[3.10] Domineering King (Dominating Blow - Under test)


This is the first build guide I ever wrote, so feel free to suggest improvements.
I play this character (or some alternative for it) in this league (3.10 HC).
I haven't found any up-to-date build with the dominating blow gem.

Why did you post this build
Maybe someone will try the build and improve it to help me

Let's begin.

Nothing yet

What is Dominating Blow
When you hit an enemy you "curse" him. Once he dies he will join you as a dude to smash faces. The problem is that the curse lasts only for a sec. (no curse = no dude)
But, just joining us makes him no good. He will inherit his pre and suffix after joining us. What does that mean? It means if there's an aura enchanted mob (like he has monster haste) he will still have it after joining us.

WoW, won't that be OP? We can only have 9 white dudes (no enchant) 3 magic (weak enchant) 1 rare (Cool kid).
What if I try to take 2 rares? the last one survives :( no law of the jungle or other fun things.

I don't care I want more dudes! Well... Lab enchants on the helmet can improve ur dude number with 2/3 more magical dude or 1 rare dude. If that's still not enough then, ask GGG to revert to the old skill.

Strongest Weakness
No skin (GGG please, don't abandon the dudes)

General information/Summary

Pros and Cons
- Minion build with a lot of duration
- Low amount of buttons to click
- No mandatory unique (only highly suggested)
- The build is up to level 75, there's a lot of space for personal improvement
- Resistances on the tree, help with gearing a lot

- A beginner theory crafter's build
- Average life
- Not a min-maxing build
- No one-shooting mechanics
- Slow attack speed
- Clear speed is slow
- Dudes...

- Dudes: 9+3+1 Dudes smashing faces
- Maim: 14% increased dmg taken (in this case more)
- Onslaught: 20% Increased AS, MS, CS
- Intimidate: 10% increased attack DMG taken (in this case more)
- Unnerve: 10% increased spell dmg taken (irrelevant)
- Spectre Buff
- Carrion Buff
- Dread Banner and haste
- Life
- Armour
- Molten shell + Vaal molten shell
- Flesh and stone: Blind + def against ranged
- Dudes
- Holy relic: Regen
- Higher max resistances
- Fortify

The build
POB paste
If you do not use POB, then open it in pob.party
End of guide for further reference.

Gem setup
Main Gem setup:
Dominating Blow - Ancestral Call - Fortify - Multistrike - Minion DMG

Aura setup:
Haste - Flesh and Stone - Dread Banner

Support Minion setup:
Carrion Golem - Holy Relic - Feeding Frenzy - Maim

Spectre Setup + Movement:
Spectre - Meat shield - Blood Magic - Flame dash
Spectre to raise:
1. Carnage Chieftain for frenzy Charge - The riverways ACT6
2. Arena Master for Buff (40% AS, MS)- Drow summons on maps
3. Host Chieftain for Power charge - The riverways ACT6

CWDT setup:
Cast when damage taken - Molten shell - Increased duration

Life improvement:
Vaal version of the gems (Molten shell, haste)
There's no mandatory gear.

Highly recommended Unique:
Chabber Cairn
Careful Planning

Other useful unique
The grip of the Council
Belly of the beast

Try to take minion jewels.
Priority on stats:
Maximum life (pre)
Increased minion dmg after using minion gem (Suf)
Minions blind on attacks (Suf)
Minions taunt on attacks (Suf)
Increased minion MS
Bandit + Ascendancy + Pantheon
Kill all or take Oak's side (I prefer the skill points)

Lab: Radiant Crusade
Cruel: Unwavering Crusade
Merciless: I prefer. Bastion of Hope (Block)
UBER: I prefer. Harmony of hope (chance for endurance charge)

Fully personal.
I recommend taking Soul of Brine King and Shakari

Leveling for beginners

Act 1 to Act3
Level with w/e you find.
I prefer going with a molten strike ancestral call combo. (Tidal Island reward)
At ACT2 kill all the bandits or take Oaks side (I prefer the skill points)
At ACT3 you can grab your Dominating blow and start having fun. (Sever the Right Hand)

Skill Tree
Because we don't use minions till we get to nearly act4 take life nodes from templar and start going down.
Skill tree

Act 4 to Act5
Try to get the right sockets for our support setups. (Don't try to fit everything yet) Main skill 3 links other 2 links are more than enough.
Take Multistrike.

Skill tree
Take some minion damage left side of the tree
Rightness Army, Spiritual Aid, Redemption

Act 6 to Act10
Try to upgrade to 4 links. (Dom - Ancestral - Fortify - Multistrike)
Get a CWDT setup and the best flasks, anti-bleeding ones are good.
CWDT setup needs Lvl 1 CWDT and Lvl 10 Molten shell/Vaal molten shell.

Skill tree
We are going for the end game skill tree so refer to the end game tree.
We start taking the minion dmg nodes and also the HP/armor nodes at Marauder.
If you reached BA, try to level up till Lvl ~70
Skill tree

Get your "I am close to end-game gear": Chaber Cairn
If you want you can buy some "why not unique" like Grip of the council or Belly of the Beast (I don't like it much)

First of all, congratulation!
Getting to maps means, you will need to upgrade your whole kit to max resist and try to get as much hp as you can on gears. Please, don't forget Chaos resistance.

Skill tree
Try to improve your skill tree with your personal preferences.
Like: take the small nodes, take more hp, take more jewel sockets, more minion nodes or go for Cluster jewels.

Try to make sockets for every supports (should have a lot of flexibility)

Afterthoughts + Path of Building
Path of building
Arena Master buff = Minion Speed support
(POB doesn't have the spectre yet)
The POB contains average rolls on every gear. You should be able to buy better rolls for super cheap. 5 links Lvl 75 no watcher's eye or legion jewel.

If the configurations and calculation I did is fine then we get a bit over 1 mill effective DPS against bosses.
Calculations: Dom DPS * 9 (white dudes) + 3 frenzy + Vaal haste + Arena master buff

Life should be around 4,5k. Armour 8k.


Overall nothing impressive like 10+ million DPS or 10-20k hp. I do think it is pretty solid. Leveling was easy and fun.
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