[3.10] Frost Nova + Flame Surge Sorceress


Wanted to create a build based on my favorite sorceress build from D2!

Path of Building Link


5.7K Life

1.8 Million+ Ice Nova Mapping DPS

3.5 Million+ Flame Surge DPS vs Shaper

(These numbers are from PoB, so they could be high/low)


Hey everyone! This is my first build. I'm still pretty new to POE so I'm sorry in advanced for any obvious mistakes or missed opportunities presented in this build. Please leave a comment below if you have an idea to make this build even better.

Here is a run through of the active skills utilized!

Skill 1 = Frost Nova

Such a simple, but fun skill. This is our way of clearing zones/maps quickly. Damage scales reasonably with levels and provides some defense by chilling/freezing enemies

Skill 2 = Flame Surge

Boss Killer. Not the best vs multiple enemies, but high single target dps.

Skill 3 = Flame Dash

Best option for a movement skill I could find.

Skill 4 = (Vaal) Righteous Fire

Used to beef up the damage of our first two skills, gives a big damage buff.

Everything else is passive! (Auras/Buffs)

How It Works:

-We buff up ice nova so it can one shot almost everything in maps

-We swap out 3 gems before boss fights, so we can use flame surge at its highest dps

-We utilize curse of hit to apply two curses that give us a huge damage boost

-We utilize 5 auras (Zealotry/Ash/Ice/Thunder/Precision) that give us a massive damage boost, and we still have a decent size mana pool to use because of reduced reserve mana costs

-During maps we use a Cold snap CODT + Rotgut combo to generate and spend frenzy charges, which gives us a nice speed/DPS boot

-During boss fights we swap out cold snap for frost bomb, which increases our cold damage, but more importantly reduces the energy shield regeneration rate of our enemies

-Elementalist provides high DPS by granting increased elemental damage, increased chance to freeze/shock/ignite, elemental resistance penetration, and reduced mana reservations of herald skills (We use Ash/Thunder/Ice)

-Marylene's Fallacy provides huge crit strike multiplier, and culling strike feels so nice with ice nova

-Doryani's Catalyst provides elemental damage life leech

-Starkonja's head provides a ton of defense (high evasion, reduced damage)

-Cinderswallow is used to provide insane sustain, and a nice DPS boost.

-Atziri's Promise is swapped in vs bosses for extra chaos resistance & DPS

-Mark of the Shaper + Elder ring on other hand provides a ton of DPS

-There are some really good Watcher's Eye options for this build that provide DPS and sustain

-Custer Jewels for this build are insane (will be explained below)

- Fast Map clearing
- High DPS vs bosses
- Relatively Cheap, but will scale with bigger investment

- Can feel squishy vs bosses
- I'm new to the game, so its hard for me to judge the ceiling of this build
- Requires constant flask usage

Kill them all, we need the skill points

Level 90 Tree:

Click Here

Cluster Jewels:

Lots of good options, check POB for my current setup


PoD -> Mastermind -> Shaper -> Beacon


Whispers of Doom so we can use two curses! (Elemental Weakness & Assassins Mark)

If you can afford an awakened CoH (allows for additional curse at lvl 5) then you can switch to Doom cast (8% damage buff)


Major = Solaris

-Helps us with boss fights

Minor = Ryslatha

-I really like the flask refill

Gems Links:

Ice Nova > Spell Echo(Support) > Hypothermia > Arcane Surge > Immolate > Faster Casting


Nova = Damage skill

Spell Echo = Sends out second nova on cast

Hypothermia = Provides extra chill effect on enemies, and gives us a damage buff against them

Arcane Surge = Provides big damage buff after spending specified amount of mana, we have such fast cast speed that we can keep this buff on 99% of the time.

Immolate = Adds extra fire damage

Faster Casting = Allows us to play fast :)

This guide is still being finished! Check back soon!
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i want to offer something constructive but im new too. i want to try this out though so ill be looking forward to it.
Shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet :O

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