[DUELIST][GLADIATOR][3.10] Seeking help with an amour/block/counter-attack build.

Hello people,

I'm currently trying to create a build, and I think I need some help.
Let's do some sort of FAQ to explain it all.

Q: What are you aiming for with this build?
A: I'm trying to do a tanky AFK counter-attack build. I use Riposte, Reckoning and Vengeance for the damages. Armour and blocking for the defenses.
Idealy it could over-tank/over-heal anything (including Shaper's big laser-beam and such) but it'd be nice if it could at least tank "most" things.
And yes, there is no direct attack skill.

Q: Which class did you choose and why?
A: I chose the Duelist with the Gladiator ascendancy for its block mechanics.

Q: Which Pantheon and why?
A: Soul of Lunaris as major and Soul of Tukohama as minor for their defensive mechanics.

Q: What are the problems you've encountered? Which help would you like?
A: It seems like this build will cost hundreds of exalted (awakened gems, cluster jewels, high gear...). Lowering the price significantly would be nice, even if it loses a little DPS/tankiness.
Furthermore, I'm pretty sure there are better options to make it armour, counter-attack and block effective, would it be passive skill tree-wise or gear-wise. It lacks health too.
Also, I think I messed up some game mechanics and I may be doing some useless things in this build (do I really need the bleed?).

Q: Ok, I hope you didn't do it just on a paperboard?
A: No, here's the PoB Community https://pastebin.com/quS8TXf8

Q: And if I don't want to help?
A: Well, no problem. But I'll be very grateful of any help given.

If you have any question, feel free to ask!

P.S. : I hope it's the right section of the forum, I didn't find a better one.
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