[3.10] ArchMage Stormbrand Elementalist

There are many Archmage Stormbrand Inquisitors but I haven't seen any Elementalist versions.

Posting this to hear feedback and insight on improving the build. Appreciate your time, Thanks.

2.7mil Shaper DPS.
4k Life
1.5-2k ES
5k Mana

POB: https://pastebin.com/1yMASq6F

Passive tree:

Current Gear

Mainly use the wand, but trying to have some fun with auto triggering Wave of Conviction with the septre
Cast Speed > Mana > Spell/lightning damage

Cast Speed > Life/mana > Spell Damage > resist > Str/dex

Usually use the Stygain Vise, but trying out the Soul Tether.
Life/mana > resist > str/dex

Cast speed > Life/mana > Resist > str/dex

Movement speed > Life/mana > Resist > str/dex

Use amulet/rings depending on which belt I use to get enough strength, dexterity and resistance.
Curse on hit (Conductivity/elemental weakness) > Life/mana > Resist > str/dex

Lavianga's - allows casting all 6-7 brands at once w/o mana issues


Main attack
Storm Brand > Archmage > Energy Leech > Concentrate Effect > Controlled Destruction > Lightning Pen

Options for secondary attack
Orb of Storm > Archmage > Energy Leech > Arcane Surge
Wave of Conviction > Archmage > Physical to Lightning > Arcane Surge

Cast when damage taken > Arcane Cloak > Tempest Shield

Golems for defense
Meat Shield > Chaos Golem > Stone Golem > Lightning golem

Movement & Brand recall
Brand recall > Flame Dash > Empower > Second Wind

Secondary movement options or drop them for open gem slots. Probably for another Cast when damage set up
Phase Run > Arcane Surge > Second Wind
Shield Charge > Fortify > Faster Attack

On rings
Wrath (on Essense Worm)

Clarity for more mana regen

Jewels & Anoint

3x Fevered Minds
Intuitive Leap to get charge generations with Overcharge or skip it for another Fevered Mind

Cluster Nodes - because this is the league to easily get them
Grand Design - more brand, more damage, more duration, more range
Seeker Ruins - more damage, more range
Holy Conquest - most damage, movement speed
Remarkable - more brand, more damage, faster casting
Brand Loyalty? - Not sure how useful this is with only 2x brand attached at any given time and 5% increase per attached. Is 10% more attached damage better than 20% non-attached damage from Holy Conquest?

Disorienting Display - Blind enemies, more damage
Scintillating Idea - More mana, lightning pen
Cold Conduction - Chill and Shock
Inspired Oppression - more damage, mana regen
Overshock - Better shock, more damage
Snowstorm - 10% lightning damage gained as cold damage (for chilling)

Fettle - more life
Mindfulness - more mana

Mind Drinker

Ascendancy, Bandits, Panthenon

Liege of Primordial
Paragon of Calamity
Shaper of Desolation or Pendulum or Destruction - which would be better? Do I need that 5% to freeze/shock leading to Shaper of Desolution or is Cold Conduction cluster node enough to shock and chill?

Kill all

Major: Lunaris or Brine King
Lunaris for physical reduction, Delirium and movement speed
Brine King for stun immune but I have enough on my gear.

Minor: Shakari or Gruthkal
Poison immune or more physical reduction

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