[3.10] Debeon's Dirge - The Dirgecaster 1.0

Hi there o/

Welcome to my first build guide THE DIRGECASTER

A very fun build using Cycone but instead of Impale or Bleed based, it's eleMENTAL!
I'm sorry.

We use the very good but seldom used Debeon's Dirge Despot Axe to warcry our way to VICTORY!

Current Gear

Endgame Gear
When starting out the budget option is to get the weapon 6-Linked and forget about the specific corruption. That way you can forget about the cost of the chest. Unlike a 6-Linked Carcass Jack which ends up being around 3-5 Exalts you can pick up the cheapest none linked one which go for 1-3 Chaos instead. You can pick up a 6-Link Debeon's Dirge for 10-12 Chaos and I even managed to buy around 3 for 8 Chaos each simply because people were to lazy to trade their Divines for Chaos.

Deildbellow is great if your just running T1-10 but it's just not gonna work past T10. You need the defenses that a rare helm offers. Until then, the Attack Speed & Movement Speed is a great feeling. It's also great if you party up with a group. And if you do then I suggest just keeping it altogether.

Theres a lot of flexibiltiy in the chest piece. Kaom's Heart, Carcass Jack, Bronn's Lithe or a good Rare chest are all great options. If you dont need the 6-Link then Kaom's Heart is my preferred option and just like Deidbellow, I was using Bronn's Lithe for doing T1-10, and for the same reason you want to give it up for red maps. Otherwise it boils down to either a Carcass jack if you want a good all rounder with extra area or a good rare chest with even more defenses.

I think a good pair of Rare boots is BIS here. We can't take advantage of Darkray Vectors like most other Cyclone builds because our passives are stretched too thin and we can't afford the Frenzies on the tree.

Either a good pair of Rare Gloves or Tombfists. I did start out with Hrimsorrows because they were cheap, but the lack of life kinda killed them for me.

So far a good Rare Amulet seems BIS. Get Life, Flat and % Ele Damage to attacks and Attributes. I like putting the Brinkmanship anointment here for the area effect.

The Taming is a huge increase in damage and it has some solid resists. the only thing it lacks is life unfortunately. But I cansider the trade off worth it. Vivinsect is my way of dealing with one of the conquerors that spawns a 0 Mana Brand/Curse on the ground. It's really bad for Cyclone, or was until I figured out a defense against it. It was the number 1 cause of death. You basically need to get your skills to cost 0 Mana and Vivinsect does that for you if your willing to gamble a bit.

A good rare belt seems to be the go-to here. High Life, Resists & ele damage. Not much else to say really.

Typical flask setup going on here. We don’t need a life flask since we get 25% life and mana back ever 1.54 seconds and that seems to be more then fine. We also have a tiny bit of leach from Atziri’s Promise so that’s neat, I guess. If I was any better at juggling resists, I would use a wise oak for even more damage which would take us past 3m DPS.

I use 6 currently, 2 cold steels with immunities on them. Each costed me a single Chaos orb. Another two are Resists, life and damage jewels. An lastly 2 cluster jewels with two handed damage and area effect.

One of the fun things about this build is that since we go for a corruption route, we can have fun getting good corruptions from a little gambling. It’s not to everyone’s tastes and does mean you need to know how to get a solid amount of currency (1ex a day etc until you’re finished) but it’s very rewarding when it pays off.
Weapon - +2 Strike Range, Attack Speed, Onslaught, Fortify
Helm - Don't, Get the Cyclone 15% Incrased Attack Speed
Body - % Life, +1/2 Skills, Max Res Cap, Reduced Chaos Damage taken
Boots - % Life, Dodge while Moving, % Attack Speed, Movespeed, +1 Endurance Charges
Gloves - Elemental Weakness on Hits, +1 Frenzy Charges, % Life
Rings - % Attack Speed, Cold Damage to Attacks, Anti-Bleed, Hatred Effect. A white socket on the Vivesect is also really nice.
Amulet - Don't, Brinkmanship is really really good.

Skills, Spells & Abilties

Cyclone with Elemental Damage, Infused Channelling, Fortify, Hypothermia & Conc Effect
Cast with Damage Taken (6) with Immortal Call & Increased Duration
Cast when Damage Taken (10) with Blood Rage & Berserk
Dash with Second Wind
Enduring Cry, Rallying Cry & Second Wind
Blood & Sand
Stone Golem

Passive Tree & Ascendancy

1) Soul of Lunaris with chance to avoid Projectiles & Chance to Dodge.
2) Soul of Shakari with Immune to Poison

Defenses (Currently)
5181 Life
78% Physical Damage Reduction
Elemental Resists 76%/75%/75%/41%
CWDT Immortal Call
Chill & Freeze coupled with Good Area Effect
Stun Immunity
Poison Immunity
Corrupted Blood Immunity
Silence Immunity
Feeze Immunity
Bleeding Immunity
0 Mana Immunity

3.10 League Thoughts and Build Overview

Uber Lab Run

T15 with T16 Zana Mission

More to Come.

Path of Building
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