[3.10] Volatile Dead Tankomancer | Facetank with eyes closed | Farm t16 while eating pizza*

Moichelmaus wrote:
Will it work in this League again? I loved that Build...

It won't, but I have better, and more tanky one. Guide is in progress, will be there in a few days.
I really loved this build. We are looking forward to what you promise about the new build. It's been 2 days, tell me, how much longer do we have to wait? We pray for you!
Well, in fit of rage I deleted all my characters in POE(and done many more things that aren't related to this and so doesn't matter). So no guide this league, sadly, cause can't make vids anymore, and guide without videos isn't any good this days. Lvling and gearing new char "the same way" will be both tedious and sad process, so sorry. Nothing new will be there for long time.
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