[3.10] Summoners Builds

Hi guys!

I am having some difficult finding proper guidance about this. The Notable Passive Skill Enduring Bound says:
+20 % Damage for Minions if a Minion Skill was used recently

1) What can be considered a Minion Skill? Only the ones that summons, or Skills related only to minions, like the Offering Skills?

2) Summoning the Crawler of Herald of Agony and the Sentinel of Herald of Purity can be considered using the skill?

Thanks folks!
Last bumped on Apr 11, 2020, 12:09:46 AM
1) any skill that has the tag “minion” at the top description of the gem is considered a minion skill. The tags can be used for other description as well such as “melee”, “strike”, “duration”, etc

2) yes because they are tag “minion”. One gd way to keep that up is to cast “convocation” (minion skill tagged) to bring your minions to you without recasting your agony or other staple minions.

You can post your questions in general or you can try posting in reddit to get a faster response. Hope you have alrdy figured this out by now. Cheers.

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