[3.10] 5+ mln cyclone dps on a 1-2 ex budged ? POSSIBLE ( hollow pawm technique )

Hey folks i'll tell you my idea. This is more like a open source build that i just started and it actually works!

Did a few t16 maps and a few uber elder guardians , the dmg feels great. ( 8 mln POB dmg - pretty sure it can scale a lot more ! )


Cyclone - pulverise - fortify - impale - brutality - melee physical


Ofc we cant use infused channeling, but pulverise works just fine !

The main idea is to have 0 int and a lot of strenght and dextirity.

How do we do that ?

We do it with BRAWN jewel - take as many as u can !

This is my POB - http://poeurl.com/cQd2 - for sure not the best tree , this is just my first try at it ( as u can see i strugle with life , got like 4k, but im sure if some help to rework the tree we can go a lot higher )

My POB shows 7.7 mln dps ( all of the gear on me costed me arround 2 ex)

Lets make this one together folks !


Class - Slayer.
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good idea to stack HP+brawn jewels

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This looks nice x
Hi, looks nice, why having 0 intell is important? Does cyclopean elude the attribute if its at 0 and then takes the other one lowest?
can you share your POB?

it's a url that goes to a skill tree in the 1st post
Можешь скинуть PoB ?

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