[3.10] Vaal Double Strike Berserker

Hello Exiles, welcome to this guide!

-::- Introduction -::-

I realize it's late in the league, but it's taken me a lot of work to put this guy together.

I've completed all end-game bosses/content at awaken 8 with this character, including:

  • Sirus
  • Shaper
  • Uber Elder
  • Simulacrum 20
  • Kosis & Omniphobia
  • Hall of Grandmasters

This is not a cheap build! I've put a lot of EX into it, but it's cheap to get started.

-::- Kosis DPS -::-

-::- Delirium Vaal Temple DPS -::-

-::- Enfeebled Hydra DPS -::-

-::- Current Top 10 Vaal DS DPS on poe.ninja -::-

-::- Full Videos -::-

Youtube: Simulacrum - Wave 12-20 (Omniphobia & Kosis)

-::- Gear & Skills -::-

* Swap Frenzy > Faster Attacks for faster movement
** Swap Mark of the Elder > Rare Ring for Elemental Weakness maps
*** Swap Ruthless/Maim > Awakened Ancestral Call/Melee Splash for mapping

-::- Current Gear Cost -::-


Chest: Dropped as is and linked myself. Slammed life 1ex
Helmet: 9ex
Gloves: 1ex
Boots: 20ex
Claws: 16ex & 9ex
Flasks: 15c to 26ex
Rings: 3ex & 10ex
Amulet: 15c + 60/100c oils
Belt: 7ex
Jewels: 15c to 1ex

-::- Cheap Starting Gear -::-

-::- Community PoB Stats -::-

** Single Target Max Potential DPS stats

--::- Community PoB Export -::-


--::- About The Build -::-

You'll notice we're taking advantage of Impale, Critical Strike Chance/Multiplier, Mark of the Elder + Shaper Ring with Assassin's Mark on hit, stacking ailments for the DPS boost from Yoke of Suffering, 30% chance to deal double damage from Abyssus enchant + War Bringer and also Tailwind on boots.

Additionally we're getting Power Charges from Assassin's Mark, Frenzy Charges from Blood Rage/Frenzy and Endurance Charges from Enduring Cry. We're also stealing all Charge types through Claws of the Magpie.

The damage is mostly physical, but we have enough cold and fire to apply Chill and Ignite. Yoke also lets elemental damage apply Shock, so although the Shock DPS is pretty much none, applying the effect is all that matters.

We're also running 2 curses even though we don't have +1 curse. This is due to the nature of how Punishment works. Because it's a buff you get from cursed mobs that hit you, it will quite often overwrite Assassin's Mark from the Shaper ring, letting Punished mobs grant the buff. I've tested this quite a bit and it works very well!

As if that weren't enough, both Herald Minions and Totems have Culling Strike. And when you pop Berserk + Blood Stance + Ancestral Protector + Dread Banner + Vaal Warchief + Vaal Haste + Flasks + Vaal DS, everything around you will melt! Keep in mind the Vaal DS Minions snapshot you, so make sure you pop them last, so they benefit from all the other DPS cooldowns.

Needless to say, DPS is more that enough! The GIFs above are when I had much less DPS and I was running Awakened Ancestral Call/Melee Splash. Also, as you can see, I didn't have Bottled Faith at the time.

Clear speed is very decent with Awakened Ancestral Call + Awakened Melee Splash. You're so fast zipping around and one-shotting whole packs, that there's no need to run a different skill for fast mapping. You also don't need to swap into Maim/Ruthless for every boss, you can do everything with AC/Splash, I just swap into them when I want to absolutely destroy some tanky boss such as Sirus. If the boss fight has some adds, like Uber Elder, I usually just swap Awakened Melee Splash > Ruthless, leaving Awakened Ancestral Call in place to deal with the additional mobs.

For QoL movement we're using Leap Slam on Brightbeak on weapon swap, plus a Lioneye's Remorse, should you feel the need to become tankier at a moment's notice.

You can also see that I am not running a life flask currently, as I have instant Warcry healing and the regen from Bottled Faith Consecrated Ground. You'll get one-shot here and there as you're a Zerker with Abyssus, which means you're taking 50% more Physical damage, but that's the proper way to play Zerker ;)

To mitigate the incoming damage I run Sand Stance pretty much all the time for 100% Blind, coupled with both Acrobatics, Immortal Call, the bit of Armor that Lion's Roar gives, the life regained from Ryslatha's/Cinderswallow/Imperial Claws/Assassin's Mark, Freeze immunity on our Diamond Flask and the added safety of the Smoke Cloud from Sin's Rebirth.

We run with Lunaris + Shakari Pantheon for Poison immunity, a bit of movement speed, a bit of Chaos damage reduction, a bit of Physical damage reduction to offset Abyssus, a bit of dodge and a bit of safety against Delirium projectile mobs.

Everything dies in a single shot, so the idea is to move fast/kill fast. I've also added a Corrupted Blood immunity jewel, but don't have any Bleed immunity, so be careful with that and let the Warcry healing keep you alive.

Also, you don't need this much DPS, if you wanna make yourself tankier, drop some DPS and get more life. There are tons of free life nodes to grab.

Finally, you'll notice we're using a single Cluster Jewel. I feel the things are a crutch, you can make any build good stacking them and I wanted to show that you don't need them to make a killer build. I'm using a single Megalomaniac because I feel it's neglected and if you take the time to look for the right mods, it can be amazing. The one I am using cost me 15c.

Well... That's it for now, I'll update this post as I think of further details to add.

Best of luck if you give this a try!

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Just bought the Megalomaniac, gonna give this build a try, looks awesome! Good job!
Dutedute wrote:
Just bought the Megalomaniac, gonna give this build a try, looks awesome! Good job!

Appreciate the kind words!

Feel free to hit me up in game if you run into any problems, but preferably, post your questions here, so others can benefit from the answer.

will try this build in next league. Thanks for a guide!

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