[3.10] GDK's Herald of Purity and Dominating Blow Juggernaut | 60M Chaos DPS

Hello everyone. I'm GDK.

When I approach a game, I enjoy to find the developer's intentions.

If the Awakener's Orb which was added to the last 3.9 League, gave us the freedom to cross the ascendancy,

In the 3.10 league, we can upgrade skills directly with cluster jewels, so we can play the existing skills and builds with a completely new feel.

The build I'm going to introduce you to is a Juggernaut summoner with Herald of Purity and Dominating Blow that deals massive Chaos damage.


Pros and Cons


Up to 60M choas damage (conditional, 8 HoP are summoned)
All contents viable

Not a good 100% delirious map runner because the DPS is weak until the HoP are summoned.

Why is Juggernaut?


I had played the LL HoP/DB Guardian (13 auras) for a long time.
It is the only character I've ever reached level 98, so strong.

But from a certain point in time, I felt too squishy when I came close to monsters to use Dominating Blow.

Therefore, in this league, I chose Juggernaut that would not be killed by physical attacks.
And got tons of minion DPS from cluster jewels and Timeless jewel.

Since the Juggernaut cannot be frozen, we can use several unique flasks.

High Armour can exceed us the maximum physical damage reduction(90%), and large life buffs can be obtained from the vaal Molten Shell.

After reading this guide, you will be able to play as a Necromancer or a Guardian with a similar concept

Both ascendancies could have higher DPS than Juggernaut, but may not solid as it is.

Main concept


Lone messenger is a small unique cluster jewel that enhance one herald.
However, as a side effect, only one herald can be used, and any aura skill would be disabled.

Typically, single aura gives 30~40% more DPS, thus, 25% more damage not high enough compared to the side effects of disabling aura.
If you're playing the physical HoP builds, using 'Pride' and ‘Impale’ could have higher DPS with much less budget rather than using 'Lone messenger'.

But if HoP deals converted Chaos damage, it's a whole different story.

Since the major Chaos DPS aura 'Malevolence' only increases damage over time, it can only be used in the DoT skills builds like Essence drain or Bane.

So, I think the 25% more damage given by the ‘Lone Messenger’ was intended to be used in builds that use converted Chaos damage as free aura rather than Phys.

Witchfire Brew Flask give us non-mana reserved free level 21 Despair aura that can be used while affecting by Lone messenger.

Single Aspect also can be used. (Spider or Avian)

To gain additional Chaos damage, we use Spirit offering (30% Phy gain as extra Chaos) and minion Unholy might (30% Phy gain as extra Chaos) in the passive tree allocation.
In sum, we can have 60% more damage conditionally. (30% on minion kill)

Because we use Cyclone – CWC – Desecrate – Sprit offering, we consume corpse every second.
So another unique cluster jewel ‘Disciple of Kitava’ can be used which recover 5% life and mana every second.



Use cyclone to absorb corpse, and then move to monster pack by walking and deal Dominating Blow.

Use movement skill only for escaping. We need to be stay close with our minions especially Animated Guardian.

If you set ‘Convocation’ on your left mouse click button instead of Moving, you can always convocate minions when you approach to the monster pack to use Dominating Blow.

Set the Molten Shell in 4th mouse button and Cyclone right click.
Allocating two skills in mouse make you much easier to play.




Bugdet version

https://pastebin.com/w9E6FYiU (Phy Base)
https://pastebin.com/h6UdKe0h (Chaos Converted)

You many need POB fork version to see it properly


Skill Gems


Withering touch and Feeding Frenzy are not the main DPS support gems, but need to be set your sub minion setting. They both boost all minion’s Chaos DPS immensely.
Zombies are the best minions to have both, and I choose Hung Loop unique ring setup.

Do not use Brutality support.

Main Skills

Herald of Purity – Awakened Melee Physical Damage – Multistrike – Empwer (lv4) -
Minion DamageDamage on Full life

Cyclone – Cast while Channeling – Desecrate – Spirit Offering

Raise Spectre – Animated Guardian – Meat Shield – Blood Magic

Vaal Molten Shell


Flame Dash

Optional minions

Withering touch and Feeding Frenzy need to be set at least one minion setting
Equip the rest of the support gems as slots allow.

Do not use Brutality support

Summon holy Relic – Empower(lv4) - Controlled Destruction – Minion Damage

Raise Zombie – Multistrike – Minion Life - Empower (lv4)

Dominating Blow – Melee Splash – Multistrike – Melee Physical damage



Elegant Hubris Timeless Jewel

Put it in the 9 o'clock position.
Need to get 80~240% minion damage. Be careful not to spend too many passives on this.
Buy one Elegant Hubris and Divine it until you get something useful.

Thread of Hope (Medium Ring)

Put it in the 12 o'clock position.
Can allocate three passives include minion Onslaught form Ravenous Horde and life

We need to have least 60% reduced mana reservation to use Aspect of Spider.
Helmet Enchant + Circle of Guilt are ideal.
If it’s hard, equip two Circle of Guilt and drop one Sub minion.
One Circle of guilt + The Coming Calamity chest are viable, but force to equip Lioneye's Remorse because of lack of life

Animated Guardian


There are no budget option for AG setting. It is as important as Character’s gear.
Make sure you have level 21 AG Gem and Meat Shield support.
Use Convocation frequently.

Crown of the Tyrant with white socket
Garb of the Ephemeral
Southbound with lever 12 Despair (Corrupted implicit option)
Victario’s flight

Kingmaker let character can hit culling strike by Cyclone which is necessary to summon HoP

Crown of the Tyrant need have white socket. Vorici it



We can have 3 Spectre who give us useful buff effects.
My choice is two Carnage Chieftain and one Arena Master

Carnage Chieftain - Frenzy Charge can be found at ACT 7 The Ashen Fields.
Arena Master - 40% attack/cast/movement speed can be found at Drox Map.

Delirium Cluster Jewels



Renewal – Call to the Slaughter – Feasting Fiends
Voice (optional)


Pure Agony - Cult leader
Pure Agony - Disciples

One Disciples is enough. Get Pure Agony - Cult leader rest of medium cluster jewel
Pure Agony let us to summon 1 additional HoP.

Mender's Wellspring - Peak Vigour

Mender’s Wellspring remove bleeding on life flaks use.
It is very useful utility.


Prismatic Carapace

Prismatic Carapace let us to have +1 Maximum elemental resistance
90% of my death was monster's lightning and chaos spell skills.
Increasing maximum resistances is very useful.

Pantheon, Anoint and Mics.




Arakaali / Lunaris

I use Arakaali mainly, sometimes swap to Lunaris (additional projectile map mode)


Abareth / Yugul

They both reduce elemental damage taken.

Amulet Anoint

Grave intentions

Change logs


Added bugdet version POB
POB changed

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can you post a poe planner, thx
Good day, here is final passive tree with 2 cluster jewel.
But you may need to see it by using POB (forked version)


Leveling Passives




ACT 4 ~ 10
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