[3.10] Bane / Essence Drain Occulist

This will be my 1st post :) so here goes

Pros and Cons

+Fast clearing
+Melts Bosses Fast
+Can do any maps
+Elemental or physical reflections maps is a good walk in the park
+Clears MOST to ALL content
+Kill Sirus prety fast on awakend Level 1
+Massive Aoe
+User Friendly
+Items and build is cheap
+descent 5K HP & 1.2k EHP (6.2k Total Life Pool)

+Crit Modiefier Maps Are Instant Death (You Were Warned :D)
+Hex Proof Map Modigiers, Bosses or Monster can be a stuggle
+Some what flask dipendant on rough maps and fights

Table of content

+Level Up Breakdown
+Item Setup + Gems
+Passive Tree + ascendancy + Jewels + Pantheon
+Skill Usage

Level Up Breakdown

When you start the game and as you level up from level 1- lvl 30 you can start allocating points to work your way up to the top nodes, the top nodes provide HP and chaos damage with jewel slot that will be used

When you reach the Bandits u can kill them all we need those 2 points

Moving on from level 30 - 40+ you can start focusing points to the right and get the HP node plus the jewel socket and then work towards the top right chaos nodes.

from level 45 - 60 you can finish all the allocated nodes on the right and as you reach level 65+ you can now work your way to the left

Item Setup + Linked Gems


This staff gives you power charges, and therefor you dont need to spec in to the ascendancy(Forbidden Power) because the staff already "provides" it in a way,and is really cheap to come by.

Try to find a Helm that has good stats + 40% increased Bane damage Enchant.

The Shaper Body Armor is not a must have there are other armors that can work i preferred The Shaper Armor due to the Okish stats +1 Active skills (this affects bane and despair :D) , the only expensive part will be is to 6 slot and 6 link Shaper Armor IT WAS A PAIN i burned through 650+- jewelers and 1300+- Fusing orbs (You Were Warned :D)

Boots and gloves are a must have

Any Belt, Ring, Amulet with good resistance and Hp will do

As for the ring

I swap it out depending on situations or when you have to fight monsters that has cold damage or Veritania, this ring is a nice to have and noting is as annoying as to get chilled or frozen also very handy when you open gold chests of death :P

The only expensive part will be The Shaper Armor 6 slot and 6 link was a pain i burned through 650 jewelers and 1300 Fusing orbs (You Were Warned :D)

Gems if you going to invest in the build suggest you buy level 21 gems with 20% quality they go roughly between 20 chaos orbs to 55 chaos orbs

your bane will be level 24 your essence drain will level 25-26 with empower.

Skill Usage

ideally you will dash around to maintain arcane surge and 1 click most mobs with bane sometimes 2 clicks as they might have a extra HP .

Boss Fights

cast bane and then essence drain, dash around to avoid major hits or nukes and to maintain arcane surge.

Why bane 1st ?
+While the boss is affected by Bane, he will take increased damage when you apply essence drain and essence drain keeps you alive !
+Bane have a good cast range and MASSIVE AOE perfect to cast on the edges of your screen during tough fights you can use it around bends and objects.

Passive Tree + Ascendancy
1st Profane Bloom, (Causes Explosions helps with fast clearing)
2nd Void Beacon
3de Withering Presence
4th Malediction

Use these
in your jewels sockets they are cheap round about 20-40 chaos there are better ones that has a chaos mod + damage over time you'll pay a couple of exalts for those.


you can choose on your needs, I use these below.
Soul Of Lunaris Or Solaris
Soul of Shakari and make sure you get capture the terror of infinite drifts
that immunity to poison will help a lot against the Hunter Al-Hezmin

Passive Tree

Path Of Building Link

Browser Link



Try to get "Chemist Mod" then you will be able to use it more often on all your green flask
where they grant immunity to bleed, Ignite,Frozen,Curse, you will mostly use Quicksilver + Sulphur + Granite as you speed boat through campaigns and mapping.


Yes there is alternatives for this Build.

you can go chaos inoculation + deaths oaths armor or Shavronne's Armor and go Full EHP
I tried it, it works well but i dont fancy EHP. the gear becomes on specialized in my opinion and Expensive.

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