[3.10] The Invincible Shattering Steel Jugg - FaceTank Shaper's Beam - Endgame/Budget Versions

Hello everyone, this is my first build guide.
Let me introduce to you: the (almost) invincible shattering steel Juggernaut.


The idea of this build came from the guy who managed to get 200% maximum life leech + Strength of Blood to become immune to damage.
You can find his video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9lgBWmEzco&feature=emb_logo

Unfortunately, his build costs several mirrors to work, so for us, mortal human beings, who can't afford to spend hundreds of exalts in a build, I decided to create something similar, yet pretty different.


+ Can facetank almost all content
+ Great DPS (Shattering Steel Shotgun + Impale)
+ Good clear speed
+ Perma 4 endurance charge/3 power charge/ 3 frenzy charge

~ Not Expensive / Not Cheap
~ May be Hardcore viable ? I'm not a HC player, neither a good player, but I don't die often

- Not SSF viable (requires a few uniques and cluster jewels to work)
- Resitances can be hard to cap
- Expensive to min-max (Unnatural Instinct/Bottled Faith)

Path Of Buidling


Build Explanation

Core Concept
As said before I am using the Strength of Blood Keystone Passive Skill which states that we can't leech and we take 1% less Damage for every 2% Recovery per second from Life Leech. This means that if we are able to stack "increased Maximum total Recovery per second from Life Leech" on our tree, we will take less damage.

Lethal Pride with Kaom provides Strength of Blood

Leech Mechanic
In Path of Exile, there is no limit to the number of leech instances you can get but the total sum of leech rate is limited to 20% of your maximum life per second. Basically, it means that if you have 1000 life, you will be able to leech a maximum of 200 life per seconds.

This limit can be increased with the passive line "increased Maximum total Recovery per second from Life Leech". On the tree and with the help of some cluster jewels + Vaal Pact, I am able to reach 100% maximum life leech per second which becomes 50% less damage taken (with 200% and Strength of Blood, you would be invincible).

Now that we can reduce all incoming damage by 50%, we need to be leeching constantly to keep the Strength of Blood active. Since I am not a Slayer, I need to find the holy sentence "Life Leech Effects Are Not Removed At Full Life" somewhere else.

Soul Tether belt provides this effect (only two items in the game have this line). With this, we keep reducing incoming damage even on full life, which is mandatory.

Now you may have noticed I use Vaal Pact and Strength of Blood. With the first one, I can't regenerate life, with the second one, I can's leech. So we need to find life regen somewhere else. This is done by getting "Life gained on hit" on both rings. Life gained on hit is independant from life regen/leech and feels pretty awesome with shattering steel, since all our projectiles can hit.

Curently, Shattering steel fires 12 projectiles, my rings provide 45 life gained on hit and I have 3.71 attack speed. Assuming all projectiles hit (which is the case most of the time) but let's say 10 projectiles, I can regen: 10*45*3.71=1670 life/seconds

My Current Gear

Gear Explanation/Budget Options

Core Items

Lethal Pride (With the Kaom statement)
Place it on the right side of the three and pick it over Acrobatics

Soul Tether (Life Leech Effects Are Not Removed At Full Life)
Bread and butter for this build
Try to get a All Resistances corrupt

Cluster Jewels

You need two large cluster jewels with Deep Cuts and Drive the Destruction (Max life leech and impale)

Three medium cluster jewels with Eye to Eye and repeater (more DPS)

One medium cluster jewel with Master of Fear and Wish for Death (Culling strike and intimidate)

Four small cluster jewels with Adrenaline
Get only 2 passives jewels and try to get resistances on the small passives too, it will help.

Alternative Option (Not recommanded)

The second item in the game which provides "Life Leech Effects Are Not Removed At Full Life" is Offering to the Serpents Gloves.
The problem is, they also give "50% reduced Maximum Recovery per Life Leech" which is pretty much the opposite of what we want.

You can still play them as they provide some decent DPS and replace the Soul Tether Belt by The Nomad (huge DPS boost + some res and stats) at the cost of survivability.



Main Hand

Grelwood Shank
- Good DPS
- Saves us two passive points (Point Blank and Iron Reflexes)
- Extra projectiles

Off Hand

Paradoxica (Highest DPS possible)

Budget Option
An other grelwood or beltimber

Expensive Option
GGG rare sword with high DPS


Farrul's fur
This chest is amazing:
- Life
- Free power and frenzy charge generation

You need to get aspect of the cat on one of your rings or boots if you choose this chest

Budget Option
Just get a rare chest with life and res
Stat Priority:
- Life
- Frenzy charge on hit (huge DPS boost)
- Additional crit chance
- Resistances


Crown of the Inward Eye
Best helmet for this build in terms of life and DPS

Get "Shattering Steel fires an additional Projectile" enchant

Alternative option (not recommended):
Rat's Nest (less life, less DPS, more movement speed)
Starkonja's Head


Rare rings with life, life gained on hit and res
Stat Priority:
- Life gained on hit (mandatory, at least 15)
- Life
- Resistances
- Curse on hit
- Crit multi
- Phys to attacks

(- Aspect of the cat if you use farrul's fur)

Tips: Try to get a life gained on hit + curse on hit ring with open suffix and craft aspect of the cat yourself

Budget option

Thief's Torment
This ring is pretty nice, some res, 60 life gained on hit is a huge survivability boost, but it has no life.


Aul's uprising (purity of elements version)
- Allows us to run purity of elements for free (we need it)
- Life
- Stats
- Some crit chance

Allocates Assassination


Best option for DPS
Plus some res

Allocates Master of Force

Budget option
If you can't get curse on hit on your rings:


Rare boots with life and res
Stat Priority:
- Life
- Resistances
- Movement speed
- Tailwind on crit (Huge DPS boost)


Might of the meek (gives life and armor)
Place it bellow Marauder start

Expensive Upgrade

Watcher's Eye with crit multi while Precision

Unnatural Instinct
Gives about 10% more DPS and some life and res, not mandatory, you can replace it with intuive leap.


Dying Sun
Diamond flask (with increased duration and immune curse or bleeding)
Silver flask (with increased duration and attack speed)
Rumi's concoction
Life flask (divine instant/Catalysed eternal/blood of Karui, your choice) I personnaly prefer divine instant for mapping and blood of Karui for bossing

Expensive Upgrade
Bottled faith (replace life flask)


Undeniable >> Unstoppable >> Unflinching >> Unbreakable

Why not Slayer ?
We only have 4500hp while playing juggernaut, with the duelist path, it's harder to get that much life. Juggernaut also provides much more tanking, which was the objective of this build (Juggernaut=massive physical damage reduction, immune to freeze and stun, free endurance charge generation)

You can still play Slayer but it would result in (roughly):
15% less survivability
15% more damage

If you saw the videos, we don't really need more damage...


Kill All, we need points.
If you have trouble maxing your resitances, help Alira.


Major God
Soul of Lunaris (For clearing)
(Switch to Soul of Solaris for Shaper/Elder/Guardians/Conquerors/Sirus)
Minor god
Soul of Shakari (Immune poison)

Gem setup

Shattering Steel - Impale - GMP - Brutality - Maim - Vicious Projectiles
(Get awakened gems if you can afford them)

Pride - Herald of Purity - Precision - Enlighten
(Keep Precision low level if you have mana problems)

Cast when Damage Taken lvl1 - Molten Shell lvl10 - Withering Step lvl8 - Increased Duration

Cast when Damage Taken lvl7 - Immortal Call lvl9 - Summon Ice Golem lvl9 - Increased Duration
(Summon Chaos golem is a nice tanking boost if you have enough Intelligence)

Leap Slam - Fortify - Faster Attacks

Purity of Elements - Portal - Empower
(Just get Empower if you can afford it for +1 all res, didn't know what else to put)


I would not recommand this build as a league starter since it requires a few cluster jewels in order to work.

I leveled it following the final tree and gem setups. Just get regular leveling gear, shattering steel comes at lvl 12 and is very good for leveling.

Huge Help

Get a Thief's Torment as soon as you reach lvl 30 with max life/mana gained on hit. This ring is amazing with shattering steel and will carry you through early content/maps by getting rid of life and mana problems.

Strength of Blood
I used Strength of Blood when I reached about 60% maximum life leech ~ lvl 70


No Bottled Faith - lvl 88

Maze of Minotaur + Delirium

Hope you enjoyed this guide.
Open to suggestions/questions.

Forgive my non-perfect English.
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Looks good am trying it out now!
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