[3.10] Hobo with shotgun - Shrapnel Ballista impale - 16m DPS | All content

Hello. I want to share my actual build. It isn't new or something, you definitly can find few similar builds.
I made all content with this build and really enjoed it. Very nice dps and clear speed.


- High DPS. In vacuum 16 mil DPS.
- Decent clear speed.
- All map mods and bosses. Phys reflect and no regen isnt comfortable but still doable.
- No core unique itmes.
- Budget version ~3ex.
- Totem playstyle

- Poor sustain. No life and mana leech. With right items you will drop mana flask.
- Not good tank. I have 5600 hp ~70% phys reduction and cap resists but this isn't enough.
- Totem playstyle

Some explanation

So. Fun begins when you read shrapnel ballista tooltip:

Summons a ballista totem that fires multiple arrows with extreme force, breaking them apart into shrapnel. Enemies can be hit by multiple arrows from the same attack.

Usualy when you have more than 1 projectile from single attack, you can only hit target once. Even if other projectile visualy "hits" a target only 1 projectile will do damage and effects.
But shrapnel ballista actualy can hits 1 target with multiple projectiles.

This allow impale to be VERY deadly in this build. With each hit your small turrets will melt bosses into crying pool.
I have 6 ballistas, each fires up to 11 arrows, each deal ~240k dps. 6 * 11 * 240k = ~16 mil dps.
On practice it's hard to achive. Because boss model could be small (Sirus isnt very big) and some of arrows wont hit same target.
But still dps will be very nice.


Dont forget to apply cluster jewels skill points and make sure that your PoB is community branch because of impale dps.

My current items and tree - https://pastebin.com/avh330UG

More tanky variant - https://pastebin.com/hKdMaKXt


My current items:

Arborix is very good and pretty cheap (~2 ex). You will have Point Blank for sure.

You can use good rare armor or kaom for more hp. But this will give you a pretty nice utility (cat stealth) and free power charges. If you use Farrul's Fur dont forget to get Aspect of the Cat on belt or rings.

Old good friend. But again - you can change it for good rare.

Dont look on Skirmish corruption it should be +1 arrow ofc.
Drillneck better. 50% increase damage if projectile pierce target. Very good.
But you can use Skrimish for +1 totem (and skirmish very cheap)

Main thing you want is mana cost reduction. You can drop your ballista cost to 1 (ONE) mana. After that throw away mana flask.
Shaman's Dominion on amulet is also nice.

Just some good rares. Or you can use Emperor's Grasp as well. I dont like this variant because i use Assassin's Mark curse.

If you can afford watcher's eye with double Pride and Precision (double damage + impale additional hits) then potential dps will be 27mil. But its around 170ex...

Gems and links

Shrapnel ballista:
Shrapnel Ballista -> (Awakened) Vicious Projectile Support -> Impale -> Pierce Support -> (Awakened) Brutality Support -> Maim Support

Frenzy/Ensnaring Arrow:
Frenzy/Ensnaring Arrow -> Mirrage Archer -> Pierce Support -> Curse On Hit Support -> Assassin's Mark -> Increased Critical Strikes Support

I use Frenzy because of attack speed and movement speed, Ensnaring Arrow will increase clear speed if your ballistas do not oneshot mobs for some reason (T16 x5 Delirim orbs i am looking at you)
You also can use Projectile Weakness. In terms of dps its all the same.

Pride -> Dread Banner -> Precision -> Enlighten
Crits and raw damage - thats what you want. Dread Banner here for 100% impale chance.

Dash -> Second Wind Support -> Vaal Molten Shell -> Enhance Support

Immortal Call -> Cast When Damage Taken Support -> Increased Duration Support -> Summon Ice Golem

I like Molten Shell as manual use and Dashfor movement. But use what you want.

If you want Adrenalin as much as possible you can use second set of weapon with Blood Magic and any aura (just be sure you can cast it). Press X -> press aura -> Press X again. Congratz! You on low life with 20 second Adrenalin.


Sirus (6). I killed Sirus (8) today but no video :( After few days i will try again, with video

Uber Elder (2 shame death)


T16 Overgrowen Shrine

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