[3.14] Mother of the Raging Crows (Null's Inclination SRS on Kill)

3.14 Update

Tree was reworked and some items were changed. Replaced 1 Writhing Jar with a regular life flask for more survivability. PoB link has been updated if you're interested.

Hello everyone, welcome to this little build guide.

As an avid player of Necromancer builds, I love to try out different ways to play with minions. A favorite of mine and many (before nerfs) was SRS, which was easy to play with little investment.

Originally, this Scion was a Spectre-focused Necro, but eventually I resorted to rework it to use the one unique bow that pretty much no one uses.


Inspired by the Wormblaster series by Eirikeiken, Lord of all Memes and Builds, I decided to actually use Null's with minions. After some changes in gear and tree I can say that, while not returning SRS to its former glory, it is a fun build to play.

I present to you, the Mother of the Raging Crows.
(For the Crows part, get the SRS Crow mtx)

The Build

The main idea of this build is to actually use Null's to summon Raging Spirits. Unlike other triggers, Null's trigger is instantaneous (no cooldown) and can trigger the same gem multiple times. Aside from SRS, we use Zombies and Carrion Golem with Meat Shield for our protection.

Of course, for the trigger to work we must have the killing blow. How do we attain this?


This will prevent our Minions to get the killing blow (most of the time) so that we continue to cast SRS on every kill.

For bosses, however, we shall rely on another method.


We use this to spawn worms and kill them, triggering our SRS.


Of course, a full 6-link white Null's is not mandatory.

Speaker's Wreath must have high dexterity and (if possible) skill duration. Grip of the Council is excellent to boost our SRS. The rest of the gear must focus on Life, Resistances and Dexterity (and any other attribute you may need). Two Writhing Jars will suffice for this build to trigger SRS during Boss battles, just don't get crazy spamming them.

Most of the rare gear in this build was acquired very cheap, with the exception of the bow of course. However I am not sure if prices are still low for gear like this anymore.

Crafting options can vary depending on what you actually need, but one piece of your gear MUST have "added lightning damage to attacks" to procure Elemental Equilibrium when hitting packs of mobs.
Other Gear options

Due to the amount of dexterity we stack, Shaper's Touch is a strong option for getting a good amount of life, however I cannot use it due to the huge loss in DPS this means.

In terms of DPS, Triad Grip will offer the highest amount possible. Totally recommended to go full cold conversion with 4 green sockets. However, it is adviced to do this only if you have room to socket whatever gems you had in your other gloves elsewhere and/or don't need any stat from gloves.



For this build, we go with a Necromancer/Pathfinder Hybrid, to benefit minions and sustain flask charges for bosses.
Our tree must be focused on getting High amounts of Dexterity, some Minion damage, Life and Aura nods.

Your priorities in Ascendant should be getting Necromancer, Path of the Witch and then going to Pathfinder.

Gems and Links

Rain of Arrows-Life on Hit-Hextouch-Elemental Weakness.

This simple setup will be used to curse enemies, trigger our SRS and staying alive in the process. Since our minions are not able to kill, we get plenty of life on hit, trigger EE and summon our SRS on kill.

Raise Zombie-Carrion Golem-Meat Shield-Fortify/Minion Life.

As our literal meat-shields, they will also deal damage to enemies near us. Remember they cannot kill due to Speaker's Wreath, so the enemies they attack will be culled by our Rain of Arrows, sustaining the flow of the build and providing additional DPS and protection to us.

SRS-Minion Damage-Multistrike-Elemental Focus-Added Cold Damage-Elemental Damage with Attacks.

Our main source of DPS. Each kill casts one and the cooldown is almost unnoticeable. They are also affected by Speaker's Wreath, which means they will not kill any enemy. As we stack dexterity, they will get damage and increased attack speed, which will make them hit ridiculously fast. Once you can upgrade to awakened support gems, do so. Multistrike can be either normal or Divergent.

For auras we use Hatred, Vaal Haste and Anger. Also we use Desecrate, Flesh Offering and Convocation linked with CWDT.


With this amount of dexterity, and counting all auras active, SRS can do up to 9-10 attacks per second. While they don't deal massive damage as in the old times, they still are powerful.

Test video

This video has some different items, but the overall idea is pretty much intact with the exception of the Phanthasms which are no longer part of the build. Apologies for the quality but my PC ain't exactly the best.

Well, that's it for this build. Hopefully you at least had fun reading this. Of course this can be improved in many ways but for the moment it works well.

Have a nice day!
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Very very cool build, thanks for sharing :-)
Nice Build will try this next league . Can you suggest some leveling tips ?
Chaos_5 wrote:
Nice Build will try this next league . Can you suggest some leveling tips ?

Take the Scion and level it as if you were playing a regular minion build (I recommend Specters), and once you can get to all required ascendancy nodes, and the requirements to use Null's, switch to it.

It can be a bit squishy to play and sustain, but it's fun.
I did a very similar build a few years back. Ridiculously fun to play. I found it pretty squishy though, as my version lacked physical damage mitigation.
I personally find summoner builds too chaotic as well so it wasn't exactly endgame viable. Some of the most fun I've had with a build though!

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