[3.10] Capt. America SST Avengers Build - Play the Hero you were meant to be! *GLAD* Build #1


Hello all I am Joneseh from the PCMRCast! I've been working on a "series" of builds that are meant for group play ideally but will work as a solo project as well. I hope you will find this build to be an enjoyable experience but please bear with me as this is my first time making anything like this. Thank you!
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Links to Other Builds
Work in Progress!

Build Warning

These builds are meant to be FUN and not completely serious. I cannot guarantee that this build is "End Game" ready. Although with these builds and most builds in PoE, with enough patience and currency you can make them viable. I made these builds to be fun and something a little different instead of "League Starter" or super noob friendly. Please take this with a grain of salt as the viability will vary from person to person.

Pros and Cons

You feel like Captain America
You look like Captain America
You get to throw your shield at things... Like Captain America
You get to charge at people with your shield... Like Captain America
You actually are pretty tanky... Like Captain America
You can do this all day.
You don't have to spend much money to get the build going


Without the rest of the avengers you might feel a little weak
You had to watch Bucky die and become a Villain
You might get the crap kicked out of you from time to time
Not the most "Meta" build nor the strongest in the game
Requires some fossil farming for end game crafting
Have to grow old and give your shield away

Passive Tree


Pastebin :
The tree only goes to Level 60 and is basically a starter tree, keep this in mind! You will need to continue you it to suit your playstyle into the endgame! I did make 3 tree's for you to follow at level's 20/40/60 just to help show you the way.

I use the Localidentity fork of Path of Building for all of my builds and I suggest you do the same!


Shield *The reason you're here*
Rare - The absolute best in slot shield is going to be a rare Colossal Tower Shield that has been fossil crafted with "Dense" Fossils. You are looking for %Increased Armor and Flat +Armor Level modifiers. I will show you what I am working with here. The highest AL shield I have seen is 3002 Armor level and i'm sure there are some higher. As far as I know if you can get a shield over 2000AL you are going to be doing pretty good damage in the endgame.

While you are leveling there are several unique shields that are quite cheap that you can use and they usually only cost a 1-3 chaos and sometimes even less. I will feature them below.

Main Hand:
Rare - Any melee weapon with good attack speed and damage with ailments will work here.

Unique -
Advancing Fortress - Claw

This claw is awesome as it gives you a free fortify link for your movement skill. Extremely cheap item even in the early league.
Prismatic Eclipse - Sword

This sword is best in slot for pure damage. If you roll 3 green sockets on the item it gives a ton of attack speed and still have good damage.

Body Armor:
Rare - Looking for +Maximum Life/Resists/Armor Here. It might be usefull to look for a hybrid Armor/Evasion chest here for socket coloring.

Unique -

This is IMO the Best in Slot chest armor for this build. It makes your Shield Throw into a 7 socket-ed item! The additional of pierce is huge for the build and makes your clear much better. Rolling the 5 off colors seems difficult but maybe i was lucky and got it after about 5 chromatics. If you can't roll the colors you can change some of the gems out as needed.

Rare - Any armor base helmet with the +Spectral Shield Throw fires 5 Additional Shard Projectiles. I would look for the enchantment base and craft your own helmet.

Look for +Max Life/Resists/Attack Speed Here (A nice pair of gripped gloves can really make this build shine!)


This is an option although it can be quite a bit more expensive than the alternative rare or unique gloves. This requires stacking lots of elder rare items to be effective. I do no suggest using these unless you have lots of money to spend. The applies vulnerability curse on hit is a nice bonus but can be expensive.

This is the "Budget" unique gloves. They work very well with bleed stacking damage and give an awesome explosion when the mobs die. If you have enough resists/life on other gear give these a try! Usually pretty cheap too!

This is where you need to get alot of your resists from. If you can afford them/find them getting some Two-Toned boots would be a good idea for the free resists. If not just find the best pair you can find with the stats you are missing. I'll show some examples. Also if you want some higher end boots you can search for the "Hunter" Influence base for the "Projectiles pierce" prefix

Looking for Max life and resists again. Anything else is a bonus! Getting a necklace with the "You can apply an additional curse" is a good idea if you can find something worthwhile. Depending on your gear you will have the ability to use 2 curse on hit items.

Best in slot is going to be Vermillion Rings for the %Max life implicit. Rolling for resists/max life as usual. You can also get some life/mana leech from the rings as a cool bonus. *Elder base rings can roll some extra mods such as (Curse enemies with # level Poacher's mark on hit) which will help with survivability. These can be expensive so I suggest just getting the base vermillion rings as a start and work your way up. I will show you what I have equiped.

With the addition of the new Cluster jewels in 3.10 there are a ton of options for the build. I've linked a few that I have crafted and I'm going to test. Feel free to try them out and see what works for you! I'll show you some of the jewels I am going to try out and see how it works.

The only "mandatory" jewel you need you is Divide and Conquer. You can get it for usually about 1chaos or if you want it with a special corruption like "Corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you" will run about 20-30chaos.

The good thing about this build is that it doesn't require any unique flasks. You can use all self crafted/beast crafted flasks well into the end game. These are my suggestions but you can move the remove freeze/bleed/curse etc around as needed.


Body Armor 6-Link: In order of importance! If you only have a 3-4 Link as you upgrade just keep adding the gems until you have all 6.
Spectral Shield Throw
Deadly Ailments
Vicious Projectiles

Unbound Ailments
Swift Affliction

4-Socket: Reckoning is awesome for getting back huge chunks of health whenever you counter-attack.
Life Gain on Hit

Increased Area of Effect

4-Socket: Utility Setup can go in either gloves or boots depending on your gear.
Blood Rage
War Banner

4-Socket: So far I only have 2 more skills that are needed so you will have the option of doing a cast on death/portal setup if you want. You will need a 2/2 Linked for this to work correct.
Flesh and Stone
Maim ^ Linked

Cast on Death
Portal ^ Linked

3-Socket: Usually your movement skill will go here.
Whirling Blades
Faster Attacks

Blood Magic

3-Socket: Another defensive setup can go in your shield most likely.
Cast when Damage taken
Vaal Molten Shield

Tempest Shield

Normal-Cruel-Merciless-Uber Lab Order :
Blood in the Eyes --> Gratuitous Violence --> Painforged --> Versatile Combantant

Kill all for the 2 Skill points.

Leveling Info
This guide is not really meant for brand new players and will require a little bit of game knowledge. The typical leveling items are worth getting if you have the money. Since you can level with spectral shield throw from level 12 I don't think its necessary to write a leveling guide. Follow the leveling tree's and keep an eye on what gems you need and pick them up as needed.

This is a work in progress!

I'm usually IG as PCMRCast if you have any questions. I will also be checking this post for any questions you might have.
Thank you for looking at my guide I appreciate all feedback and hope you enjoyed this guide!
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