[3.10] Kinetic bolt CI Ascendant, block, int stacking

Build concept

Kinetic bolt is a new cool looking skill, I wanted to create a build that could use it while being reasonably tanky and dealing damage. With current gear it has 75/75 block with flasks up and glancing blow, and deals 2M POB shaper DPS. With no buffs DPS is around 1M. The skill is super satisfiying to play (with an explodey chestpiece) and clear is good.
Awakener 8 done quite easily (block is OP for this fight). Simulacrum wave 20 done, not easily (DPS is a little lacking for this content).

The core concept revolves around stacking int to get DPS with a wand with the mod "Adds 1 to 6 Lightning Damage to Attacks with this Weapon per 10 Intelligence" and also ES, % ES for ES and damage with the notable "tranquility" annointed (gives transfiguration of soul = spell damage for %ES that also applies to our attack with kinetic bolt). Defenses revolves around capping block and a shield with the mod "Recover 5% of Energy Shield when you Block" for very good mitigation if there is a lot of small hits like in a delirium encounter swarming with mobs.

DISCLAMER : not a starter build. The gear is partly self crafted but the current budget should be around 20-40 exalts.

Pros and cons

- Tanky for softcore purposes, block capped with glancing blows, stun immune, chill immune, shock immune, ignite immune, lots of recovery with leech and no life pot dependancy
- Good all purposes build
- New skill that looks cool
- Lots of min-maxing to do, continued investment is rewarding
- Ethical "not a harold stacking build" (will -probably- not be destroyed by nerfs next league)

- Not a starter
- Not invincible
- Needs quite a bit of investments for the DPS to feel good but it can get there
- Will probalby struggle to do the hardest content in the game (max delirium T16 maps, deep delve bosses...)
- Need to be careful while gearing, resistances can be hard to cap if you want to maximise DPS.
- Can't run reflect maps




I try to record a phoenix map, sorry for the low quality of the video but it should show how the build looks


Ascendancy, bandits, patheons

-Ascendant is good for skill points and general versatility, but the build could probably work with other ascendancies. JUGG is excellent for stun immunity and endurances charges. For the other one, Raider is faster if you have a reliable way of generating frenzies, but pathfinder can be better for bossing for flasks uptime.

- Alira

- Solaris or Lunaris, probably Ralakesh (not bleed immune - not a lot of room for a bleed flask even if we can get corrupted blood immunity on a jewel). But can be changed conditionaly (burning ground can be bad for the build)



Kinetic bolt - Barrage support - (Awakened) elemental damge with attacks - (Awakened) Lightning pen - Damage on full life - (Awakened) added lightning damage.
Depending on the state of gearing it can be better to use increased crit / increased crit damage gems

Cast when damage taken - steelskin

Wrath, herald of thunder, precision

Arctic breath
and/ or vortex (can be used on left click as this is an instant skill) and/ or (vaal) cold snap for chilled ground generation to use the buff from the algor mortis gloves.

Dash - second wind

Core things for the build

- Lethal pride jewel for glancing blows keystone
- Wand with damage per int mod
- Tranquility annoint on the amulet
- For frenzys charges generation : mod on chestpiece if you are lucky / rich, or frenzy setup, or (vaal) cold snap on cwdt setup (also good for chilled ground generation)
- For power charges : power charge on block on small cluster jewels nodes (mage hunter or powerful ward)
- For energy shield leech : storm drinker node on clusters jewels
- For mana leech : fuel the fight or daring ideas on cluster jewels, or mind drinker on the tree.
- For chilled ground generation : of spite enchant on gloves. Arctic breath or cold snap or vortex

Gear and gear choices explanations


A wand with the mod "Adds 1 to 6 Lightning Damage to Attacks with this Weapon per 10 Intelligence", then good crit and attack speed. For more DPS, crit multi, flat lightning to attacks, %increased spell damage.


ES recovery on block. High ES. Int.


Self crafted by conqueror slaming on a ilvl>85 base with the enchant and metalic fossils spamming. It is also possible to get spell block on the helm (also a conqueror mod)

Body armour

Explode mod is very good but not necessary. Frenzy generation is quality of life especially with the raider ascendancy.


Algor mortis are best in slot if you can get the ennemies on chilled ground. You can use a spell (arctic breath, cold snap, vortex which is instant cast), and/or the enchant "of spite" on the gloves that generate chilled ground on hit with a 4s cooldown. (the uber lab enchant is not necessary, normal lab is enough)



Amulet is a huge dps slot (damage per 15 int, crit, crit multi, int). Spell block is nice here to get to the cap.


One ring with assasin's mark or conductivity on hit. Resistances, int, ES.


BIS. Get a useful corruption implicit, intrisic catalyst quality.


Rumi's to get to block cap. Dying sun is huge for DPS with barrage support.


Lethal pride "kiloava" is core to get the block.

For the cluster jewels, it is essential to get a "storm drinker" notable for ES leech, a jewel with a mod that allows power charges generation on bloc and spell block (mage hunter or powerful ward), a way to leech mana, here on the megalomaniac : fuel the fight (daring ideas is fine) - it allows to respec out of the node mind drinker on the tree.


Leveling is quite a struggle, you can get twink gear and lvl as spellcaster and then respec.

Suggestions for improvements and questions are welcome!
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No video? :(
I put a video up ! Sorry for the quality, I'm not quite a professional yet
Arryy wrote:
I put a video up ! Sorry for the quality, I'm not quite a professional yet

thanks for the video, did you consider Power Siphon + Barrage for single target boss fights? It seems that your current setup struggles a bit vs Phoenix boss
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