[3.10] Divine (stormf)ire | a divine ire ignite dot build

hello , this is my first build ever. I hope i did something terrible wrong so you can point out mistakes i made and improve it even further.

shitty qual gif not showing anything relevant

Basic concept
We use divine ire, convert everything to lightning and equip the stormfire unique ring to enable ignites from lightning damage. We now scale our dot damage with fire / lightning / elemental dmg + fire over time multiplier

Current PoB

pros / cons
+ i like huge beams doing a lot of dot dmg (atm up to 5m+ dot dps)
+ offmeta , most items / gems can be cheap
+ non crit (easy to gear)

- not very tanky (one could say glass cannon, not sure where to draw the line)
- not good sustain vs bosses

Curreng gear

Next steps:
* working on faster ignites boots (hunter) , theoretically we could use hunte r + crusader for faster ignites and added phys as extra lightning for max dps
* always watching out for a better staff as there is still a lot of potential for improvement
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I really like the idea here. Impressive how much ignite dmg you can scale. So I've been messing around with Templer archmage inspired by you, since archmage support can improve your "max hit" drasticly (so your potential ignite damage) any thoughts on this idea? :)

Edit: So I'm not sure if the scaling mana part can outdamage raw multiplier
This is the best I could do so far: https://pastebin.com/1GQ391dk
Only very quickly put together
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Good build concept, though lacks a lot in terms of Survival.

Best option imo to compensate is to drop like 15% of ur dmg and Go CI
Hi there,

Mathil had done a build like this in Synthesis league, if you want to take a look to his (now old) build : https://pastebin.com/8bwsHPTq

The clear speed is awesome but the single target dps is too low.Was unplayable for me with pretty good gear in red maps(tried it last league, smtg simillar to this)

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