[3.10] BV explosion speedster assassin

Hello everyone
These are my thoughts about poison BV assassin.

This is my first guide, so do not judge strictly pls))
Pls note that I'm still testing many things about this build, to eliminate some problems so it might be completely rebuilt within next few weeks

Quick summary:
I've started this build this league, and so far it was a lot of fun
I've cleared Sirus A8 with this build as well as Simulacrum 20 waves(even with AFK partner), but I would not say that this build is great for this type of encounters
This build can be used as a league-starter, due to its cheap core, but I would suggest to level it as ED+Contagion until you have Carcass jack and pair of Obliterations

- Ultra-fast map clear (under right circumstances)
- good single-target damage
- fun playstyle
- all content viable (except HOGM gue to chaos damage)
- very cheap to start, and progress well with investments

- Squishy
- Dodge is unreliable
- Not much sustain against bosses
- Flasks are VERY important in this build

Don't bother much that the majority of items I have is complete garbage, I'm trying to keep this build cheap, with few exceptions that I've dropped myself


Ordinary T16 with a sextant abuse
Juiced full delirium T16 with a sextant abuse
Awakener lvl 8 with new version of the build

For those who don't want to read much
Here is my current POB
Pls note, I'm using community fork of POB



MoM version PasteBIN
Pls note, that Large Cluster Jewel with Unspeakable gifts here
is a luxury item, that is not needed
You need 8 passive cluster jewel with
Overwhelming Malice
Wicked Pall
and any other notable

Comunity POB if needed

For those who like reading, pls welcome to text version


Main damage:

Use awakened versions, if you can afford it

Put most expensive auras into helmet
Vitality is only needed if you don't have Watcher Eye

Try to keep this UP constantly

To jump over the obstacle

CWDT + Steelskin gives some extra EHP, so keep those low lvl
Golem gives some HP regen, i like it personally, for boss fights

Ramp up singletarget damage

Core items:

You need 2 of those, for these sweet screen-wide POPs

Nice to have gear:
This gear usually expensive at the beginning of the league, and slowly goes down, the further league progresses

Body Armor

It has some HP, resistance, and nice Area effect, but generically speaking is cheap garbage chest, so I'm thinking about alternative


Allows you to save some points for Eldrich battery
Reduced mana reservation is great
+1 to gems is quite nice as well
Feast of flash sometimes might save your life, but this is rather an exception
For veiled mod
increased Duration of Ailments you inflict while Focussed might be a good DPS option as well
It is quite expensive at the start of the league, so I would wait until the price goes down

Needed only to ramp up your single-target damage, it is quite expensive at the start of the league, so I would wait until the price goes down



Life flask with instant healing is a MUST

Damage Flasks

This flask is must-have, and make sure it is always up, boost your damage by a LOT

Less important but still quite nice
Utility flasks:

There is no speedster without this flask, make sure you have Adrenaline suffix

Phasing is very useful, and Dodge is nice to have as well, and you need to have freeze and chill immunity, this is the cheapest way

Some luxury items can make any build viable, but this isn't our way, this build is meant to be cheap
So only expensive things I've put into this build are

Despair ring with HP and resistances, around 1Ex

Watcher Eye

It cost around 60c now, at the beginning of the league - it cost around 4 ex
It changes playstyle drastically when you have this Jewel, your run through packs, and you don't care, without it - you better run around

Sextant Trick explanation:

For sextant trick, you need
Roll sextant with those mods:
Players deal X% increased Damage for each Poison on them
Players have X% increased Movement Speed for each Poison on them
Areas contain X additional packs of Poisonous Monsters
It doesn't matter which sextant you use, the better sextant - more damage and movement speed
I would suggest using Prime sextants. they are cheap, and the bonus is solid
With a combination of
and this notable
You are susceptible to poison, but don't take any damage from it

If you combine it with a sextant, you deal up to 1200% increased damage, and you have up to 600% increased movement speed

Work is currently in progress, I'll add Pantheons, bandits and another missing stuff tomorrow

If you need anything specific to be added - pls let me know

Currently, I'm planning to test if a single weapon setup DPS isn't going to be too low, and if it's not, then LL and CI versions will be added soon

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Last bumped on Jun 29, 2020, 7:40:14 AM
Finished MoM version of the build
It is a little bit more expensive (around 5 ex total)
It has less damage
It is a lot more durable (+ 1.5k EHP, more reliable defenses)

LL and CI version might be stronger at the end of the day, but I don't see the way to make it cheap

POB of new variation is added
Awakener lvl8 video added

If anyone needs an explanation of the new version - let me know in comments
Does this build still function well without the sextant trick
Does this build still function well without the sextant trick

Sextant is only needed for 100% Delirium maps, because of the mobs are just super fat there

Any other content in the game - you pretty much just run and everything dies
And if you go MoM version of the build, random one-shots are way less common
Nerfed Antivenom - so poison immunity and chaos res is gone, sad
Self poison sextant trick is gone (you can get unaffected by poison with
Maw of Conquest, but it's not as efficient as it used to be with Antivenom)

Nerfed MoM version of the build, since Glancing Blows is now harder to obtain

Life\Dodge version is still viable

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