[3.10] ngpao's one punch man with doryani's fist ignite chieftain

Hello, everyone,
I am ngpao. I have been playing POE since 2014 and this is my third time posting a build. [

doryani's fist is an interesting item which receives attack speed buff since 3.10. The skill "Doryani's Touch" has a 600% add damage modifer and the item itself provides almost 500 added lightning damage. The downside of the skill is 30% less attack speed + 1.2 default unarmed attack speed, which makes you almost can only punck once per second. So this build works it out by playing around the ignite by having
and I realize the play style is quite satisfying.

1. no 6 link required. so it is super cheap to start with.
2. punch and move. very fast cleaning speed.
3. Not abusing any meta. The build can continue through the next few patches.
4. Survivability is strong because you can punch and run.

1. It is not strong enough compared with other abusing builds of this patch.
2. Single target damage is OK. You have to be patient a little bit to kill boss.
3. Medium cluster jewel with "Blowback" could be expensive.

Mandatory and optional passives

Elemental Equilibrium(Mandatory, notable): The ignite caused by lightning damage is couting against fire resist. This passive is the core of this build.

Supercharge(Mandatory 1 large cluster): non-crit lightning damage is lucky. Another core passive of this build.

Fan the flames(Mandatory 1 medium cluster): super important for clearing speed. It saves you from less ignite chance maps. And corpses can continue to ignite nearby enemies so you can still do damage while the punch is in action.

Cooked alive(Mandatory 1 or 2 medium cluster): you need 100% chance to ignite. The 10% resistence reduction is just a bonus.

Blowback (Optional, as many as possible, medium cluster): each passive basically means 15% more damage

Exposure Therapy (Optional medium cluster): it provides damage increase as weel as 30% chaos resist against damage over time.

Burning bright (optional large cluster): It is the best choise for large cluster jewel's passive.

Sadist (optional large cluster): another good choice for large cluster jewel.

Elemental overlord(optional notable): good for damage increase, but you have to cast storm brand to crit.

Gem setup

Gloves: burning damage - deadly ailment - added lightning damage - fortify(defensive)/elemental attack(aggressive)

Aura: Malevorence + Blood and Sand(always sand form) + herald of thunder/aspect of spider

Movement: dash/flame dash

do not do this!

Have added fire damage in any items.

Path of building

3.10: https://pastebin.com/nU1YBFLP



Show case of clean speed:
T14 Underground Sea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQgKI-UPHwQ
T16 Promenade https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlrA2COYY-Y

Thanks for reading the guide and hope it helps!

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Does supercharge actually work? Or does it only scale the hit damage and not the base damage for ignites...
Your PoB is weird, I can't allocate the cluster jewels and you're not resistance capped.

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