Stormbind Self-Cast 100% less Clunk

STORMBIND self-cast without the Clunk

Why Create this Guide?

After hours of experimentation with Stormbind I surmise there are 3 builds possible. One using totems, a second using self-cast (Clunky with no Lightning Warp), and the third option that incorporates Lightning Warp and Cast While Channeling. This guide focuses on the third option.

This third option is really how I believe Stormbind is meant to be played.

First of all some info on Stormbind:

Stormbind gives two skills. Stormbind itself and a skill called Stormbind(Rune Blast). Stormbind(Rune Blast) is a skill accessed with the same gem. They work similar to a Mine skill and "Detonate Mines". Something unique about this gem vs. mines is that it may be beneficial to use a separate gem setup for each skill even though you don't necessarily need to.

Stormbind is the damage skill and that means support gems should be damage oriented. Once you realize this you really want to stack all damage supports, but this is a trap and causes a clunky build. Without having Cast While Channeling attached with Lightning Warp you will have to Channel both Stormbind and then Channel Stormbind(Rune Blast). This takes an exceptional amount of time in POE and sitting still usually means death.

This is where having 2 gem setups can come in handy. Stacking Stormbind with damage modifiers and Stacking Stormbind(Runeblast) with Cast While Channeling skills, faster casting, or a separate elemental spell that that could help with Elemental Equilibrium can work with this gem. Cold Snap for frenzy charge and chill effect along with proc'ing Elemental Equilibirum is a nice choice. There are probably a few viable options.

Stormbind(Rune Blast) supported by added lightning or any damage buff support will do no good. Archmage works with Stormbind(although I don't recommend its use) and does nothing for Stormbind(Runeblast).

Stormbind(Rune Blast) is a Mana based skill. Stormbind (Rune Blast) channels to improve the runes that you placed with Stormbind. It requires a set amount of mana spent to improve the runes (24 mana at level 20 gem). This means the ideal cost of Stormbind(Rune Blast) is 72 mana.

Usually you will want a 3x3 grid of squares and on tougher mobs you can upgrade all 9 quickly if you have the right mana cost(Unique Gloves and helm) Each rune placed can then overlap along with the 400% damage for fully upgrading. This causes substantial damage.


-Fast Clear Speed
-Viable Use of Lightning Warp
-Very Tanky with Good Mana Management


-Prone to nasty ground traps(Lightning Warp can put you into bad spots).
-Requires a few Uniques.
-Bossing can be tricky.
-Like flicker loot is left in the dust.

Build Explanation:

Stormbind places square runes on the ground and also gives a skill called Runeblast that works similar to Detonate mines. Stormbind is an unusual skill and new for 3.10. I have found the best way to use this skill is by linking the Stormbind with Lightning Warp using Cast while Channeling. This allows you to move fast through a map and then using Runeblast to detonate the squares that you have placed. This works really well for the current league mechanic because the mobs chase you and you can place Lightning Warp onto the randomly located pods throughout the map.

Path of Building(Current Build):

Tree Explained:

Why Arcane Surge and Arcane Capacitor?
A max level Arcane Surge stacked with Arcane Capacitor makes the build much smoother since it requires so much mana.

Full Build Pending

Videos(Work in Progress):


Body 6 Link: Stormbind > Cast While Channeling > Lightning Warp > Elemental Focus > Arcane Surge(max lvl) > (Controlled Destruction or Lightning Penetration)

Weapon 6 Link: Stormbind(Runeblast) > Cast While Channeling > Cold Snap > Wave of Conviction > Arcane Surge > (Conductivity or Faster Casting)

Boots(Movement): Flame Dash > Faster Casting> Second Wind

Boots 4th Socket: Vaal Discipline

Gloves(CWDT setup): Cast When Damage Taken > Immortal Call > Enfeeble

Gloves 4th Socket: Arcane Cloak (Self Cast)

Helmet(CWDT Blind): CWDT > Storm Brand > Orb of Storms > Blind

Ring Socket(Essence Worm Unique Ring): Wrath


Alira: Mana Regeneration is essential


Major: Soul of Lunaris

Minor: Soul of Tukohama (Possible Full time Stationary when Lightning Warping Through map)

General Gear Guide:

Helmet: Unique Indigon Hubris Circlet (Synergism with Manacost)
Gloves: Doedre's Malevolence Velvet Gloves (Need the added manacost to stack Runebind)
Amulet: Atzir's Foible Paua Amulet(Mana Regen needed)
Ring 1: Essence Worm (So you can use Aura with no mana reservation)

Rare Gear
Ring 2: Rare Ring | Cap Resistances> Life > Mana > Spell Damage
Belt: Rare Belt | Cap Resistances > Life > Mana
Body: Rare Energy Shield Body | Cap Resistance > Life
Boots: Rare Boots | Cap Resistances > Movement Speed [lightning Warp activation speed depends on movment speed]> Life
Weapon: Rare Staff | Lightning Spell Damage > 170

Best In Slot Gear Guide Pending Further Tests

Current Gear:


Mana Flows(Other Viable Options)


Arc then Divine Ire/Stormbind

Map Mods:

The following map mods create problems for the build:

Elemental Reflect
No Regeneration


The Wise Oak (unique Flask) Make sure you have Lightning Resist as highest uncapped resistance.

Jade Flask

3 Mana Flasks: 2 with "Flask effect is not removed at full mana" Spam these throughout maps.

Special Notes (F.A.Q.):

With Stormbind linked to Cast While Channeling and Lightning Warp you can move 3 screens or more then pop Runeblast and everything dies. On the occasional Rare mob you may need to channel Runeblast a second longer for full stacks.

The use of Lightning Penetration depends on how much you can pick up in the tree. I tried using Inquisitor and found that it was too squishy but that created the need for Lightning Penetration support gem. I think with more currency and better gear Inquisitor would be better.

Why Coldsnap and Wave of Conviction? Coldsnap popping before Runeblast means full time Frenzy Charge uptime. Wave of conviction adds some exposure to cut through mobs resistances which is helpful for bosses and some rares.

Arcane Cloak should be self cast prior to releasing Runeblast only when you have lots of mana still in the tank.

Cast Stormbind(Rune Blast) after you have warped past groups of mobs for increased safety.

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