Method, a well-known esports organisation, has recently announced a Path of Exile 'Rush' Race Season which starts on April 25th! The 4-day event features 11 separate boss rushes where players have to start at level 1 and fight their way through to the selected boss. The winners will share the cash prize pool of $4200.

Here is the full Event schedule:
  • Qualifier: April 25th at 9am PDT
  • Day 1 of Season: April 26th at 9am PDT
  • Day 2 of Season: May 1st at 9am PDT
  • Day 3 of Season: May 2nd at 9am PDT

The Qualifier event is open for everybody with Path of Exile race background. If you'd like to join this race season or find out more information, check out Method's official announcement here. Casting will be done by RaizQT and Octavian. Each race day will be on

Additionally, this weekend a race enthusiast from our community, Kammell, has arranged a new event for skilled Path of Exile racers. On Saturday (PDT) players will compete in the SSFHC league to reach Level 80. The event will take place in Delirium and will otherwise be modless. The race will be over when the third person reaches Level 80. There's a cash prize pool on the line, funded by Kammell himself.

You can find out the list of participants in Kammell's forum thread here. The event will begin at 1pm Saturday April 18th (PDT). Casting will be done by ZiggyD, Octavian and Brittleknee live on Twitch!

While these are not officially-supported events, we're pleased to encourage the community to run events and engage in the competitive side of Path of Exile!
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