Three weeks ago we revealed photos of our temporary workplaces. Since this news post was so warmly received by our community, we felt our current work situation could be a nice opportunity for you to get to know our team a little bit more. Recently we asked our developers to share pictures of their pets! Check them out below.

Alex D. - Programmer

Here's my brothers' retired champion greyhound who I live with.

Ben - UI Programmer

These are our Australorp Chickens! From top left is Turkey, Moo and Floss.

Jowie - Senior Concept Artist

This is Bikkie. Cam and I actually found her stray outside GGG!

Dominic - Audio Engineer

Here's our flat pet, Bonzai! He is a Siberian Husky and his Instagram is @Bonzai_The_Husky.

Samantha - Executive Assistant

Foreground: Cerberus, Background: Gizmo.

Zak - Junior Visual Effects Artist

His name is Chilli.

Fabian - Environment Artist

I have too many animals, so I've placed them into a couple of collages. Their names in order are from top left to bottom right: Boofy, Blue, Cas, Cuddle Guy, Splay, Smitty, Potato, Parry & His minion.

Paul - Web Developer

Name: Walter. Breed: Senegal Parrot

Patrick - Customer Support

Here are a few photos of my cat Harry (Harriet). She was my grandmother's cat and we adopted her after she passed.

Melissa - QA

Name: Snowey. Breed: Schnauzer mix.

Tim - QA

This is Ivy and Esmay, two of the cats who bother me all day. I'm not sure on the exact breed, I just know they're some type of siamese.

Kane - Senior Audio Engineer

Our cat is quite a character. His name is Malchik which means ‘boy’ in Russian, as my wife is Russian and I liked the sound of it. He loves to invade our bed and sleep in ridiculous poses. Since lockdown he has been following us around all day, confused why the heck we are home 24/7.

Kieren - Producer

This is Muffin, she's a 10 year old Birman.

Rieko - Web Developer

Name: Tiger. Breed: Selkirk Rex

Sean - Programmer

Here's Kitty (yeah we somehow ended calling our cat Kitty).

Kamil - Composer

Misiu - our cat, probably half British, half "regular". He just came to us one day (3 years ago or so) and decided to stay.

Rachel - QA

Mister: Came-out-from-under-the-house-and-stayed-forever (short haired). Monster: Destroyer-of-curtains-and-furniture (long haired). Luna: Japanese Spitz.

Mandeep - Animator

Meet our cat Noodle! She has only been with us for a year or something.

Sam - Customer Support

Here is my Pug x Tibetan Spaniel - Pumba.

Sarah - Customer Support

Bex - Community Director

This is Thunder. We named her as such because she has a really loud purr. She only answers to Cat or Pusspuss. She's half Ocicat and half regular cat. She's the worst. Her mum's name is Gary.

Skyler - Programmer

Michael - Programmer

Name: Yuki. Breed: Ragdoll x Russian Blue

Nick - Game Designer

This is Fizz. He's legally old enough to drink, and can sense a warm lap from up to 500m away.

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This is the content I need to see during Quarantine!
Finally! Now we know which cat to talk to about getting faster servers!
Top PoE update of 2020 so far..
Aww this is the sweetest.
nice! ty
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Omg, cute pets overload
Okay Bex, show us the ducks. >:C

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