[3.10] Twisting monk- Hollow palm technique pure phys Impale Cyclone Ascendant 3M+DPS

This is my first seflmade build ever. It surely have flaws and weakspots, wich can be improved. Feel free help me improve build, your comments and usefull tips are welcomed. ALso I am sorry for my English, it's not my primary language.

I was fascinated by hollow palm technique mechanic from its first introduction. Also I felt its time to try and make my own build. Birth was kinda painfull and I had a lot sleepless nights with hadeaches when theorycrafting in PoB and testing in game.

Skilltree and PoB
PoB: https://pastebin.com/WYFfy3e4
You can check my character,but current status of my character can be different to to PoB because trying still improve it.

Help Alira for resists and mana regen.

First is Duelist for one extra point, second is Gladiator and dexterity nod from way leading to Ranger ascendancy. Third is Raider in Ranger ascendancy and after Uber lab one extra point in duelist ascendancy and Path of duelist. Then refunded points to go to duelist starting point and unbind from Ascendant starting point.

Major god: Soul of Lunaris
Minor god: Soul of Shakari

Gems and links
Body armor: Cyclone-Impale-brutality-fortify-pulverise-infused channeling

Boots or helmet:
Dread Banner,(Vaal) Molten shell (no need be linked)
Blasphemy-Poacher's Mark (2 link)

Helmet or Boots: (no link needed, just 4 sockets)
Blood rage,Ancestral warchief,Blood and Sand,Flesh and Stone

Unset ring: Dash

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