[3.10] Cyclone of Nothing, Hollow Palm Slayer/Berserk into Champion/Raider

Real Final Edit: This guide is not up to current patch information and a lot of this has changed, however hollow palm was very enjoyable, and it probably still is in whatever future patch you come across this old theorycrafting build for the original hollow palm patch. Goodluck exile, some of this may still be useful, who knows.

My finished version of this build up to lvl 95. Clearing content I am enjoying (red tier 5 orb, full simulacrum).

If you want a normal PoB for Scion hollow palm as slayer/berserker using pure phys cyclone impale. This is reflect immune cyclone(slay), with huge damage potential(Berserk). Here is that PoB(community fork)

Without warcry jewel abuse Slay/Zerk:

My variation at its end as Champion/Raider. This is the final build for this guide(also listed below in detail):

Here is the bare bones PoB(community fork) 40 unspent passives I started with. 5k health 1 million PoB Sirus/Shaper dps.

It's just hollow palm, no flasks, no modifiers in PoB config. Slayer/Berserker

That's where this all started. I saw huge potential in this new jewel.

TL:DR My ramblings about hollow palm cyclone being able to crush late game 5 orb maps. It ended up being very interesting, a little OP though with warcry setup. You can just grab the PoB and skip reading all my bullshit(please). Any questions feel free to ask. Goodluck!

-This is my journey to that goal. Which I'm now at with the final version.

I don't play Path of Exile, I just like to think about playing Path of Exile.

It reads like an angry love note, enjoy.

Aimless rambling with no remorse:
Cyclone chosen only because I'm really lazy, and saw you could get cluster nodes with immune to curse and generate endurance charges passively, just cycloning around and also maintain perm fortify.

Here's my older build, just screwing around with war cry jewels being hilarious.
And making the passive tree ugly as possible.

I have tried running 2 Inspiring Jewels. build for that looked like:

This was the most fun build i've done in a long time btw, highly recommend it (or a headhunter of course) up to guardian tier mapping. Incredible map clear speeds, but only 5.5k health u get clapped some times by normal mobs.

Current though is 8-11M dps, 6k health. I get 1 shot, often enough that running 4+ delirium orbs on red tier maps is painful. No amount of leech (vaal pact) or life regen (warcries) built in the manner I'm currently doing...works.

I'm always at 90% physical damage reduction with that build since I take Iron Skin. That build variant also sucks at higher content unless you have an aurabot to map with.

Anyways, dps is not the main issue with hollow palm, at all.

I'm now looking at how some other builds are coming to grips with not being able to do the extreme delirium end game, the nightmares of 5 orb t15+ .

Don't care about bosses, I league started as vortex, so all bosses just die in a few seconds with her anyways. Just really hard full delirium maps, which may include the bosses like legion bosses or delirium or vaal or breach. Vortex is not so hott in these maps either. You clear them, but it takes quite a while since vortex is cDoT. Anyways.

How to build Scion with Hollow Palm using Cyclone into a build still hollow palm, but be able to do 5 orb delirium t15+.

I'm looking at changing from berserker/slayer. Idk what to though. Swapping Cyclone for something else as well, also not sure what though. Converting the phys to fire using chieftan instead of zerker, maybe champion instead of slayer. Idk. xoph's blood is stupid cheap this league like 10c, could maybe buy 40 put the cheap ass annoint on it and vaal them all. The "one-punch" build has decent crit/dmg but under 5k hp. Lots of dodge/block though.

Split personality jewel stacking I've looked at, and it does looks absolutely disgusting as Scion. Resistances are a bit rough with the gear I currently own.

As Scion we have a pretty good advantage since passive skills is something we are not lacking in. Obvious final build for nearly all skills will end up being 4 large cluster Scions.

So, has any other Scion players taken up hollow palm, or know of any hollow palm builds a Scion would excel at compared to normal ascendancy classes?

Crit version I'm currently trying is going to be champion/assassin. Looks interesting. We'll see. Looking for ways to maximize defensives beyond phys dmg reduction. Budget under 100ex.

Edit: I also may just suck.

Edit 2:
I'm very close to solving this build. I can now run 4+ orbs on t16s and kill guardians. I gave up on trying to make a crit build, its too much investment for such little gains that don't matter to this build. Here's the 'semi-finished' version I ended up going Champion/Raider. This free'd up a gem slot and flask slot, now you don't have to run double unset all the time. I only use double unset if I'm trying to kill a boss or delve.

7.4k life / 4 million dps on shaper/guardian setting in PoB. The chest I kind of like the 8% max life added to ES prefix craft, but the 4% attribute was just the lazy option and I don't have to think about it. So 15% dexterity 10% strength 120 life. Pretty neat. Cost me like 3 chaos, then I just used fated prophecy to 6Link for like 250c or something cheap. Worked out nicely.


Edit 3:
Yeah don't do that as a final build. You don't die in t15 4+ orb maps...but holy shit is it slow. The damage just sucks. So, I swapped back to using

Not sure where to go from here, 7k life negative 20million in game dps on nothing as you move too slowly to catch anything. This just didn't work at all. Tried a few different map setups. Pass.

Edit 4:
I dropped 2 life nodes to take up another dps slot, and swapped back to the

I slotted the build for 3 clusters with warcry gems in all of them, feeding into health nodes. This resulted in only around 5.3k health which is in 1 shot range. Finding the minimum health to be able to not instantly die in 5 orb full roll map/sextants i've done t11 and t13 with 5 orbs without dying so far. The clear speed is not really that bad.

So using 2 warcry gems, here is this: https://pastebin.com/vqjjgCLx

Then me trying to allocate for a 3 cluster setup: https://pastebin.com/YEbArp6u

Honestly all versions of this build benefit straight from the warcry medium cluster cry wolf. So you have to run rally and enduring. That's 2 gem slots. The dps on a build this style requires 2 unset rings, however your dps on paper goes from 5 million up to 8.5 million with just that extra Unset rings. So currently I'd consider double unset as build enabling. Without double unset, you can do any boss or map with few issues, except those really hard 5 orb'd red tiers fully stacked. You can add a medium channeling damage jewel with Immune to Curse while channeling, and generate 1 endurance charge while channeling 25% chance every few seconds or something. I like the on demand option again being lazy. Up to you though, I'd just add another cry wolf and call it a day.

Of course that being the goal...I'm very close to it. I think
switching between these rings is where you find that balance.

I also looked more into running assassin for a crit build:
This becomes nearly viable with the 3 cluster set up, coming in from either assassin or slayer/champ. The build enables from bottled faith of course, and was able to shove in a cinderswallow as well. This means dropping the brutality and taking conc effect / dmg on full health gems. You can pick up atziri's using this setup of course, but the life is the issue again. I find myself out of passives around 85ish leaving only 7 passives to allocate freely. I so far have found nothing of worth. If you have the correct warcry mediums you can do this with just 2 clusters, so 4 mediums, 3 dedicated to crit. 1 to rage. It's pretty meh.. 4 cluster at lvl 97ish becomes pretty solid though.

Unnatural instinct:
jewel also plays well into build since we are scion that is an option for all variants of hollow palm, we have access to center wheel, so you can move it around as you like, some obviously better than others, mid-right jewel slot gives 10% life and about 8% total dps increase. However that is a trade-off of 3 passives. It's like...worth but also not. I was unable to find a good balance in this build for it.

I now remain back at doing Champion & Raider. 1 unset ring for anything below tier 10 5 orb corrupt / 4 sextant full roll maps. Anything above this map level at full orbs/sextants I suggest strongly to get 2 unset rings, unless you want to be brave without a movement ability which is always a shitshow. Swapping weapons remains very useful if you can get rampage started, but I find that just swapping the belt out for bisco's at start of clear then keeping rampage has been pretty OK. Also red tier maps 5 orbs without rampage of course. Obviously getting rampage with Dancing Duo is super optimal but I don't expect myself to do that as i'm super lazy, and get distracted picking up loot, letting rampage fall off.

molten shell > steelskin:
At higher tier maps. molten only works because we have a granite flask (lion's roar) and a flask with a 90% armour increase during flask. With both flasks up you then pop molten shell.

This is all entirely different if you choose to not run a cwdt linked to molten shell/steelskin.

As it would require you to do so manually. I found that just holding down the Q W buttons the entire map was fine, and rarely caused an issue, but this is sub-optimal since you may proc it when you don't need it, then die when you do. So I let my CWDT take care of smoothing out the damage, its a lvl 21 since i got lucky on my other steelskin. Then using the molten shell on use for more intense parts/mechanics.

This is going to be my end to Scion Hollow Palm: This is the actual final build. I chaos spammed deep cuts large clusters and fixed a few issues.

Here's the new Large Cluster Jewels for the final build:

Edit420: Grabbed a few jewels and rings tried 1200 dex, was ok.

Each Cry Wolf passive is around 700k-1mil extra dps. Like this:

Old (before deep cuts) worn gear:

Final worn gear:

All gear used through builds:

All Flasks used:

All Jewels used:

Gear worn to level gems in (hidden/swap):

Leveling: Recommend leveling with
also recommend starting with the Slayer/Berserker ascendancy all the way up to the end of your atlas. At that point I do recommend looking into some of the other styles and path building I showed to increase survivability.

All of these builds are designed for non-hardcore non-ssf. A hardcore variant using hollow palm does exist! But it is not Scion, and I only play ssf-hc every other league. This league normally would, but the delirium mechanic is insanely unkind to HC for the death effects of mobs. So, pass for now.

I am now moving this build to a pure Champion. Scion has a lot of really awesome interactions and possibilities, but Champion is just OP as fuck for any melee skill, so here I go. Build plan near identical here if interested:

Items used as Champion:

The end of a beginning: Changes at 92 Champion

I guess I should mention I can do all content with these builds.
I just set a higher build goal than Sirus deathless for hollow palm.
Which I have already done with all of these hollow palm builds this league.

I keep the majority of my builds from all leagues fully geared as they were during that specific league, as I don't play standard.

If you have questions you can ask here, or in-game, I don't mind. I'm mostly afk in game working on next league's build, so I don't always reply quickly.
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Since I am finally done with the Scion version.

95 Champion
final build, not hollow palm anymore.

Path of building community fork 95 champion savior cyclone by Dopesick:

This is entirely separate at this point, I leveled champion to 92 as hollow palm, and tried out savior with the build. It's insane. Idk how else to describe it. I can run 5 orb 16's and guardian maps. You still get random 1 shot every 3-4 maps.6.2k health is pretty nice so far. Other than that, this build is just ridiculous. 30-60 mil dps. Hope you enjoyed the league! I did!
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I have been having alot of fun running with my hollow palm Scion trying out all the cluster jewels and gears for the last 3 weeks!

Thank you very much for this guide!
Yeah I loved it, so many combinations to mess with! I have no idea how many regret orbs I used on her trying new things.
I know right! It was alot of orbs of regret...
As it gets closer to end of this league I'll re-purpose my scion to herald stack build just so i can try it. Been avoiding it all league, I love using warcry again after so many years.

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